Disney has hit Google Play with a trifecta of video streaming apps that are ready to provide you or your kids with plenty of full episodes to enjoy on your Android devices. The trio include one app for the Disney channel, one for the more animated Disney XD, and one the younguns can enjoy, Disney Jr.

Disney1 Disney2 Disney3

Unfortunately, you need a cable subscription to enjoy any of this content, but at least the list of supported providers is relatively thorough. There are the obvious players such as Comcast, Cox, DISH, and Verizon FiOS. Then there's Google Fiber. Yup.

Now, humor me here. I'm a hip young professional and all, but I've hit that age where I don't recognize a single face in any of these screenshots (with the exception of Cory, Topanga, and Mickey Mouse). I have questions, like why do all of these girls look the same? Also, who else out there is nervous about seeing Girl Meets World?

Anyways, to see the other providers and check out the apps for yourself, hit up the three widgets below.