Two more European nations are getting some Google love today. After rolling out Google Play devices to Norway and Switzerland, and making the Chromecast available in even more locales, Mountain View is making Google Play Music and All Access available in Poland and Denmark. That's pretty niesamowite/fantastisk, wouldn't you say?

2014-05-27 18_10_06-Google Play 2014-05-27 18_15_46-Google Play

The Google Play support page confirms that these services have been deployed in these two new regions today. Google users there will be able to access the cloud storage and music store offered by Play Music, as well as the subscription All Access streaming service.


So get over there and start uploading your tunes. Google sometimes has a promotional rate for new All Access subscriptions when the service is first available. The Polish site says the All Access price is down to 15.99 PLN if you sign up before August 15th, after which it's 19.99 PLN. In Denmark, you can get All Access for 79 DKK prior to August 15th, then it goes up to 99 DKK.

[Google Play Support, Google Play Music – Thanks, Szymon, Piotr, Mathias, Remigiusz Nowak, Morlas, and anyone else who sent this in]

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  • Andrzej Smuga

    Darn! That's great. Goodbye Spotify. Welcome Google Music.

    • godutch

      Spotify still is much better, better recomendations, better control, better and more playlists but if you can get all access cheap I would do it and hopefully it will improve....

    • Adam Dominiak

      Spotify UI+
      More songs on spotify+
      More polish artists on spotify+
      price Google Music+
      Spotify still wins.

      • MeMe

        Seriously, do you really listen that much to Polish music? If yes than it's better for all of us if you stay in Spotify team ;)

    • Andrzej Smuga

      After whole day of testing. Must agree with you guys. I would add to the list:
      + Standalone application (which does not rely on Chrome bandwith)
      + Much better UI
      + Larger variety of music

      • fonix232

        I actually prefer the UI of Google Music. It might be because I got used to it, but I prefer its cleanness, also that I can upload my own music, let it be any shitty quality, and get studio quality stuff back the next time I sync my devices.

        Nevertheless I still have a Spotify subscription, but only because it comes with my phone subscription.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/112317673004491285708/posts Maciej Kulesa
  • Primosz

    Great! I almost lost my hope to put my hands on it... I mean put it in my ears, anyway - great!

  • dean

    What about CANADA ;)

    • john

      Canada got it a 3-4 weeks agos... Rock on google music!

  • Kyle Owens

    Welcome! Powitanie! Velkommen! Whut Up Doe!
    I'm happy to see that All Access is spreading around the globe.

    Join the Google Play All Access Community Google+

    Share playlists and music, discover new music, and get answers to any questions you might have.

    3,000 members STRONG!!


    • Mateusz Kaca

      In Poland we don't say "powitanie", we say "Witaj!" or for plural "Witajcie!". ;)

      • Thejungle

        Come on, he just used translator, It's pleasure to hear my language here anyways. :)

      • Janusz

        Don't shit your self on the way out.

      • Kyle Owens


      • Patrycja Wąsik

        To jakiś bot, bo ta wiadomość pojawiła się w różnych miejscach :p

        • Paweł Pietryszak

          Możliwe. Siema tak przy okazji

  • Conrad Juhl Andersen

    I'm unable to use All Access in Denmark, i activated a few years back on a US VPN, and now it's stuck in US mode... Currently in phone queue with Google, hope they will be able to fix it....

    My Google Play defaults to the Danish Play store, so i'm not stuck in all US mode.

    • http://resbo.dk/ Søren Resbo

      Where/how did you call google?

      • Conrad Juhl Andersen

        Go to Google Play Music -> Settings -> press the gear icon in the upper right corner -> Contact Us -> Phone

        On desktop.

        • http://resbo.dk/ Søren Resbo

          thx, will try that :-)

  • http://itinkerstuff.blogspot.com/ Mark Lester Buenaobra

    Philippines please!!!!!

  • Recznik


  • Andreas Brandenborg

    After 25 minutes with Google Music All Access, I must confess... I'm a bit disappointed. Spotify just seems more... smooth. It streams faster. Better music catalogue.

    So before my 30 day trial is up, I kinda expect that Google Music All Access is cancelled, and Spotify is still active.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Indeed. Google Music is laggy. Plus Spotify has better social integration. I'm not really gonna subscribe after this trial is over.

    • kwiato

      Spotify has managed to have such quick response time because they use p2p in addition to their own servers (you send music to other people too). Google uses only traditional server-client connection.

      I look forward to trying recommendations made by Google Music. I hope Google as a software company has good algorithms :)

      Also spotify annoys me with this whole social-oriented aproach.

      So for me Google Music just right :)

      • Styrke

        Nope. p2p is much slower to start up, which is why spotify has always used their own dedicated servers for sending you at least the first 15 seconds of a song. By the way they recently announced that they don't use p2p any more.

        The difference in speed is probably because Spotify has better control with their dedicated desktop app vs Google's web player.

      • Roger Siegenthaler

        "I look forward to trying recommendations made by Google Music. I hope Google as a software company has good algorithms :)"

        Yeah, nope... Google's recommendations are frankly terrible. The EchoNest (which spotify no owns and almost every service except google uses for recommendations) is just way better.

      • Andreas Brandenborg

        I work as an IT-supporter, and know the differences between peer to peer and client server. But none the less, some people might not know that. So good that you are sharing :)

        (It might look like it, but I am not being sarcastic).

  • bjornops

    Yeah, Play Music has been avaiable in Norway quite some time, and the screenshot is in Swedish. Are you sure you didn't mean Sweden?

    • bjornops

      Danish in fact.. not Swedish

  • http://resbo.dk/ Søren Resbo

    My biggest problem with this service is, that if you're logged in to music, you're also logget in to all other google service (like your mail and g+) ... say if you wanna play some music at a party, and leave the computer open to people who wanna play DJ, everybody has access to all your stuff...

  • Daniel

    Finally :-) Just signed up for my 30 days free.

  • kacpak

    Great present for my birthday :D

  • szeryf

    nareszcie! ;)

  • APOI

    Obligatory "When will India Get Google Play Music."

  • Meme

    Niesamowite! hahaha xD Amazing, thank you Google <3 ;)

  • Nick

    I find it baffling how all these reviews are missing a crucial flaw in "All Access" (comparing to Spotify) - that it's not really "All Access". There are still a lot of songs (many from very popular artists) that you have to buy first to listen.