Google is expanding support for Play Movies in a few more nations today, according to Google's support page. Get ready to kick back and relax with some streaming video in Belgium, Philippines, Switzerland, and Uganda.

While the Play Store lumps together movies and TV in the same area for places where both are supported, TV is only active in four countries (Australia, Japan, the UK, and the US). These new territories are only getting movies for now, but that list is already several dozen countries long. Google Play Movies should be live in all new regions in the Android app as well as the web storefront.


Play Movies storefront in Philippines

sw1 sw2

Play Movies storefront in Switzerland

[Play Movies, Google Support – Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Yiannis P

    Uganda!! WTF??? Where's Greece?

    • Carmen Stewart


      ✒✒✒ �✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒�✒✒ ✒✒✒

    • John

      Congrats to Google Uganda ! Its the Google team in your country that is inefficient so write to them or better write to Google HQ to have sacked.....If Google Uganda can do why not the other countries..... after all we are waiting impatiently for Google come take my money....NOW!!!!!

    • Uganda

      Greece sucks.

    • Zeus

      Probably sucking Uganda's balls.

    • Ilias

      The point is not to fight which country is the worst but finally to find out the criteria of google opening its services to every country, because i don’t think that uganda has a better tax and law system that greece as well i dοn’t think that is a bigger market ( speaking about money and not population of course ).

      However, i think that google is in a very good way cause every week we see new launches in different countries.

      • Marcelove

        Ilias, I replied to other user about Greece and Google Play Movies and cited you there... I think worth check the message cause I made some references where you are related ... Nothing bad at all, my post is intended to create a discussion with respect with the opinion of everybody...I'm saying this cause different points of views many times converge to insults and this is not my case... 😉

    • Marcelove

      Greece!! WTF??? Why do you think it deserves more Google Movies than other countries?

      • Ilias

        Not from generally other countries but from uganda come on we are in a little better condition :P also the shitty condition of our country that media show in the world they are true in a way but that doesn't mean that we are technology cavemans, both smartphones and internet are meeting a heavy developing. Also never forget that greece's main industry is tourism, and by not making the service avaliable in our country it stops 18,5 million(estimated number for this summer only) of tourist having access in google movie, newsstand and music ( thankfully google music opened recently and in greece )

        • Marcelove

          I've got the point that Yiannis wanted to pass with his message Ilias, that I think is really close with yours... My message intended to show him that the way he put his thoughts seemed that Greece is more important than Uganda... I'm from Brazil and I get pissed off when other countries get services from Google before we do, but I understand the background for the decisions, the same you pointed very well...

          That's the difference between your and his comment: when you see a strange decision based in concretes facts, he resumed his thoughts in a post that I found a little derogatory, as if Greece has more value than other countries independent the parameter...

          I agree with the idea that based in economy Greece should receive the service before Uganda...But many others factors are behind the decision... Even amongst African countries, the decision is strange cause even South Africa doesn't have the service yet...

          The main problem, at last, was the way he tried to express his message... 😉

          PS: Greece is one of the countries that I wanna so bad visit in future... Cause for me, diferent from Google, the country's economy doesn't define my decision... Instead, the country's background, when rich in the historical value, that grabs my attention, and Greece is very rich at this point... 😃

          • Ilias

            First of all I agree with you and second of all message me when you decide to visit grecce to give you some tips ;)

  • Jerald Lee

    Yipee! Now if the Google Play Music will be available for Philippines, too. That would be awesome!

  • Tom

    I was actually quite surprised. I checked the play store 5 hours ago for my daily update routine and suddenly I saw movies popping up :P

    I wont be using it but it's nice :D

  • Mert Çelen

    Uganda hahahaha, google did right thing,all they needed was google play movies rofl

    • sssgadget

      Yea the Ugandan prince needed some movies while he sent spam emails! /s

  • s427

    And they still don't take into account my prefered languages.

  • BehelitOutlaw

    Belgium getting love again!

    • Andreas

      About time, too.
      All we need now is netflix (which is also coming in a few months :D)

  • Ashley Jarrow Kho


    • Carl Dean Catabay

      Because it's more fun in the Philippines

      • Aki

        But Malaysia definitely has faster internet so it will be more useful to Malaysians than Filipinos.

        • wut?

          it's not about being faster, its about profitability. just be happy for them and not compare lifestyles.

          • Flappy BIrd OFW

            It would not matter anyway, Philippines internet speed sucks anyways and most of the citizens need and want "Free Stuffs" most of the time.
            True Story.

    • magnifico animal

      Why not rich boy? IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD??!!!

  • APOI

    Still No Google Play Music In India :(

  • Joey Huab

    Nice to see the Philippines gaining access to Google Play Movies. Now if only access to Google Play Music was available as well so we can stream online. ._.)9

  • optiks

    What about Indonesia. The 4th most populated country in the world! Geez Google, Uganda?

    • Uganda

      Indonesia sucks.

  • Hugo Mathee

    Uganda be kidding me?

  • B_I_T

    Uganda ? What about Greece ?

  • Luca

    In Switzerland there are no film in Italian

  • Vesta12

    Even Zimbabwe has Google Play Movies, now Uganda as well, but nothing for South Africa!

  • Adam Dominiak

    Because fuck Poland, that's why!

  • albertjohan

    CEO Meg Whitman
    clarified that it was a mistake that the company released results
    during market hours. Earnings were in line with analysts’ expectations
    but revenues missed estimates. Hewlett-Packard’s stock ended the day
    lower by over 2.2%.http://bit.ly/1gWAAiP

  • graduategamers

    Finally Uganda gets Play Movies. Why are some people mad about it, deal with your local Google HQ and stop getting mad because some countries have it first.

  • djakdekiel

    Cool, uganda get play movies... w t f