The Google Play Newsstand Android app is pretty and all, but without the ability to subscribe to magazines, it's little more than a dumbed down pseudo-RSS reader. So it's a pretty good thing Google is rolling out access to the digital magazines to more countries. By now, residents in France and Germany should have access to the Newsstand content available in Google Play.



These two countries join a list already occupied by Australia, Canada, Italy, the UK, and the US. Despite this, Newsstand still remains an area of the Play Store with relatively small reach, unsurpassed only by TV shows, which are available in just four countries. For complete lists, hit up the source link underneath the widget below.

Source: Google Play support

Thanks, Marius and Julien.

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  • MirandaU

    The prices are surprisingly moderate, when compared to print media and also when seeing how overpriced Google Play Movies are in Germany.
    Also, you are not confined to actually buying German magazines in the German store, I saw British and American publications as well.

    • Alko Pone

      Echt, wo hast die gesehen?

      • MirandaU

        Looking over it again, it might have something to do with my device's system language being set to English UK, but when I click on Top Magazines, I see many British publications, such as CAR Magazine, Top Gear, Android User Magazine, Computer Active, Simply Crochet, etc. but at the same time, I see a lot of German mags on the Home tab. Given that there is no annoying black bar at the top informing me that the item is not available in my country (like when opening direct links to US only apps or movies), I would assume, one can buy them without a problem. After all, many British magazines are available for purchase here in print as well.

    • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

      Google play movie is over price in Sweden aslo

  • Adam B.

    Heureux :)

    • RockAndRock

      Same here

  • alwin006

    Merci Google

    • RockAndRock

      C'est clair

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  • R. M.

    Will there be paid newsstand in Japan in the future?