It took me a really long time to jump on the reddit train. I would look at it occasionally, but only in recent months have I really started to enjoy using it. Part of that is due to Reddit Sync – it's just a killer, well-designed app that I wanted to use more after covering its UI overhaul back in December. Ever since then, I haven't gone a day without firing up the app and checking out what's happening across the 'net.

Today, Reddit Sync gets even better. It has been updated to version 9, which brings a handful of really nice enhancements to the app:


  • gfycat support
  • Trending subreddits (at the top of frontpage and all)
  • ActionBar colors
  • Restyled drawers
  • Bug fixes galore

Screenshot_2014-05-21-12-28-54 Screenshot_2014-05-21-12-32-36 Screenshot_2014-05-21-12-31-37 Screenshot_2014-05-21-12-35-29

You can't really tell, but the last shot is a GIF from gfycat. I promise.

While all of the changes here are good, I think gfycat support may just be my favorite; for some reason, the NBA subreddit just loves gfycat, so the fact that those GIFS now load inline is a godsend. Really. Otherwise, trending subs will help users find new and interesting things in the wide world that is reddit, and customizable actionbar colors allows for a little personalization. The restyled drawers are a subtle, but nice change, as well.

All in all, this is a solid update to my personal favorite reddit app. If you're already a Reddit Sync user, head into the Play Store to grab the update. It's worth noting that you'll probably have to re-login after the update (I did), as well.

If you haven't yet given Reddit Sync a shot, hit the widget below to check it out.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Matt J.

    I'm kind of disappointed that the transparent status bar no longer works (at least on my HTC One).

    • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

      Me too, and to my disappointment the developer is stuck up on his decision to remove it. You pay for this beautiful app, and you love this certain feature that with an update was removed... I'm certainly not happy, I would request a refund (yes I'm that furious) but Google would be the one refunding me, not the developer, and for that reason I won't be requesting a refund, I just hope he listens to us and gives us an option to enable it.

      • clay

        a refund over something so simple? wow

        • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

          It's more complicated... it's because the developer handled it poorly, I've been on reddit and I saw many people complain about it, he didn't seem to care whatsoever, that pissed me off.

          • clay

            i have had a lot of contact with him on many different issues. He was open to it, but had a hard time with the way the extra nav bar appeared after clicking on a comment, and how it clashed with the transparent notification bar above it. I saw him mention that he is looking to move away from that bar and go to a system where the different comment actions appear below the comment itself. I would hang tight and give the guy some time. He does this app in his spare time from a job and goes through big sprints of bug fixes, new features, etc. there are other channels he is more open and receptive to ideas and such, i think i saw what you are talking about on r/android.

          • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

            He didn't have to remove it entirely though, it's been in there for a while with that issue, he could have disabled it by default but allowed us to enable it with a warning letting us know of the bug. And it wasn't on r/android but on r/redditsync

          • clay

            yeah i understand, and sorry you had a bad experience with him on that sub, i have nothing but positive things to say about Lawrence. cut him a bit of slack, he is a good guy.

          • http://laurencedawson.com/ Laurence Dawson

            Yup! Dev checking in. You can actually enable the transparent nav bar using an xposed module anyways.

            Waiting to see what Google does with this feature at IO but it's not gone forever.

          • http://laurencedawson.com/ Laurence Dawson

            I do care. I replied to all the comments and explained why it didn't make this release. Will be back when I can figure out how to add it back in without the issues.

          • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

            I hope you can figure out how to do that soon, I really miss that feature, it's not something I would switch a reddit client for, or void my warranty by unlocking my bootloader so I could use that xposed module but it did upset me.

          • Jordan Michaels

            It's his app. He can do what he pleases.

      • tehdef

        Dude, it's like 2 dollars and you got a lot of use of it. That's extremely petty.

    • alexcue

      Just noticed that today and was really confused. That's what I get for setting my apps to auto-update >_<

  • Jason Lee

    Quality apps like Reddit Sync make me love Android even more,

  • AdmiralAckbar89

    I miss the ability to swipe away cards in the card view. Now I have to scroll up and down to click the 'x' to hide the post and move on to the next. Other than that I am loving the update.

  • Brett Besa

    I wish they'd add more color options to the action bar. But considering that is literally my only complaint, this is a fantastic app.

    • Guest

      reddit sync is developed by a singular developer!
      It's worth noting that he is still rolling out features and bug fixes.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I really like to use it but sadly it lacks a lot of usability regarding to profiles and messages so I always have to install a second reddit app. It's sas because otherwise it's a nice app. There isn't even a simple way to send someone a message from their profile.

  • Matt

    Used it for a few minutes and still prefer the quick controls layout of Reddit News (sliding comment to upvote/reply) and article linking. However, Reddit Sync does look pretty nice.

    • http://twitter.com/yo2boy_ yo2boy


  • Andrew

    I really wish the developer would add the ability to change the notification sound. As someone who likes to read reddit late at night, it would be nice to not wake up others when someone in Australia decides to comment on one of my posts. Supposedly this feature is 'coming soon'.

  • jules

    I have been trying reddit apps for first time last week. Had this one fourth place. In this update still not internal browser including dark background and white text option. I just don't get it with most of the reader-app makers. On electronic devices apps always must have nightview-option all around included for indoor reading. Just ridiculous in my opinion. Concerning reddit apps Flow is onlly one with even in internal browser nightview, but that app is unstable and reaction section an ugly layout.

    • ddh819

      so which ones are your top 3?

      • Chemiclus

        I also would really like to know this.
        Right now I like Reddit now the most but that's probably cause it's so pretty. I only started using Reddit and these apps yesterday.

    • Michael J Carroll

      That seems like a really pathetic complaint. Most apps don't have a night view.

    • http://laurencedawson.com/ Laurence Dawson

      Never actually had this as a request. If you post it to /r/redditsync we can talk more about this.

  • Michael Peters

    Seems like they either removed or broke Muzei integration with this update.

    • clay

      i found it to be a little buggy and very beta of a feature at the time. i recommend just using that dedicated reddit plugin for muzei, it has more options too

      • http://gplus.to/mbirth Markus Birth

        "Pics from Reddit" crashes for me a few times per day lately. Is there any better plugin for Muzei?

        • clay

          i havent really looked, its been so solid for me that i havent thought about it in months.

    • http://laurencedawson.com/ Laurence Dawson

      I'm looking to roll this out as a separate app.

      • J2

        Please reconsider this. There's already an app that does that. Having it integrated into Sync was a way to need one less app installed. It was really nice.

  • tokuiten

    The really cool thing about gfycat support is that if you go to load a gif hosted somewhere else, it'll search gfycat and load the gfycat version if it finds one.

  • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

    Well worth the $2 I paid a long time ago!

  • skitchbeatz

    The ability to share images directly from the viewer like you would an image from your gallery is what keeps me using reddit flow.

    • Medvedi Petrovichi

      you can do that in reddit sync

  • TeT

    "GIF from gfycat"

    The point of gfycat is that it's NOT a GIF. It's an html5 video using a proper codec.
    We should stop calling GFYCAT a GIF2.0 it's simply using a modern technology more efficient at displaying animated images.

    • Sac Bunt Chris

      The point of which is it allows longer, larger, higher quality gifs and hosts them for you. Plus there are extra player controls. This is why people love gfycat.

    • http://laurencedawson.com/ Laurence Dawson

      It's actually an mp4 of the GIF :)

  • Blane Stroud

    Is it better than BaconReader yet?

    • gdbjr

      Nope. Waiting for another reddit app with filters before anything can replace BaconReader

  • BetterWithRoot

    I am a Reddit Is Fun user. I really dig it. I've never had a problem with it loading videos or gfycat in it's own browser. It has a few nice settings. It's the first i found and i keep coming back to it.

  • mr_stuber

    how does this differ from reddit news?

  • gdbjr

    Filters. Why is there only 1 reddit app for android that has filters? (And it isn't this one)

  • morzinbo

    Let me know when I can save comments on reddit sync.

  • Danny Holyoake

    Reddit News is so much better, though.