Adobe's Photoshop Touch apps for Android received a modest update today, adding a couple of new features and fixing a handful of bugs. Both the phone and tablet versions were updated, the former to v1.2 and the latter to v1.6. Here's the full changelog:

What's New

• Fixed two crashers: when syncing and when storage is low
• Added more brush types for fine-tuned corrections and painting
• Added the Quick Selection tool, similar to Photoshop
• Implemented auto-recovery of unsaved documents
• Added ability to use Android fonts with the Type tool
• Keep the original EXIF metadata when editing a JPEG
• New customized Gallery for selecting images
• Lots of other bugs fixes!

The addition of new brush types is certainly welcome, as is the handy quick selection tool. Auto-recovery of saved images in the event of a crash will hopefully prevent your projects from force closing into oblivion. Android font support seems a rather odd omission to have at this point for such an established app, but at least it's there now. Head over to the Play Store to grab the updates.