You've got a lot of options for high-end Android devices just at the moment, with the HTC One M8 out and the LG G3 coming soon. But if you want something for Verizon right now and your funds are limited, you could do a lot worse than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Amazon's wireless portal has the phone on Big Red for just fifty bones, assuming you're a new customer or you're adding a new phone line.


That's a full $100 off the price at Verizon's website, where the phone is "$99.99" for new customers after a $50 mail-in rebate. Incidentally, if you're upgrading from an existing Verizon phone, the price is $112.49 at Amazon and just $100 at Verizon, though that's after you get a $50 rebate in the form of a debit card - I'd go for Amazon's more straightforward price if I was in the market. Amazon Prime users can get free two-day shipping.

Amazon offers the phone in white or black, the only two colors that the Verizon variant comes in at the time being. This is about as low as you are likely to find the Galaxy S5 at the moment. If you'd rather not be bound by a contract at all, the phone is $600 at Verizon. As usual, Amazon's third-party price for the non-contract phone is much higher at $695.

Amazon - Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 (White)

Amazon - Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 (Black)

Michael Crider
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  • David Thoren

    GAH STOP IT! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! Signing up for a new 2 year contract for the privilege of only paying $50 for a new device is NOT A DEAL!

    • Forget_you


    • Sean Cummins

      For somebody on a shared plan with a corporate discount living in a rural area, it kind of is.

    • disqus_FQgrm4l56P

      Normally I'd agree with you. But in this case it is a deal. Normally I pay $35 a month for me and $35 for my wife with Virgin. We both need new phones. If we want the S5 we have to pay $600 up front. $50 for the phone and a 2 year contract is actually cheaper over the term of the contract.

      • David Thoren

        Virgin Mobile:
        2x Galaxy S5 - $1200
        (2 year prices below include phones)

        2x 300 min plan - $70/mo ("Unlimited" data, 2.5 GB High Speed)
        2 years - $2880

        2x 1200 min plan - $90/mo
        2 years - $3360

        2x Unl min plan - $110/mo
        2 years - $3840

        Verizon Wireless:
        2x Galaxy S5 - $100 (via Amazon)
        2x Smartphone - $80/mo
        1x 4 GB shared - $70/mo
        2 years - $3700

        Not until you move up to the unlimited plan with Virgin. But I would say that if you need unlimited talk, you might consider Straight Talk, $45/mo each, 3GB high speed data. Unlocked AT&T version would be $1367 for two S5 on Amazon right now. Total: $3527.

        NOTE: I just hopped onto the respective websites to grab the data.. if I looked at the wrong plans, my apologies.

        • disqus_FQgrm4l56P

          Ah, true, but in my specific instance where I will be joinging a family plan shared by my siblings I will pay $56 a month for each phone.

          $56 x 2 phones over 2 years + cost of phones = $2788 (actually $2888 now that the deal is gone)

          Virgin is $35 x 2 phones over 2 years + cost of phones = $2880

          Which, in my specific case, is a difference of $8 over two years. Not only that but where I live Verizon is the only carrier that get 4G or even full coverage. Right now, I can't even get reception in my office with Virgin. $8 over two years is definitely worth it for me. But on the whole, yes, I agree that in 99% of cases, this is not a deal. In fact I really hate the way the telecoms operate in this country and continue to provide less and less and charge more in these convoluted planning schemes they run.

  • taxi333

    Verizon Galaxy S5 = No root