Regular Android Police readers know we're big fans of ZeroLemon's even bigger batteries for most flagship phones that can support them. If you've got an LG G Pro 2 (and preferably some oversized pockets as well), you can extend your untethered time by a considerable amount with the 9500mAh extended battery. The battery and its body-wrapping case are now on sale at Amazon for $49.99.

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The G Pro 2's battery is already among the largest standard phone batteries available at 3200mAh, so the ZeroLemon package should give you roughly triple the battery life on one charge. (Your results may vary of course - it's not unusual for extended batteries like this to get 5-15% less time than they "should.") However, the unique design on the replacement battery cover makes the G Pro wider, taller, deeper, and of course heavier than a regular model, and the 5.9" screen on the phone meant it was already pretty large to begin with.

The extended TPU case is also pretty ugly covered in "ZL" logos. At least it has button extensions for the phone's rear-mounted power and volume buttons, and what looks like a semi-attached cover for the headphone port. ZeroLemon's batteries come with a 180-day warranty, and unfortunately, Amazon Prime isn't available for this item.

Amazon - ZeroLemon 9500mAh Extended Battery For The LG G Pro 2

Michael Crider
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  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    "for most flagship phones that can support them"
    If by most you mean Samsung and LG then perhaps..

    • hoosiercub88

      Well, Moto, HTC, & Sony have non-removable batteries.. it's not like it's ZeroLemon's fault...

      • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

        Not really the point, Two manufactures don't make up the majority of phone manufactures. That is the point.

  • Nick Cannon

    Nice brick

    • Stephan Hall

      LOL ...Good one!

  • ghetto McKee

    Moar Power!!

    • MorganValerioyse321

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  • rothbriele

    Great more power on LG

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  • shamatuu

    50 bucks for a case is lame

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      ... and a 9500mAh battery.

  • http://geffchang.wordpress.com/ Geff Chang

    This has always been a question I never seem to get a good answer with: Which is better: ZeroLemon or the more expensive Mugen? Based on what I've read, ZeroLemon is cheaper, but Mugen lasts longer in terms of lifespan (analogy: ZeroLemon is good only for a few months, while Mugen will last much, much longer). Any thoughts?

    • Serotheo

      Zerolemon has been good to me, used it on my S3 for a while - before I replaced it but its capacity held for the 6 months or so I used it. Now I have one on my Note 3 and it's doing fine as well, I imagine its just more noticeable when something changes in your batterylife with a Zerolemon compared to Mugen since Mugen usually has smaller capacities. If we consider, say a bad update cripples battery by 10%, 10% of a larger battery is more noticeable than 10% on a smaller one. Difference being 1,000 mAh on a Note 3 with ZL vs. a Mugen with 6.4k and 640 mAh.

      Edit: I'm merely speculating on the perceptive issue since I've not often seem Mugen batteries at the same competing capacity.

  • John Brandenburg

    I first got one of these on my Note 2 and now I use one on my Note 3. It is great for me in times when I am over seas like now. I'm in the Baltic area with the Army and never know when I'll be able to charge up. These are a lifesaver. However, they are big and heavy. The trade off is worth it to me though.

    • Serotheo

      Its true that they're big and heavy but you have to admit they sit in your hand a lot better than the default Note 3, noticeably more when you reach across the screen - where it would usually slide away from you.

  • Vegeta


  • David Li

    The headline says "Optimus Pro 2" vs "G Pro 2"

  • Brynisha

    Is there no compatible wall charger for this battery? Already contacted zero lemon and they said they don't have one which surprises me bc they had one for my note 2 when I had that phone. There is no way i would buy this battery and have to use my stock charger to charge it - I would have to keep the phone on the charger for days, at least 3 I would imagine.

  • Lj Javier

    Do you have extended battery for the phone like Cherry Mobile Omega Infinity? thanks