Over the past week, Google's exposed a handful of new and useful voice-activated features on the Now app for Android. Whether it be figuring out information about your booked car rentals, setting reminders, or finally handling timer queries properly, Google really seems to want you to talk to your phone more. Our question today, though, is just how much do you talk to your phone or tablet?

Now, this a kind of hard question to answer scientifically, I know. It'd sure be nice if Google included voice inquiries / actions as part of some kind of personal monthly metrics report (such as those available in Gmail), but it doesn't, so I'm going to ask you to estimate. Still, I think it's a fun thing to poll, and I think it'll be interesting to see just how everyone responds. With that said, let's get down to it. [Note: don't count repeats that have to be respoken because they weren't understood the first time. Also, choose the answer that closest meets your estimate, even if none exactly match your usage pattern.]

How often do you use Google Now Voice Commands on your Android devices?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • yodatom10

    Poll idea for next week. "How much have you spent in the play store"

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Nah, I think I've got next week's figured out, and it's related to this week's. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    • brkshr

      I would say $300 - $400

      • yodatom10

        I've sadly given google just under 1400 dollars. I keep waiting for my frequent shopper discount

        • brkshr


        • Leif Sikorski

          They could offer additional Google Drive space for each xx$ spent in the Play Store.

          • MorganValerioyse321

            just before I saw the draft ov $5039 , I be certain
            that...my... cousin woz truley bringing home money in there spare time on their
            apple labtop. . there sisters neighbour started doing this for under eighteen
            months and resently took care of the mortgage on there condo and bought a great
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        • lobstermagnet

          What could you have possibly bought to total 1400$?

          • yodatom10

            500 dollars worth of movie and TV. And I own most if not all the games worth having on google play. Good games aren't cheap

          • Sam Hollis

            Nexus 10 - $500
            Nexus 7 2013 - $270
            Nexus 5 - $350
            Nexus 7 2012 - $250
            Nexus 4 - $300

            Just a guess. It's not hard.

          • Roger Siegenthaler

            not including devices :P, that's cheating kinda because other countries can't do that :'( xD

          • ssj4Gogeta

            Sadly, Nexus 5 was closer to $600 in my country's Play Store. :( Nexus 4 was $400, after it'd been out for a year. The Nexus 7 2013, which I haven't bought, is about $450.

          • brkshr

            If we're including devices, then I'm closer to $1,500

      • Guest

        I spend 2$ in 4 years

    • than00b

      not including devices and accessories correct ?

      • yodatom10


    • Guest

      Better yet: "Do you have Play Store on your device?"

      • yodatom10

        every google certified android device has the play auto installed.

        • A2theC

          Yeah, but a large majority of Android devices aren't in the USA, where ALL devices are required to be certified. Android OS is open source, but google services are copy written and licensed. Therefore it's worth asking who has play services and who doesn't, why else do you think there are other Android app markets?

          • John Bailey

            Actually, no. Just no. Stop it. Where do you pull this crap from? MOST Android devices ARE Google Play certified. Sure, there's the Nokia X or the Kindle line-up, Xiaomi, and a few others, but that's a far cry from all those Galaxy phones (yessir, 5 generations), the HTC Evo's, One(s), Droids, Motorola Droids/Milestones, Sony Xperias, LG Optimuses (Optimi?), and countless other phones that ARE Google Play certified, selling at record-breaking numbers. To think of it, I've only met one person in my life with a non-certified phone....wait, no, I haven't.

          • A2theC

            You are basically saying you've never been to China. Most of the devices there are knockoff devices with 3rd party stores. I have, in my experience in the USA, met someone with a "Samsung" phone without google services, which was in fact a cheap knockoff. This person was asking me to help them get google play on their phone. So that just proves either your ignorance of the situation, or you clearly are in denial.

          • Enrico Sacchetti

            I agree with A2theC. Having actually lived in China, I've seen authentic Samsung devices without Google Play. China is very Google un-friendly.

    • dude

      I use Excel to calculate and sort all that, I thought about writing the instruction here, but I guess I should put it in a forum instead.

      • yodatom10

        I use the my paid apps app. Although a spreadsheet would not be a bad idea

        • Jeremy Sheehan

          I downloaded the app and was shocked to find out how much I had spent on apps. It was a little over $200.

    • A2theC

      Including play music subscription?

      • yodatom10

        Nope. My music library is large. And I fill in with I heart radio or Pandora. I cant do both my 10 dollar drive plan and the play music I just don't see myself using it enough to be worth it.

    • Johnny Bravo

      do we include books and devices or just apps and music and movies

    • th

      $ 0.

    • Mikeb3ll

      Besides my Neuxs 4 and 5 purchase.....$4

      I had a $25 GC that has been sitting for just over 6 months (gift) and I just spent $4 like 2 weeks ago. I wish you could put the $$ towards a new device or something as most items on the app store I couldn't care less about.

  • Damian

    Never, I don't even need features like that.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Almost never, I mean, I use it when I'm home...alone, it's silly being taking to a phone, I wouldn't do that in the street, or college, etc.

    Also, Spanish support isn't that great, it's not close of what North Americans (mostly USA) can use.

    • Leonardo Baez

      100% de acuerdo

    • A2theC

      I think that is because the Spanish people speak here is a, lower-class-uneducated-lazy-tongued-slurred version of the language, with half the words either being half English, or completely made up by regional slang. Not many people speak proper Spanish, my class flew out to Spain for a month to make sure we learned "Spain-ish" correctly.

      • Josh Phillips

        Wow.... That is some racist shit right there. Do you also think American English is a "lower-class-uneducated-lazy-tongued-slurred version" of British English? Either way, you are a bigoted piece of shit.

        • A2theC

          That is what my wife says whenever she hears people here in the USA speaking Espanol. She as a Mexican-American dual citizen would know better than I, she learned Castilian "Spanish" growing up in an educated part of Mexico. And yes, in some ways American English is just a slur of British English, along with adopting words from other languages similarly to Latin Espanol. Judge me however you like, I am not racist nor bigoted, though you seem to exude a bit of hate.

      • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert

        Wow, that's incredibly ignorant and moronic.

        • A2theC

          Yes you are. My point being, if the people don't speak the language properly, how can they program conversational Spanish with world wide compatibility with such a poor base to work with. It's a very tricky language to try and make work in every dialect with one simple implementation. My comment may seem ignorant/moronic to you, but it is at least better thought out than your simple trolling comment.

      • Will Dutton

        There is no such language as Spanish, the language you are referring to is called 'castellano' or Castilian as it comes from Castile and is the lingua franca on the part of the Iberian peninsula that the houses of Castile and Leon took control of in la reconquista. Other languages with similar vulgar latin roots spoken there are galician, catalan, andalusian and probably others that I am not familiar with. Portuguese also has similar vulgar latin roots but, obviously, is spoken in Portugal. Basque is not of the same root.

        Also Castellano spoken in Latin america actually is a much more traditional version than that spoken in Spain.

        • A2theC

          Thanks for an informed, intelligent response.

      • Leonardo Baez

        what about those who speak spanish outside USA... like 90% of latin america.

        • Jurk

          Obviously anyone who isn't white and American is "lower-class-uneducated-lazy-tongued". Your argument is invalid.

      • Humberto Hernandez

        Chill, is ok, your comment made sense, you are right, but also, gracias for clarifying it jaja :)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    I went with this poll this week because after seeing all the latest voice command improvements, I thought about how often I used them with my phone. I find for me it's super situation-dependent, and I don't really have a consistent habit (I went with "a few times a week").

    For example, if I'm in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe, I'll use Now to set a timer, look up a measurement conversion, a meat's doneness temperature, and things of that nature. I use voice commands because I don't want to get my phone super grimy or wet.

    It's also handy if you want to look up a fact or other piece of information mid-conversation with someone (related to the conversation), and I think it's a more social experience that way. I've also started using it more to set location-based reminders (when I get home, remind me to call Time Warner to set up an appointment), which seem much more reliable than they were when they rolled out. Oh, and directions. I do use it for that pretty regularly when going somewhere new.

    Still, I often find myself forgetting the features are there at all. That's the biggest reason I don't use them as often as I could - I just sort of don't consider their existence regularly.

    • brkshr

      I use them to set reminders ALL the time. Now that the timer function works properly, I know I will be using that all the time. I also ask Google questions in social situations like you stated.

    • Fabian Pineda

      David, the line you were looking for to post in the intro title in social media was "Talk dirty to me".

      You're welcome.

    • Sootie

      I never use it for anything though if I could hit a button and voice call people while in the car I might use it very occasionally

      • enoch861

        I find that doesn't work at all; on my G2 at least. It fails to activate my car's Bluetooth mic. On the flipside, the iPhone 5S I was using a couple weeks ago had no issues activating my car's Bluetooth mic with Siri.

  • Angelo Davis

    If I didn't have a nexus 5 I doubt I'd be using it as much.

  • Floris

    Well, I for one would use it more often when it would be in my native language.

  • anon

    I use it just because it's cool, well thats like once in 3 months or so...

  • Leif Sikorski

    Just a few times a week, sometimes less. The biggest problem is that many commands are still not available in german, otherwise I would use it a lot more. Even Samsungs S-Voice supports more important commands in non-english languages than Google Voice Search. If Android wear will be based on voice input they'll have a lot to do..

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      That's sad re: S Voice. Gross.

  • master94

    Google Now is great for the stuff is displays but it just sucks at voice commands as does everything else since its easier to just type

    • Matt

      It is WAY easier to say "Ok Google Now... Navigate to " than it is to type that address in. With my Moto X I use voice commands all the time. If I had any other phone that you can't wake up? Probably never.

      • Brandon Miller

        I agree with this mostly. I had a Nexus 5 for a bit and rarely used it. Since getting a Moto X, though, I use it all the damn time. Not having to touch the phone at all really takes it to another level. Blows my mind how all smartphones going forward don't implement this feature.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        You must really be slow at typing if saying is easier to you and hope for the best that Now picks up what you said correctly.

      • itsgonnalast

        This seems to be something that works well in product demos. However, in reality street names are very odd.

        I'm looking at a map now and I see these names: Wicklines Lane, Rialto Street, Haug Street, Lofink Street, Ley Street, etc. I doubt that voice search could handle these flawlessly.

        • andy_o

          Have you tried it? (Also, where are you?) It works very well, Google apparently prioritizes street/Av. names that are relatively close to you, and of course also prioritizes existing names rather than random dictionary words. I'm in the LA area.

          Also, works well for business names.

          • itsgonnalast

            Yeah, I just tried it and it got them all wrong except for Rialto Street. I'm in Pittsburgh.

          • ElfirBFG

            I'm in Ontario, Canada and the only ones it didn't get were Haug and Ley, but most likely because it found similarly pronounced streets in my area. I was given navigation to: Wicklines, Rialto and Lofink all in Pittsburgh(I didn't specify city or state).

          • Simon Belmont

            Yeah. I've been using navigate to since the olden days of voice actions, and it's always been quite accurate at guessing what I want.

            It's even better today. Not sure why there's the hate for it.

    • A2theC

      Lightning fingers

  • Marcell Lévai

    Never, since the useful commands aren't available in my language :)

  • jamesfuston

    I did it all the time with my Moto X. I'd do it even more on my N5 if I could wake the phone with a voice command. Because I have to wake my N5, the only three commands I use regularly are "navigate to," "play ___," and "remind me." I loved being able to start a call without picking up my phone on the Moto X and would do it every time with the N5 if I had the ability to.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      yes i agree. i think voice commands are usefull if you can use them when you're screen is off. it has to be great to make a call without touching your phone

    • jamesfuston

      Oh and it's worth noting that 75% of my texts are voice dictated. That kind of counts.

    • Simon Belmont

      You're on the same boat as me with wanting to wake my Nexus 5 with a voice command a la the Moto X. Hoping we see that in the next big update to Android (Nexus 5 has the hardware to do it).

      I do, however, use more commands than just three. I just wish Google Now / Search would read me back my notifications, emails, texts, and messages that I've dictated before sending, without having to touch or look at my phone. I want the fully hands-free experience. You know, like the Star Trek computer.

      • http://aayush.me/ Aayush Arya

        What you need is Utter. Look it up on the Play Store. It's replaced Google Now for me.

        • Simon Belmont

          I have messed with Utter. It's a nice piece of software and Google should emulate (or buy) that guy's ideas in many functions of Google Now / Search.

          I just wish that I could leverage the low-power listening core to access it. Otherwise, it's just listening all the time using the CPU and draining my battery.

  • brkshr

    How many people that said "Basically never", have a Moto X or the Google Now Launcher installed with always listening voice commands and still choose to not use them?

    I pretty much never used voice commands until the Google Now Launcher came into existence, with it's always listening mode. Now I use voice commands all the time.

    • itsgonnalast

      I use the Google Now Launcher but I never use voice search/commands.

      I don't like making corrections to my query when it incorrectly interprets what I've said. I just type everything in because that's what I'd have to do anyway if there's a mistake.

      I just tested this a moment ago with a relatively simple command: "play Madlib." This failed and instead did a search for "Plymouth live".

      When I've used voice search in the past it was successful maybe 70% of the time, which isn't good enough for me to bother.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      I have GNL, I don't use voice. It's dumb and redundant to "speak" with your device, and touch just does everything better and faster

      • Jeff

        I don't know if you drive but voice is much better when you're behind the wheel of a car. I much prefer telling my phone who to call, or where to navigate to then typing it in.

    • duse

      I don't always have my phone on the home screen and unlocked, so OK Google is basically useless. If I'm already on my home screen I can just press the mic icon in the search bar. It needs to work with the screen off like the Moto X, or via the button on a Bluetooth device.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5oCUR11M24mekZubnc4ZUFCUU0/edit?usp=sharing Metsie

    It's funny how I will use it to show others how easy it is to use Android to search compared to Siri but I myself never really use the feature!

    • andy_o

      I know we like Android and all, but Siri is definitely NOT something that Apple is behind on. I just realized this myself relatively recently, got an iPad mini retina with LTE from T-mo's awesome cellular tablet offer.

      • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5oCUR11M24mekZubnc4ZUFCUU0/edit?usp=sharing Metsie

        Great if you like Wolfram...But if you want to search a real search engine GoogleNow is much better than Siri!

  • http://www.androidscouter.com/ Ghamdan Hassan

    I think i will stick to just typing the commands, i hate when i don't get my voice command recognized. but anyway, its a great app, "Okay Google" alone makes my day ! AndroidScouter

  • BlackT5

    I use it to start 75% of my calls from the launcher. I'd love to be able to do it from any app or page. The more it can do the more I would use it.

    That and active display are the two things that make me wish I had a moto x over my n5. But I love my n5 way more than an x. My wife has a moto x and she never use voice commands. I doubt she knows she can.

  • Fabian Pineda

    I use them a lot. Mostly in the mornings when I ask Google to wake me up later once I've turned off the alarm. I also ask a lot of questions since I'm sold on the idea that with technology these days you can't just afford to say "I don't know" when talking about something.

    The rest is mostly asking to send messages and call someone when I'm driving.

  • usamaisawake

    I do it often (3-6x/day) which is way more than in the past. Partially because it is more capable now but also because my Moto X is able to listen all the time.

  • MKx

    I use it whenever I drive. Also on weekends to check the time while in bed :-P

  • Nathan

    No support for my local language.

  • Lookatthemonkeys

    The things I use it for the most: Making calls, reminders at set locations, sending texts, and simple google searches. Sometimes I will use it to set alarms and start music.

  • Allen Cross

    Proud member of the 7% ('All the time'), here.

    Just as the delights of customization and overall flexibility lead me to adopt Android -- in place of iPhone -- back in 2009, without the current ubiquity and reliability of Google's voice input, I might have found it hard to resist a return to iOS (via jailbreak) before now.

  • MikeOxlong

    Until google releases now with always listening enabled (including when the screen is off AND if using another app) it will be something that is hardly used. Too much effort is currently required and its easier to just do whatever task you need of your phone instead of opening up now to do it.

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    i can't use it to type an SMS cause in italy ".,? " don't work.
    anyway, if you got to wake up your phone then, you use your finger.. voice commands are usefull only as motorola moto x does. so only if you can use that when your phone is locked and screen is off.. if i got to wake up the screen then i use my hand.

  • GraveUypo

    like twice a year to set alarms. that's it.

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    i would have used voice commands to send sms if i had possibility to tell by voice ".,?", but in italian language you can't. so i have to put by hand ".,?". that's why telling sms by voice has not much sense

  • miri

    Most every morning and night to get weather, travel time and to set alarms, reminders throughout the day, the occasional call, text and email, and I often use it to switch apps and more recently as a shortcut to subcategories in settings. Very handy.

  • Tony Blaha

    All the time. But the barrier to use is way lower since I'm using a Moto X.

  • http://galaxynote3tips.blogspot.com/ Martens Nkem

    Basically never. I tried it out when it was new but then decided that it was easier to interact with the phone by touch. Voice commands are just for showing off and it's better for everyone else's ear if people dont talk to their phones

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    Never used voice commands on anything in my life

  • valapsp

    I'm surprised that "Basically never" is leading.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Why? They are useless in the current form

      • valapsp

        How should they change?

        • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

          Multilingual support - when I am using one language, Now simply stops understanding anything In try to say that has words or even letters from other language. This makes using Russian (or maybe even many other languages) to open an English-named app impossible, because Now doesn't recognize it, even when I try to spell it by letter

          Wider commands array outside US - we saw a lot of articles by AP with reminders for billing, parking, alarms etc. and currently many of those are not available outside america, or are very poorly executed that it's easier to just use touch

          Always listening - Now should be able to execute commands when the screen is turned off and the device is asleep, like on Moto devices. And biggest problem is that older devices will not get this feature ever because of bullshit "additional core" or "processor", just another marketing move to make you buy newer devices

          Global activation - Now should be available for activation not just from the homescreen, it's silky that if I am in an app and need to do something with a voice command, I have to leave theapp I am currently in, trigger Now, and then do the stuff I need. It would just be quicker to do it manually anyway because I am already interacting with the device using touch

          • pfmiller

            How is requiring special hardware to have always on listening bullshit? Do you realize how much battery would by used with out dedicated hardware for that?

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            That's the problem. If you wanted to have that on, let's say, Nexus 4 - you'd have to live with horrible battery drain in addition to everything else that might be doing the same (running apps, push notifications, widget refreshes, etc) and it would get to a point that you would either have to deal with it and be extremely careful with usage just for touch less control, or turn Now off forever and go on without voice control whatsoever, or buy a device that has the hardware to maintain same good battery life as without always listening PLUS having that feature enabled without sacrificing it

            Do you really not see the marketing move to sell you a newer device with that one feature? Apple has done the same with Siri (iP4 -> iP4S for example) to sell people a new phone when it really was the fucking same

          • vgergo

            Not just Moto devices. Note3, S5 and OnePlus One all have voice waking capabilities too (SnapDragon80x)

      • andy_o

        Clearly, they're not useless. They're just useless to you.

      • NBM

        they're far from useless in (American) English though

  • Will S.

    I rarely use voice commands/voice search...I just don't want people to know what I'm doing with my phone.

  • Edu Pimentel

    To me the voice commands are awesome, but the fact that recognition depends on your mobile data availability, it becomes a bit fruitless in countries where 3G is scarse or sometimes very slow. If you did not depend on the web to do this, it would be an actual useful feature

  • michaeljones1980

    I don't use Google now which I disable because of Google play services uses too much of my phones battery life otherwise I would have used it because it is handy

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    If voice commands could work in a multilingual mode - they would be that much better. I mean, I don't use them, but when I tried to issue Now a voice command to open an app while set in Russian language, I'd say "Ок Гугл, открыть приложение...", and then it simply doesn't pick up the app name at all, and they are 90% in English, because Now expects me to name something in Russian, and it either interprets what I say totally differently, or just ignores it, or picks up a few letters. Therefore that command is absolutely useless in my language! And same goes for everything else like contacts, webpages, music... Which makes manual touch work ten times better because it is foolproof (lol)

  • michaeljones1980

    If some how Google addressed this issue I would use it every day.

    • firesoul453

      Which issue?

  • https://plus.google.com/+EvanFeldman95/ Evan Feldman

    I use it all the time with my Moto X.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    A few times a week.

    If I'm alone, and I don't feel like typing it, I'll just double-tap my home button to starte Google Search in listening mode, and set my reminder -- reminder's being what I use it for 90% of the time, with the remainder being "navigate to" and "map of"

  • Marceldy

    You should add to the Pool :

    I try all the time to talking to it , but it simply doesn't understand me and i give up,

    • Leonardo Baez

      Yup... Taht exactly what happens to me

    • Reuben

      More like:
      I'm australian so there's no hope

      • Sootie

        Bloody oath mate

    • User123

      My main use cases for using voice: Navigating to places, calling people whilst driving and selecting music whilst driving.

      Unfortunately, all of these use cases require interpreting words which probably aren't in the dictionary - especially band and place names. Google voice actions is rubbish at this. It is basically useless.

      It is also very inconsistent. Sometimes it'll play the band, sometimes it'll just do a Google Search for "Listen to Daft Punk".

      These two issues mean that it 1 in 10 times it'll be quicker. The other 9 times it won't recognise the word or I have to repeat myself so much, or guess the command for something that it just isn't worth it. It is not a time saver.

      I speak with a very clear and non-regional British accent. Coming from where I live, (and with a teacher as a mother) I speak very phonetically. People often can't tell which corner of the country I come from and American exchange students described me as 'not having an accent').

  • Loral William

    I use it daily http://j.mp/1groayG

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    - Hold your phone at arm's length, screen towards you.
    - Stare at it inquisitively.
    - Say loud and clear: "Hi Galaxy".
    - Do a few second pause, until voice recognition app shows up.
    - Decide this is not awkward enough, and proceed by saying: "I command you to play some music".
    - Repeat without "I command you" part, after voice recognition fails.
    - Revert to poking the screen, because it's not the song I want.

    Too bad that was just in the bathroom, would not do that on the street.

    • Andrew

      Dunno about you.. but when I say "Play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen"... I get my Bohemian Rhapsody on.

  • Leonardo Baez

    Basically never. Voice recognition in spanish is terrible...

  • Simon Belmont

    At least a few times a day, minimum. I'm certain I'll be using it even more if and when it becomes more "hands-free" in practice.

    By that, I mean when it lets me activate it without having to touch it at all, and it has intelligent replies that don't require me to look at the screen (defeats the purpose of hands-free if I have to look at the screen). I'm betting we'll see more of this in the next major version of Android at I/O (especially after seeing the Android in-car article).

  • thelionk

    I would use it almost everyday, when I drive, if it worked completely hands free and over bluetooth, but it doesn't sadly :(

    • Crafty

      This. Exactly how I feel, except add touchless controls too.

      I'm sure we'll see this soon though. Google I/O should bring big things.

    • duse

      Siri works this way and probably has since day one. Just press the button on your Bluetooth device and it's listening. Meanwhile on Android when you do this it brings up the ancient voice dialer. Why can't they get the simplest things right.

      • thelionk

        I agree with this wholeheartedly. I don't even understand why people get so excited over Google Now voice commands, it sucks, what's the point, you say put reminder, and then you still have to take the phone, look at it, click Add Reminder, etc.

  • motoridersd

    The one I probably use the most is "Play _____" but then it fails way too often and sometimes have to go with "I want to listen to ____". Even using the former I still have lots of issues with it playing the right song or artist, and I don't like that Google Music will start a radio sometimes without playing the song I requested (even though it exists in the library and/or catalog).

    Once more voice commands are available, I'll use them more. A "Launch XXX ap" would be very useful to me. The call commands would be used more if I could have the Nexus 7 I installed in my car start a call from my phone.

  • Hansen Harlley

    I prefer those to established simple guidelines Constantly. Now that the actual timer function functions correctly, I am aware I am employing which constantly. I also request The search engines queries in cultural situations as you expressed. http://bit.ly/1pmqI12

  • Logan

    Only while driving. For navigation.

  • FrillArtist

    Why do I need to say "OK Google"? I hate that phrase. It should be customizable to whatever you want not that stupid, cheesy "OK Google" phrase. It's dorky and worthless.

    • JG

      I wouldn't mind some customization myself... I'd probably go with either "Hello Moto" or "[OK] Computer"...

      Though I don't think you could go with just anything - especially not for like Moto & other always listening devices. The trigger phrase would have to be unique enough the phone wouldn't respond to too many false positives. And it would have to be a trigger phrase that you wouldn't say too often... You wouldn't want to say something like "The computer needs reformated" only to find your phone did a factory reset thinking you were talking to it...

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    I said once or twice a day mostly for the "wake me up in xx minutes" command. Boy, do I love that thing. But take that out and it would reduce to few times a week.

  • hyperbolic

    Basically never because I shut down Google now in order to conserve battery on my N5.

  • NBM

    Voice commands are so much better for so many things...
    "Download [app name]", will usually put a Play Store card with a link to install
    "IMDB _________" will provide a button to open in app (direct to info)
    "Traffic to [location, or location on -street-]" for gauging dying traffic here in Houston
    "[Theater name or chain, eg Edwards, AMC, etc..] movies" because I don't really always go to movies nearest to me,.
    "show me my tickets" when I don't remember the date of my next EDM event I have tickets to (Borgore right now)
    "Show me my purchases" if I'm wondering if my item has already shipped or if i cleared the google now card. I can also ask something like "did my amazon order ship?"
    "Show me my photos of __________" since I have pretty much all my photos are backed up

    "remind me to ________ at _________" because I can never remember to buy less important stuff when I'm at the store
    The translation stuff is also pretty handy to me unusually often sometimes
    One thing I feel might be new is the "Play __________" card with drop down menu, that I can use to launch Soundcloud, Youtube, Play Music, etc...
    ...and of course the usual alarms, reminders, searches, etc...

  • abobobilly

    Let me be honest for a minute. All these commands are USELESS if there are no Touchless Controls, like MotoX. Yes i am aware of the "perma active" audio capture feature of that specific Chipset in MotoX, which keeps the battery drain to absolute minimum .... but the point is, these commands can be much more useful without pressing a button. OK Google doesn't cut it for me, because i still have to wake the phone up.

    So basically, i hardly use these commands. Maybe once a week, just for fun. Otherwise, NO.

    But i have to say ... Google's voice recognition is getting better and better. It surprises me how this thing captures my 'Pakistani-accent' crappy english voice so flawlessly.

  • ksavai

    I mostly use it to set alarm, remind me...., set timer, conversions.... its helpful, I hate typing

  • ChristianAhlin

    "All the cool actions aren't available in my language except search/dictate"
    "I will use voice actions for everything when I get my Google glass"

  • John Daniel

    I'd use it a lot more if I didn't feel like a complete idiot doing it in front of other people. I actually think it works really well and I use it when I'm alone but sat on public transport or in the office where it would be most useful, I just wouldn't as i'd totally get the p*** taken out of me. Also you don't want to disturb other people around you in a quiet place. Typing isn't as good but it's quieter.

  • Nasir Uddin

    The only reason I use it is to set reminders, that's all lol

  • Meglivorn

    Sadly, "basicly never". I'd use it every time, but it doesn't work in my language, and i I set the device to english, the locak searches are messed up. So I keep the voice search and miss the commands.
    Would be a nice to separate the two, like "OK Google" works with english all the non-supported languages, and if the command is "... search" than switch to the local language recogniser...

  • stevee

    I want to interact with Google Maps using voice. Would be handy when driving.

  • RickMartensen

    Basicly never, they focus too much on useless features. They better focus on support for more languages...

  • Stefan

    Basically never.. not because i don't want to.. but because Dutch Voice Commands aren't available yet..

  • My1

    the "weekend poll" is already over? it is sunday afternoon (15:30)...

    • Fellwalker

      Just worked for me. Though to be fair, the first touch on vote did not register.

      • My1

        I cannot even click anything. there are no radio buttons...
        is this page now region-blocking???

  • Fellwalker

    I did try but it would never set an alarm correctly. Say it was 3pm and I asked it to set an alarm for 7am,it would always set out for 7pm. I tried it for searching but it seemed to have difficulty understanding normal English. Worse if I tried to enunciate properly.

  • Nirmal

    May be they should add feature like moto x touchless control even on Lock screen

  • GazaIan

    I honestly thought I would never use them, but I end up using them every now and then, only because I can call it using "Ok Google". Really nice to just ask it to navigate somewhere and not have to do any other interaction to start the navigation.

  • Alain Lafond

    Really, it's a gimmick... Useless, except to show my I-Pinga friends how good is it, I always use "How old is Fidel Castro", and boom, in no timeI have an answer...
    But for my personal use:
    First trow your phone out of your pocket, second turn it on, than swipe to get Plus...
    When you're there, you're already out of what you were doing... Lets go on and find the right icon...
    I can't imagine how Google would be able to make me use it in my daily life. Maybe a chip in my brain,.. I know it's coming!

    • primalxconvoy

      Google would have it's own Syndicate, by then... Perhaps they should buy Bullfrog?

  • Sven A.

    If google now had danish language, I would proberly use it more.

  • vgergo

    All the time on my Note 3. It's very handy, because I can wake the phone with my voice, and using the app S for Switch Voice I was able to replace the built in Samsung app (very bad) with Google Voice Search. I only have to put up with saying "Hi Galaxy" but then at least it's Google Now.


  • blast0id

    I use voice to text input constantly... does that count? but voice commands almost never...

  • Cesar Perez

    I'd use it more if it was actually useful. As of now I consider it a gimmick.

  • ElfirBFG

    I use it more now that I can just say 'Ok Google' from Now, but I really only use it for 'Navigate to' and 'Directions to'. I will sometimes use it in a group discussion, so that people know I'm using my phone to further the discussion rather than checking my Facebook or something. Most often though, I just have Google 'define: mammary intercourse' so that it will read the definition aloud.

  • http://twitter.com/jdrch jdrch

    Pretty much never on this end.

  • Nvrhde

    Basically never

  • Marcin Juszkiewicz

    Google Voice commands does not work in any language other then English. Maybe Spanish is handled but others? Definitely not Polish.

  • primalxconvoy

    I never use/d it because:

    - I'm not a fan of official apps (if I can help it).
    - The results, even when set to a non-American voice recognition, pale in comparison with Siri.
    - There were just too many bugs and bad results when dealing with geo-location, etc.
    - It's faster to type searches and/or just go to the app.
    - If I'm in a position where I can't touch my phone, then I probably shouldn't be using it.
    - Talking to my phone in public is embarrassing.

    • Andrew

      Seems every second person is already talking to their phone in public in the city. (I'm in Toronto).

      I can't tell the difference whether somebody is having a slow conversation back and forth or asking their phone to perform voice commands.. so what's the difference from an embarrassment level between asking what the weather is and being on a phone call on the bus?

  • Jaromir KM Bracki

    Since it does not recognize Polish language for commands, there is no usage for it except for voice search (and I do not consider "voice search" to be "voice command").

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  • http://www.funindia.co.in Vivek Pal
  • Matthew Bowe

    Seriously??? I use voice commands constantly. It's basically my interface to the phone. How does anyone live without them??!

  • Andrew

    Would like to see Moto X users singled out of the rest of the group here... I have a feeling that having Touchless Control entices a good chunk of users to talk to their phones!! I use it all the time when getting ready in the morning, while driving.. and generally whenever I need a quick answer to something and talking is faster than tapping away.

  • rickd88

    Better question would be is "How often does it work?". I try multiple times a day sometimes and then give up with such spotty results.

  • Nick V

    I use this all the time, and it has a pretty good understanding of my voice and what I am asking. There are times where I guess I mumble, and that causes issues with the return.

  • firesoul453

    I use "set an alarm for (some time) from now" very very often.

  • Lith

    I have a moto x. I use it:

    When i'm in the car
    When I'm in bed
    When i'm playing video games
    When I'm cooking
    when i'm cleaning
    When I'm in the shower
    When i'm just too ****ing lazy.

    Sure, it doesn't always understand me (Thinks I'm saying Jennifer when i'm saying Juniper)
    So. Yeah.
    A lot :D