2014-05-30 11_39_43-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO

You might remember the Oppo N1 as the first official CyanogenMod phone, which was quickly eclipsed by the OnePlus One. It was a very big phone (physically, not popularity-wise), but now the Chinese OEM is announcing a smaller version called, you guessed it, the N1 Mini. The thing is, the mini version of the N1 still has a 5-inch screen.

2014-05-30 11_38_47-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO

The original N1 rocked a 5.9-inch LCD, so this one is definitely smaller. It's also lighter at 150g vs. 213g. I don't know about calling this "mini," but whatever. Carried over from the big N1, the N1 Mini will have a rotating 13MP camera for the best selfies you've ever seen. The battery has been scaled down from 3610mAh to a mere 2140mAh. That might be fine, but we'll have to wait and see what processor Oppo is using. This, and several other features are still unknown. The battery might also be drained faster by the new LTE support, with the regular N1 lacked.

2014-05-30 11_39_28-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO 2014-05-30 11_39_10-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO 2014-05-30 11_39_43-N1mini 6 月 11 日 official website hot sale - OPPO

The Oppo N1 Mini will be launched on June 11th in China (running the ColorOS version of Android) for an undisclosed price. If you just can't live without a swivel camera, cross your fingers and hope the N1 Mini gets an international release.

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  • http://blake.pm Blake Mitchell

    They aren't redefining mini. Mini means smaller. This phone is smaller than its namesake. Be aggravated over something with meaning instead of a naming convention.

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      People consider the word relative not to one specific device, but in general. As a phone, this is NOT a mini phone. Compared ONLY directly to its non-mini version? Sure. But it really is diluting the meaning of the word. When I see mini, I want it to tell me that the phone is small in general, not smaller than another obscure single device.

      • abqnm

        Mini means what it means. I guess some people don't understand words, but that is another issue all together. Now the word "compact" on the other hand, indicates an overall size, not a relative size like mini does. So if they called it the OPPO N1 Compact, I would take issue with it. OPPO N1 Mini is just fine.

        • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

          I understand words perfectly, thank you. The word "mini" is relative, as you say. It specifically means "small in relation to others of the same kind" What do we consider the same kind? That's not clearly stated. I would wager for most people, the same kind is expanded out to smartphones in general, not merely this exact product line.

          In addition, the general social understanding, and the definition in several places, is a "VERY small version of something," not merely smaller. The expectation I'd wager by most people is that mini means dramatically smaller. A miniature house fits on a table, it isn't merely a house that's a couple of feet shorter then the one sitting next to it. A miniature horse is a very tiny horse, not one that's a half-foot shorter than another one of the same breed. And to most people a miniature smartphone is a dramatically smaller phone than those in its class, not one that's actually roughly the size of nearly every single flagship phone on the market.

          "Man, look at that miniature truck!"
          "It's a Ford F-250... those aren't small."
          "Yeah, but compared to a Ford F-350, it's positively tiny!"

  • GraveUypo

    i wish mini meant 4.2" and under.

    • n_a_v

      that's what iphone means

  • Arthur Dent

    No CM version?

  • Nick

    Based on what's above I would probably buy this device if the battery was a bit bigger and it was Verizon compatible.

  • Chris Brown

    This is not a "Mini" nor are most of the others carrying that word in their name. HTC One Mini 2 is nearly the size of the original M7. Only Sony Xperia Z1 Compact has actually come close to a true "mini" version. I'm actually very interested in a "mini" smartphone option like 4.5" or less. I'm a professional that travels, has social engagements, gym time, outdoor weekends, and usually on the go. I don't want to lug around a giant phone. I'm not watching movies on it because I have a tablet, laptop, and TVs which are better suited for it. This trend actually makes me admire the iPhone 5S in size and weight comparatively.

    I think the big screen drive stems from a lot of people that don't have a computer and/or aren't tech savvy. I've noticed that many friends and relatives, particularly in rural or blue-collar areas of the country, don't have computers and often no cable. I imagine its the same in developing nations. So it becomes their everything device (web, movies, music, games, etc.) and thus, they want a larger screen since its their only option. It makes sense especially when they can get a large smartphone for nothing down and modest monthly rate.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    I wish there was a 5" G3 "mini" with the same exact specs except the screen size

  • Zyre

    Since when is 5 inches called Mini?

    • mechapathy

      He said, embarrassed.

  • WhyWai

    can't wait for N1 Micro & N1 Nano