Since the launch of the Moto X, there have been two available storage options: 16GB and 32GB. For some users, 32GB just isn't enough without an SD card slot (seriously though, what are you guys doing with your phones?). Fortunately, it looks like Moto may be gearing up to launch a 64GB variant of the X, which looks to be available with a $100 price bump over the 16GB version.

Originally tipped by Russian site Mobiltelefon.ru and confirmed by Artem, there is clearly an option for a 64GB version found within Motomaker's memory selection page:



Unfortunately, we have no idea when this may be available – maybe Moto will announce it soon, maybe not. Perhaps the company will wait and offer this as part of its X+1 launch, as a means to satisfy users who would otherwise be content with the original X and more storage.

Like with all leaks of this nature, we'll have to wait to find out.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Randy Strye

    "(seriously though, what are you guys doing with your phones?)"

    • joser116

      1080p videos. It's not that hard to reach a phone's storage limit these days.

      • AOSPrevails

        Watching 1080p video on a 4.7"720p phone???

        • Cuvis

          5.5" 1080p is the new 4.7" 720p.

          • dude

            No it's not, which is why I'm sticking with my Moto X and not buy the OnePlus One.

          • Atheist

            I've given up on the NonePlus None, myself. I was about to get the Moto X, also. Currently, I'm tied between that and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Right now, I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S2 that I've been sticking with (more like PUTTING UP with) for years, now. OnePlus can kiss my @$$, now! Pimping us all out for free exposure/advertisement, only to make us wait, wait, and... Get this - Wait even more. All for the chance to earn a prestigious 'Invite' which bestows us with the 'Privilege' of being able to BUY their phone. At REGULAR PRICE.

            Either that, or hope like hell that someone you know wins a chance to buy one and then gives YOU one of their spare invites. Good luck with THAT one, also.

            Talk about 'The One-Eyed Man leading the Blind'.

        • joser116

          Recording videos. And I wasn't talking about any specific phone.

        • kunit

          Apparently these people don't understand that having a 720p pixel layout has nothing to do with watching a 1080p video. The non pentile display of the moto X is fking gorgeous.

    • Cuvis

      Gaming. Any game more complex than Angry Birds consumes multiple gigs of space. I won't even consider a phone with less than 32gb at this point, and 64 would be better.

      • Blue Sun

        A few Final Fantasy & GTA games can easily fill up 32GB storage device.

    • batterija

      For me,it's music. I have around 20 gigabytes on music on my phone (both the external sd and my Galaxy S2's internal memory),I just can't stand streaming music and I like listening to a whole album,rather than song by song.

      • sc4fpse

        This. Sort of. I have unlimited data on Verizon here in the states. For awhile when I was in Russia, I kept all my music on my phone, rather than stream Google Music. Eventually I upped my data allowance, and had no problem streaming all month with ~7 GB. But before that, the 16 GB on my Galaxy Nexus was really, really limiting. I couldn't keep even half of my music library on my phone.

    • A guy


      • LucySinclairsyk

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    • Woe, Is [S]unjΔy

      My music library is over 32GB.
      My porn is at least 6GB.
      My video games are at least 16GB.
      My manga is atleast 1GB.
      My pictures are at least 2GB.

      • chanman

        And by music, video games, manga, and pictures, you mean porn, porn, porn, and porn? c};

        • Woe, Is [S]unjΔy

          Ecchi, ecchi, ecchi, ecchi ;)

      • Rich

        You only have 6 gigs of porn on your phone? I'm at 20 GB

        • Woe, Is [S]unjΔy

          Damn! I would need to store my porn in the cloud if I had that much!

        • http://dribbble.com/nickchamberlin Nick Chamberlin

          And obviously no lady friend

    • fzammetti

      I don't know why it's so hard to understand... I've got a 16Gb S5 with a 64Gb SD card... the phone is almost full with nothing but apps... and the SD card is pretty close to full too (I try to leave around 5Gb free for photos and videos)... music (about 15Gb), videos (about 25Gb- and very little of it porn, I swear!), ROMs for emulators (about 5Gb- PS emulator mostly are the largeones ), eBooks (almost 1Gb) and DriveDroid images (about 5Gb). The balance is app data and camera content. Most importantly, I DO NOT have all the content with me I want... I've had to cut down music and videos specifically to fit... a 128Gb card would do me fine, I could carry everything I want and have plenty left over, but I haven't sprung for one yet.

      Why such much content you ask? Well, I travel some for work and I never know what I'll be in the mood for waiting at airports, whether watch a movie, read a book of just listen to tunes... or, waiting to pick up the kids from after-school activities, which is a lot of my time these days... or what funny Flash thing I may want to show to co-worker over lunch (sure, if I have connectivity that's not an issue, but why use my bandwidth allotment or worry that I won't have connectivity when I need it). The DriveDroid images are fantastic: no more separate thumb drive when I need to boot a PC and install Ubuntu or something like that.

      So, for me, with no SD card, a 64Gb phone is the LOWEST I'd go and I would in fact pay premium for 128Gb.

      • miri

        It seems the roles have been reversed. While the children are too busy with school to entertain their parents, the adults have to be put down with a phone loaded up with fun movies, apps and games to keep them from raising a fuss until they get back. Unless you keep using your phone when you're back with your kids, in case, that's just bad childing.

        • fzammetti

          Haha, great observation!

    • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

      You can't install apps and games in da cloud dawg

    • John Smith

      Recorded video's of pets and kids. Loads of pictures (it's too bad that the quickshot images must store to internal instead of sdcard). Recorded video's of tourist places.

      Due to the ease of availability of youtube, I find it much more rewarding to make video's instead of photos. Unfortunately, uploading to youtube is a very slow process so the videos stay on the phone for a while.

  • GreatNews

    $100 more than the $16 GB??? $16 a GB??

    • Alessandro

      apple charges $100 more for the 32 so we still have it better than the apple fans....

    • brad

      Umm isn't that 2$ a GB for the extra 48gb to make it a 64.....?

    • Arthur Dent

      Where the hell did you learn math???

      • Justin W

        He hasn't, that's the problem.

  • John Bailey

    Yeah I work at a Sprint store and I remember seeing something about a week ago saying that the 64GB model will be available via Moto Maker sometime in June

  • usamaisawake

    I haven't used up my 32GB space but in the future for the X+1 I would consider the 64GB. We're expecting our first child and with the Google+ auto-backup and stories features I can see myself going a little crazy with picture snapping and videos. My wife's Nexus 5 32GB is already nearly full because of how many she takes.

  • Dt Bell

    Still too little, too late

  • Modified67

    This would have been a great option 7 months ago. :/

    • dude

      I have to agree. Carrying two Moto X at the sametime can be less convenient.

  • siddude11

    64GB is still less for me.. Actually i have too many Rick Roll videos.

  • milagroful

    Ah damn if they had this when I got mine last year I wouldn't want a new phone already. This measly 16gb I'm stuck with is a joke.

  • mathewmakio

    I don't know one girl that can live with 32 GB of storage. By the time they put music and photos it is gone.

    • mathewmakio

      If a company made a pink smartphone with a snapdragon 100 and 200 GB of storage it would be a top seller.

      • mathewmakio

        And I don't mean offer Micro SD cards...these women ain't got time for that!

        • mathewmakio

          They would prefer to attempt a college degree

          • Justin W

            There's an Edit function built into Disqus you know.

          • mathewmakio

            I'm sorry, did I make you scroll an extra 0.5 of an inch?

          • dude

            I think you made a good point about the abundance of internal storage space.

          • mathewmakio

            Thank You. That's the first time I haven't been trolled while commenting on AP. I appreciate it.

          • Justin W

            Sorry for providing potentially useful info to a user who clearly didn't know about the function. No need to get hostile over here buddy.

          • mathewmakio

            Oh, i knew about that feature. I just wasn't aware it could have been such a big issue and/or somebody could be so helpful as to point that one out for me.

            Thanks for the tip. No hostility here. Everything real genuine.

  • abobobilly

    Aren't they very late in releasing a 64GB version? Like A YEAR late? Seriously?

  • JG

    I've been using my 32GB internal + 64GB SD card'ed phone for almost a year (early/mid July). I just checked my storage break-down and apparently I have 584MB of free space on my internal & just under half of my SD card free.

    Internal storage's biggest space eaters are Android itself (8GBs) and my apps 14.5GBs... I'm actually kind of surprised I have so much space for apps. I was looking through my app drawer last night and found a few I can delete, not sure how much space that'll reclaim... And here I thought I was being so good and only installing just a few "necessary" apps...

    The SD is mostly pictures and videos I've taken, and a few music video files I've loaded onto the phone to watch/listen to while I've been away (I prefer local copies to streaming - no buffering and less battery use).

    I could probably survive with just 32GBs if I had to.... I'd have to manage the files on my phone a little better - maybe actually delete the 10min 720p video of my cat just sitting there not being cute & attacking her toy mouse rather than carrying it around with me 24/7 for the last 5 months...

  • Jenny Fernandes

    ample storage to keep porn in unnamed folder http://bit.ly/TM8LPE

  • JG

    "Why For some users, 32GB just isn't enough without an SD card slot (seriously though, what are you guys doing with your phones?)."

    I just finished reading an article about the new Wolfenstein: The New Order game. It weighs in at 43.65GBs! Android 4.2.2 is about 9GBs, on my Touchwiz'ed Galaxy S4 at least. That's 83% of an 64GB Moto X right there with just 1 app installed (well a little less, since you wouldn't have the Touchwiz garbage in there to).

    Of course that is a bit extreme... I've only been asked a few times to use wifi to download an app due to its size a couple times. But I have seen apps floating around that are larger - TomTom's iOS app is 1.2GBs, for example... But with our mobile tech quickly catching up to, and in some cases, potentially surpassing our desktops... I'd imagine it'll only be a matter of time until we start seeing more bloated apps (maybe not to the 43GB range) start to drop into the Play Store...

    With an SD card I could expand as needed. Grab a 64GB card and fill 60% of it with Wolfenstein... Then a few months later when needed, grab a 128GB card - transfer everything over and have twice the room...


    Google " Moto X sucks " , surprises await !