FreedomPop is the Sprint MVNO that's willing to provide you with free phone service, but if you really want to get much use out of it away from home, that price tag goes up rather quickly. Yet even then, the plans available aren't going to break the bank. Today the carrier has introduced a new $20 plan that comes with unlimited data. For the first time ever, FreedomPop customers can now tap into Sprint LTE (instead of WiMax), and this plan will provide up to 1GB of it a month (after which, phones are limited to 3G). Text messages and minutes are both unlimited, making this a pretty affordable way to stay connected.

To take advantage of this plan, FreedomPop has introduced three LTE-enabled Samsung devices: the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S III, and the Galaxy Victory. This makes the S4 the most capable device the carrier currently offers.


As cheap as FreedomPop is, switching isn't free. Whether you don't want to break your contract, don't want to sacrifice your current phone, or just can't be bothered, the company has released an app for anyone to use that provides free voice and text calls over your network (stick to WiFi, unless you're willing to pay for data). It will provide you with a new number, and away you go.

FreedomPop4 FreedomPop2 FreedomPop3


FreedomPop Expands To High-End LTE Phones With Samsung Smartphones And New, Unlimited Everything Plan For $20

FreedomPop also launches new OTT (over-the-top) Android app that provides free calls, texts and voicemail to the millions of U.S. Android device users

LOS ANGELESMay 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- FreedomPop, America's free mobile service company, today announced its official shift to Sprint's LTE network with the launch of its LTE phone lineup including the Samsung Victory, Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S4. All new LTE devices will come with the same free service that hundreds of thousands of Americans already enjoy, which includes 500 MB of data, 200 voice calls and 500 texts free each month.

In addition, the company also announced the launch of its new "Unlimited Everything" plan for $20 per month providing unlimited talk, text and data. Free tethering will also be included on all new LTE phones so that they can easily and affordably be used as hotspots as well. After 1GB of data has been used for the month, LTE speeds will be limited to 3G speeds.

The company also announced the launch of its free, over-the-top (OTT) communications app on Android. The app allows any android user to take advantage of FreedomPop's free voice and text services, while providing a new phone number, voice calls and texts – free. It is also the first OTT app that will allow users to port an existing number. Get the new Android app herehttp://fpop.co/app.

"Now that we have complete access to the most expansive wireless network, we are able to fully upgrade our device portfolio to the high-end smartphones that our customers want," said Steven Sesar, FreedomPop's COO.

The high-end Samsung smartphones join the growing list of mobile phones and devices available to FreedomPop users since its launch including the iPhone 5 and a number of other Android smartphones and wifi hotspots. To order one of the newly offered Samsung phones on FreedomPop and to sign up for service now, go to www.freedompop.com

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

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    Sounds theoretically awesome to me..

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  • Rodalpho

    The app is pretty neat; it allows free calls and text from any android device over wifi. Theoretically hangouts was supposed to do that too, but I don't see a dialpad anywhere.

    The app constantly crashes, but when not crashed it does function.

  • Nathan Fletcher

    Guys, I sound too much like an advertiser over here, but republic wireless is 25 a month for 5gb. So 5 bucks for 4 more gb of data. Why would you choose this again.

    EDIT: Correction, it is actually unlimited. Damn, not a bad deal especially for a gb of lte thrown in for free.

    • ProductFRED

      It'snnot unlimited. It's 1GB of Sprint LTE, and then the rest of the month you're on Sprint 3G aka dial-up. Trust me, I used to work for Sprint as well as be one of their customers. Avoid their network. My last speed test with them was literally 66 kbps down.

      • Doakie

        My HTC One M7 was getting 50 Kbps downloads here in Seattle on Sprint. Then one month latest we switched to AT&T....

      • Nathan Fletcher

        For everyone's information, I am using he 25 dollar plan on republic wireless and am getting .21MBps, so I am not complaining either way. Sprint 3g is slow, but this is still more data.

      • Gabriel Rivas

        I live in NYC, and I can get over 2MB in 3G on Sprint network.

        • ProductFRED

          I live in NYC as well (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and I work in Midtown). That's incredibly rare. My mother and two sisters are on Sprint. They get maybe close to 1 Mbps on 3G. LTE is pretty much non-existent in the areas you'd expect it to be. I'm on T-Mobile On 4G (3G), I can pull 15 Mbps. On LTE I pull 20-30 Mbps depending on location. In Midtown (close to Radio City Hall/Times Square) I pull around 10 Mbps on LTE, which is expected considering the amount of people there are in the area.

          • Gabriel Rivas

            On Times Square train station where you take the S (shuttle), try Sprint speed when you are waiting for the S. I have checked at 40th ST and 7ave too (same result). You will get over 15Mbps on Sprint network.

            Between 8th Ave and 9th Ave at 38th street. Inside a building,.. I don't get signal on Tmobile. Since I don't get signal at my apartment, I can't have tmobile even if I like the $30 plan (5GB, 100mins and unlimited tex).

            It all depends on locations like you said. Sprint is better in some locations, and Tmobile is better in others (for example where I work in the Bronx I can get 4G with Tmobile, but Sprint very slow speed in 3G)

            In NYC, Sprint has more coverage than Tmobile.
            Compare both carriers here.

          • ProductFRED

            You can have T-Mobile. Wifi Calling allows you to make calls and texts over Wifi anywhere in the world.

  • Caitlin Wolford

    Yes, that's exactly what you can do.

  • Caitlin Wolford

    When on wifi, yes.

  • Curshmo

    What's this about being able to port an existing number over??? I don't see how to do this

  • JG

    How many minutes & text do you get with the free Android app? It didn't really specify in the article and the app's page says each month your account gets refilled, so I'm assuming it's not unlimited...

    And just to confirm, it's basically a VoIP app, like Google Voice, that will use it's own number - no issue using it on a phone active on another carrier...

    • David Spivey

      200 Minutes, 500 Texts. Yes, it's VoIP. Your carrier might not like you using VoIP data over 3G, but if you're on WiFi, you're ok anyway.

      • Gabriel Rivas

        Your carrier doesn't need to know. And if they know, they can't do anything about it. You are using an app just like facebook, skype, whasapp, yahoo, kik, etc.

    • andy_o

      The app apparently gives you 200 minutes and 500 texts. Combined with the T-mo $30 100 min plan which I assume a lot of people would be using that's fine, but Groove IP's new service does unlimited.

      • Gabriel Rivas

        I prefer sprint network at my apartment. Everybody who comes to my place with tmobile, they never have signal.

    • Gabriel Rivas

      Just download and use textplus app and pay $3 a month for unlimited call and text.

      Freedompop gives you Unlimited Everything for $20 a month. Unlimited text, call and data. Data is reduced to 3G speed after 1GB, but it is unlimited.

  • Stephen Diniz

    Saw the blue phone icon and thought it was related to Google Hangouts/Google Voice integration.. It's May right? :P

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    Nice Share, you can find more free calls apps here: http://fillapps.com/search/?q=Free+Calls

  • Gabriel Rivas

    It could be possible. Virgin mobile runs on Sprint network. You must cancel virgin mobile first and your phone needs to be released/cleared in order to work with a different carrier.

  • Gabriel Rivas

    Sprint network only uses CDMA.

    • Nick Cannon

      Wrong, they also have LTE. FreedomPop is a data only company thus they can rent data from any company.

      • Gabriel Rivas

        Sprint network only work with CDMA phones. Of course Sprint has LTE, that's 4G speed. Which carrier doesn't have LTE? All carriers are trying to upgrade their towers to 4G LTE. Tmobile and AT&T use GSM. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. That's why sprint phones don't work on Tmobile and vice versa.

        • Nick Cannon

          LTE isn't GSM or CDMA. Freedompop uses LTE not CDMA

          • Gabriel Rivas

            You still don't get it. Google for GSM and CDMA. See the difference.

          • Nick Cannon

            Lmfao I know more than you ever will. We aren't talking about voice plans because FreedomPop does not have voice. CDMA & GSM are for voice only.

  • DrMacinyasha

    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS AND EXPECT ANYTHING FOR FREE. They charge $15 to your credit card for the "trial" period. There is no way to avoid this during sign-up! $5 for the first month of an unlimited data plan, and then $10 to top-off your account in case you go over your data allotment. And this is after they promise during sign-up that you will not be charged.

    • Chip

      Your wrong freedom pop is free for real I have two htc 4gs and they both are no pay anything ever . Been on them for over a year . They are on CDMA sprint towers using sip to activate a profile on those sprint phone . We get 200 mins talk 500 text and 500 mb free for life at no cost whatsoever ! Unlimited talk and text with free 3G is 4.99 per month

  • Random Anonymous