Pocket is one of the best apps out there for saving a webpage and deciding to read it later, a type of instapaper that reformats each saved article for optimum readability. Now the company is introducing a paid subscription model to pay the bills. As far as app subscriptions go, it's on the pricier end of things. Users will be expected to pay $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year if they want access to the newly unveiled premium features.


Now, on to those perks. First, there's the Permanent Library. Here readers can access archived versions of webpages that may have since disappeared from their original source. Upgrading to premium will automatically convert items on your list into permanently saved documents. This functionality is joined by a more powerful search option, which can scan the full text of articles, authors, and tags. Premium accounts will also automatically suggest tags that it thinks may apply to certain pieces.

Pocket2 Pocket3 Pocket4

If you decide to make the jump, these perks will take effect everywhere you use Pocket, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Head over to Pocket's site to purchase a subscription, or you can opt to do so inside the updated app below.

Source: Pocket

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • http://twitter.com/_vinr vinothr

    Lol. Seriously?

  • Tom

    That might be the worst premium ever, I doubt many people will pay that for what they are giving.

    • Sandra James

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  • Rodalpho

    I love Pocket and I would be happy to pay them something reasonable like a dollar per month, like Lastpass. But $5/month? That's half of Netflix!

    This pricing model was built on the expectation that very few people will subscribe. And they're right-- I certainly won't be.

  • Harsha

    It was a paid app before changing it's name from "Read it later". Then it was free for a long. Now the subscription. Hmph!

    • NoonianAtall

      As long as they don't remove or cripple the free service, who cares? Hmph!

  • Chad

    I like Pocket but this isn't a good idea. If it's true that Google is working on releasing a "read it later" service to combat with Pocket this year, I think Pocket is in trouble with this subscription service. One thing about Google services, they usually deliver performance-wise and offer more features than the competition but they are usually always free. Keyword free.

    • NoonianAtall

      If Google releases a read-it-later service, I will NOT be using it, because 18-24 months later, they will "sunset" it and I'll have to find something else to use!

      Google Reader->killed, yanked out from under LOYAL users who'd been using it for YEARS
      Google Notebook->destroyed and dumped into inferior Google Docs UI->sort-of reinvented as Google Keep->and surely it will be killed and its data shoved into Docs as well approximately 18 months from now
      Google Groups->moved to a horrible, bloated, SLOW, JavaScript-heavy UI redesign that suddenly gives me "error #555: you aren't allowed to post" errors, which the group moderator can't explain

      Google used to be my hero. Not for a long time. Users no longer come first for Google. They will yank the rug out from under you and leave you sitting in a mud puddle by the curb, while calling it a beautiful "sunset".

      • Chad

        You mad bro? :)

        • NoonianAtall

          What's the point of your comment?

      • http://blog.zopim.com/ Abhiroop Basu

        Great don't use it...

        But I'll continue to use free services that are the best in class by FAR.

        What's the solution when something is sunsetted? Find a new inferior solution. I'd rather do that than start with the inferior version.

        • NoonianAtall

          Why do you presume that Google's hypothetical read-it-later service would be better than Pocket, Readability, etc?

          And have you ever actually had to give up using a terminated (I refuse to use the made-up, manipulative term "sunsetted") Google service and try to find a replacement, including moving your data into it? I have, and it's a horrible mess.

          So instead of using Google Docs, I use local documents, a file syncing service, and a little bit of Evernote. I only use Keep for throwaway stuff, like scraps of paper in my pocket I can throw away. Instead of using any hypothetical Google read-it-later service, I'll keep using Pocket; and if that ever fails, I can always use Firefox bookmarks with a "to-read" tag (just like the Read It Later extension originally used).

          I would rather use a hypothetically slightly less-featureful service that won't be yanked out from under me because a bean counter wanted to squeeze out more profit margins, than use something that I cannot rely on.

  • mjku

    $5/mo? My Netflix subscription costs barely more.

    The subscription price is just too damn high! Bring it closer to $10-$12/YEAR and then we'll talk.

    • MyLeftNut

      Seriously. I pay like 1.99 a month for 100GB of Google drive. Make this a similar dollar amount and I would gladly subscribe and likely even forget that I have subscribed because the price is so low. I can't even count how many subscription services I have allowed to go on long past the time I've needed them because they were automatically debited and they were so low priced that I didn't even notice $2 or $3 dollars missing from my account every month.

      They should have been a lot smarter with the pricing, especially when there seems to be so few "premium" features. Unless the paid version of Pocket is significantly different than the free then why the would I upgrade.

  • Taylor00

    Never used or felt the need to use Pocket. Feedly+Evernote are more than efficient for me.

  • MrMLK

    Wow, the premium version almost gets you to what Evernote gives away for free. That sounds tempting.

  • supremekizzle

    Holy shit! I pay that each month with Spotify for 20 million fucking songs! They just went full retard.

  • abobobilly

    $44 a year? WHAT ... THE FLYIN' FUCK?

  • SleepingSeasons

    Signed up not because I thought that the premium offering was anything special or worthwhile, but because I love the service that much. Then again, they did tell me at the end of last year that I was in the top 1% of readers and read over 5 million words on the service last year, so I guess I'm kind of a niche case.

    • Jorem

      I think they sent that to a lot of heavy users, not necessarily "top 1% users". Just a marketing ploy. Still love Pocket though. Premium service hopefully finds a good niche of willing customers. Good thing that they didn't crippled the free version and that's what's important

  • mickey4mice

    $5/month is ridiculous. I use pocket, but if I really want to keep articles I like, I save them to Evernote. With the kind of "premium" service they offer, I don't understand how they could be on the same pricing level as Evernote.

  • bigjay517

    I feel a little slighted by the fact I bought the app when it was first released. There is no way I will pay $5 a month for those features, if anything I would rather forget pocket and get an Evernote subscription.


    I still prefer Instapaper after all of these years

  • Matthew Fry

    This is the problem with giving your services away for free. It makes it very difficult to make money without alienating your customers or a very 'meh' premium offering.

  • skeeterfood

    Did they learn nothing from Any.do's premium offering debacle? Well at least they didn't take any features away from the non-premium version. BTW, TickTick.com and their app is a great Any.do replacement. I never would have found it without Any.do's help.

    • Jorem

      +1 for Ticktick. Everyday todo list is also good but Ticktick has more features

  • dobbsy

    Ouch. I love Pocket -- it's one of my favorite apps -- but yeah, that's too expensive. For the most part these subscription services are getting out of hand. Just sell the damn app for $5 and the problem is solved.

  • http://blog.zopim.com/ Abhiroop Basu

    I love Pocket and for services I like so much I happily pay. However, their premium features don't offer me anything of value and certainly not worth $5. So I'll be sticking to the free version.

  • Major_Pita

    Can't see myself paying that much. two, three maybe. Not five. Or...if they added say 20GB of cloud storage for that 5$...maybe.