Update Wednesday continues with yet another new apk. This time we're being treated to a regular version bump for Chrome Beta. The changelog isn't as dramatic as we've seen in previous updates to the browser, but it's hard to turn down improvements and bug fixes. The focus seems to be a little more on fine-tuning the experience as we should see smarter suggestions for text entry and improved text rendering on non-mobile optimized web sites. As a friendly bonus, Google's eclectic Doodles are coming back to the new tab page.

2014-05-29 00.26.57

The update is still pretty fresh, so it might be a couple of hours until it's available to everybody. I still haven't seen the Doodle or any sign of improved text suggestions "before I start typing," which might indicate we're waiting on Google to turn on a few features at the server.

  • Improved text rendering on non-mobile optimized sites.
  • Doodles return to the new tab page.
  • Better suggestions before you start typing.
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!

Source: Google Chrome Blog

Cody Toombs
Cody is a Software Engineer and Writer with a mildly overwhelming obsession with smartphones and the mobile world. If he’s been pulled away from the computer for any length of time, you might find him talking about cocktails and movies, sometimes resulting in the consumption of both.

  • Chris G

    First update Wednesday were I got the updates before AP gets to complete their write up. As I updated chrome beta there was one for goggles which I was starting to think was abandoned.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      When Goggles came across our teardown, the first thing I asked is if it was just a shutdown version, sorta like what happened with Currents.

    • Kcls

      Happened to me as well, got the Google Camera update, then saw the article.

      • Kevin

        Google Camera or Google Goggle?

        • Kcls

          Google Camera.

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    The Google Blog says the team is "excited to announce" this version :/
    They make it sound like a revolutionary update. - Still it's an update and that has to be good.

    • abqnm

      Any time a version is promoted (ie beta to stable or dev to beta) this same line is used. We went from 35 to 36 in beta as 35 was promoted to stable a few days ago, so we got the "excited to announce" line.

      • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

        Well, they should stop it - I like to know how excited I should be - but if they are just continuously excited at everything (maybe a requirement to work at Google is ADHD) then for example when they say "We are excited to announce Android 4.5" I won't know if that is something really exciting or "we fixed some bugs" exciting.....

        • abqnm

          It doesn't get used on intermediate updates and bug fixes updates. Only on major version changes.

          • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

            Well OK, that's a bit better I suppose. I still think they all have ADHD though.... though to be fair... if I worked at Google, I'd probably be constantly excited about everything too...

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

          I think somebody is still jaded about 4.3.

          I don't blame you, I kinda am, too ;)

          • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

            To be fair to them, they might actually be testing stuff before releasing it - Google's QC in the last 12 months has certainly been sub-par - I know updates always comes with previously undiscovered bugs, but some of the ones coming with Android updates lately have been / still are pretty serious. Google Play Movies for instance since 2 updates ago, I have TV shows I can no longer watch, they immediately say "an error occurred" but they play fine via the web store, and they play fine if I uninstall updates. Google+ will eat battery if I dare to log in to one of my pages and camera drivers causing phones to reboot or just fail to take a photo. They may also realise the Qualcomm Beacon bug is actually pretty serious, especially as Google Glass and Android Wear users will have Bluetooth switched on and are therefore a LOT more likely to encounter this bug in the near future which will render their peripherals connectionless. As Glass and Android Wear are built on Android too - they are most likely vulnerable to the same bug.

  • detecti1914

    Seems Faster

  • Mantas

    The fonts are still all over the place. Classic Google: adding features when the basic ones still don't work

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    • Kieron Quinn

      You seem confused about your own URL...

  • Daniel Rhodes-Mumby

    Any chance of a review on this device? I know it's not as relevant to a US audience but I'm sure most internationally would love to hear your opinions as well.

  • Alberto Blasi

    Wish they made it slimmer. 30mb for a browser...

  • quick

    Not seeing any "doodles" on the new tab page is it just me?

    • Steven Webb

      I'm not seeing it either.

    • polluxdc

      Nope, no doodles, love it when they don't (or won't) deliver.

  • Vladimir

    While we are here, is it possible to get back deleted links from new page? Reset didn't help.