With today's leak of many of the LG G3's specifications in an internal presentation, it seems all but confirmed at this point that the company's new flagship will sport a 5.5" QHD display. That's big. Like, really big. That's only two tenths of an inch smaller than the display on the Note 3, the current phablet of choice.

This, understandably, has some people hesitant: why is LG going so big with the G3? Will there be a scaled-down version? Will the international variant have a smaller display, maybe? These are questions we can't answer. What we can answer is just how big the G3 is compared to its two biggest rivals - the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 - because those slides also contained the phone's dimensions.


Mockup by our own amazing +Liam Spradlin

The first thing you'll notice is that, surprisingly, LG's phone isn't even the tallest among the three. It's actually a tenth of a millimeter shorter than the One M8. That means LG is packing a full half-inch more display panel in the same height that HTC is using. Granted, those BoomSound speakers and that HTC logo take up their fair share of space. Compared to the Galaxy S5, it's about 4mm taller - certainly not a huge difference. As you can see, LG is also making much more efficient use of space than either competing device, as the display absolutely dominates the G3's substantial façade.

The one place where the G3 does get a bit portly is around the sides - it's nearly 2mm wider than the Galaxy S5, and a full 4mm wider than the One M8. That's still a solid 5mm narrower than Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, but it almost definitely will make the G3 a bit more of a handful than its competitors. For comparison, the OnePlus One, which also has a 5.5" display, is a full 6.3mm taller and 1.3mm wider than the G3. Go back to 2012 and the Note 2, which had a 5.5" panel, was 4.8mm taller and 5.9mm wider than the G3 will be. That definitely does go to show that LG is making use of every millimeter it can on this phone, if the relative surface area of the display vs. bezel on the mockup doesn't clue you in to that already.

I do agree that the G3 is still quite big, and while some of us may bemoan the seemingly ever-increasing size of smartphones (I know I do occasionally, too), I do think OEMs should be trying to squeeze the biggest screen they can into the smallest frame regardless. And it looks like the G3 may have done the best job of it yet.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Gordon

    Damn.. I already find my HTC One M7 a little too tall..

  • wekebu

    Can you throw in a Note 2 also?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Well, we went with the two most obvious phones. I actually mention the Note 2 in the article explicitly, with dimensions comparing it. The Note 2 is very much bigger than the G3.

      • K

        Throw in an iPhone! :p

        • nofearofimaginarymen

          What is this, a phone for ants?

      • wekebu

        Well, yes you did. I skimmed after looking at the photos. Obviously, I have the Note 2. I'm looking for a replacement in about 4 months.

        • Lars Jeppesen

          You'll be just in time for the Note 4

  • Danmheadache

    Being tall is ok, being wide is not ok!

    • brkshr

      It has the smallest side bezels of any phone out there. It has the smallest top & bottom bezels as well. There's not a whole lot more they can do at this point in time. They already lead everyone in the smallest bezels available.

      • K

        They could have just stayed with the 5.2" screen since that was pretty easy to handle with one hand and then release a "Note-like" device later on in the year with a bigger screen.

        • Chris Martinelli

          I am happy with this... I have the G2 and LOVE it but slightly bigger would be perfect.

      • Matthew Fry

        Yeah but imagine how small it'd be if it were a 5" screen.

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      Yeah, it is. Oh, wait, are we talking about phones?

  • Hsanchez957

    I've been on the Note 3 for quite a while now and I don't HATE the size...but i don't love it as much as I used to. I think a 5.0-5.4" sized screen will do just fine.

    Every once in a while I'm reminded of how big it when I'm wearing pants with different pocket sizes or when I try putting it in a cupholder in my car and it won't fit. I think I might go down to a Nexus 5 or Sony Z2 eventually, I've been debating it.

    • Joe J

      i was a very early adopter of the note line. actually have an international note 1 att note 1 2 note 2 and switched to the g2. The g2 is a great size for the screen but i did miss the screen size of the note. The width of the phone matters most to me and the g3 should fit that size void.

      • Hsanchez957

        Yea the width of the phone is pretty important but I've got a Nexus 4 as my backup and I used it for a few days last week and it was refreshing being able to use the phone one handed. There wasn't a single thing that demanded a second hand to assist whereas on the Note 3 I find myself using two hands a few times. And I don't consider myself to have small hands.

        • wekebu

          Please explain. I don't get what's wrong with using two hands? If you were born with two hands, use them. Is it because I'm a woman and don't get the 'shame' of using two hands that guys have? Hell, most of the time I'm wishing I had three hands. (have a Note 2, still love it and will probably get the Note 4 or the M8)

          • Hsanchez957

            There's no 'shame' of using two hands it's just if I want to multitask with my phone in my hand it's not as easy. I can't have a drink in one hand and use the phone in another by itself (at least not without some hand contortion).

            As it stands right now the way I use my Note 3 the majority of the time is I have on "cradle hand" to hold the phone and the other hand to do everything. When I'm on my Nexus 4 my cradle hand doubles as the hand that can reach every area of the phone with ease.

            Honestly it hadn't even occurred to me until after I went back to the N4 for a few days and I realized how much I missed that. It's not a deal breaker and I'm typing this on my Note 3 right now. But after going back to the N4 I want something in between that (4.7") and what I have now (5.7") which brings me back to my OP that a 5.1 to 5.3 phone would probably be best for my personal preference.

          • wekebu

            You must be a beer drinker = we hate letting go of that glass. I imagine that you are standing at bars. I live more rural and bars aren't so crowded.
            I appreciate your response, thanks. There are so many excellent phones right now.

          • Bob

            Using a large phone with two hands isn't an option when you're standing on the subway and using one hand to keep yourself upright. Not being able to use a phone while you're holding an umbrella is also very inconvenient.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Throw in the G2.

  • Chris

    THANK YOU! God I'm so sick of all these whiny bitches "omg so big help me I can't handle myself" do some curls ya little babies. Handle your phone. Just got the G Flex yesterday. 6" screen is freaking amazing. Yes it fits in my pocket. Yes I can reach the top left one handed with my thumb. I dunno maybe I just have some freak ass hands or something but I've never had an issue.

    On an unrelated note, I'll probably be returning or trading this phone because the ghosting is unreal. Why wasn't this in any of the reviews?

    • Leon Philips

      Its more about companies making big screen a gimmick than fingers not reaching places( though thats number 2), Nexus 5/N4's screen is where screen size SHOULD"VE stopped growing, but nope they had to keep making bigger screens without sacrificing the bezzles.

      If android silver/nexus 6 has a bigger screen than nexus 5 that has nothing to do with slimmed bezzle im going to apple lol. Im not the biggest fan of apple, but they understand that phones arent always about size. 5" is enough for a phone, 6" is over doing it, even 5.5 is too much. At some point you gotta realise that these ARE phones, not phablets, not an ipad, not a laptop for watching movies or whatever on. I want to me able to make a call/text without having a giant square/rectangle in my hand, i got decent average man's hand. Even if i hada big hand it still would be the case, why do we need huge smart phones? whats the point?

      smart phone components arent even as big as the phones are sometimes, its just for the sake of "OOH COME GET US, WE GOT A HUGE SCREEN AYAOU CAN WATCH MOVIES/PLAY GAMES ON INSTEAD OF THE NATIVE PURPOSE OF WHAT pHONES ARE FOR". My point is, 5" should be the peak of what smart phones come in screen size wise. Any other sort of screen expansion should be by sacrificing bezzels and not increasing actual phone size.

      • Labrat

        A bezel free 5.5" phone might still do the trick. Also foldable screens might makes this comment look stupid in a few years.

        My point is that people have been yelling TOO BIG for the past 3 years, yet with smaller bezels and better integration, some phone do a very good job at hiding their size.

        While I fully agree that the bigger screen is a GHZ/MP/etc race right now and that it would be very nice to see Super High End specs in phone with 4-5" screen, but let's not be short sighted; wearables is a good example of technologies that will stop you from pulling your phone out of the pocket and make the "one handed" operations less frequent.

        To be honest, the overall dimension of my Nexus 5 is probably the limit for me but I would like less bezel and bigger screen in similar form factor and I realize once size doesn't fit all.

        • MdR guy

          yay flip phones!

        • Reg Joo

          Why can't we have phone's, with a smaller screen(sorry apple, 4 is too small.) , but with the latest hardware? This screen race has gone past the point of being stupid. Wearables will go the route of making calls, and internet access, I think there's one, or two out now. In a few years, people may laugh at you, if you use a smartphone.

          • Nick Klenchik

            Eh, I think the smartphone will always exist. Just look at how we look at people on bluetooth devices today. If you think that looks ridiculous, now imagine someone talking into their watch.

          • New_Guy

            Until new battery technology is discovered, this trend will continue. Faster professors, brighter 2K screens, louder audio, ir blasters, NFC, high mp cameras, and software cramming all call for larger batteries to keep them going for a full day's use. Larger batteries that are near or above 3kmAh mean bigger phones by default.

      • jonathan3579

        If you don't like the phone size then don't buy it. Bigger screen sizes are not a gimmick for some of us. For you weenie-handed people, there's plenty of other options for you. Oh well.

        • Matthew Fry

          Just because my hands are small and I smell of cabbage doesn't mean I should be denied such a beautifully small bezel.

          • Grizzly Atoms

            I think based on your hand size and aroma you should be exiled.

        • Leon Philips

          When a phone is looking like a chopping board/Oven tray, i dont think its a phone anymore.

          • Grizzly Atoms

            This is the same size as a Note 2 or 3. If that is big to you then you are either 15 or a small asian girl.

          • MyLeftNut

            Actually, (puts on professor hat and corduroy jacket with leather patches) Small Asian girls like big phones, (removes professor hat and replaces with creepy pervert beret) just sit out at a park in Korea and people watch. The Japanese on the other hand still love their flip phones.

          • pleasespareit


        • BeardedcornBread

          I'll be pointing and laughing with that nexus 7 next to your ear,..yes screen size is a gimmic now, it was cool a couple years ago but now its pointless. Remember phones were the size of a deck of cards before 2007 and flipped open or had a keyboard built in? People with andre the giant hands weren't complaining... So why do people with big hands need a bigger phone now?...
          Compensating for something else seems like

          • pleasespareit

            Retard. I only called you that because you were very condescending so I'm giving you a taste of your poison. People didn't complain because there were no options. Now there are, so they tasted the medicine and they liked it. You can't complain about something you never used before. It would be like never using a smartphone, and then you use one and suddenly you just can't go back to feature phones anymore.

          • RTWright

            Eh lets try the 80's / 90's where car phones were like three times the size of a typical person's hand.....

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            Or using it for more than phone calls? Why don't you go back to your OG RAZR and we'll stick with our smartphones. I make about 0 minutes worth of calls a month from my phone.

        • maxx1987

          not similarly spec'd options...

        • avataranjie

          What do you not understand? There is almost no selection for HIGH END phones with reasonable sized screens. ALMOST NONE. Ponder this for a second: Android enthusiast, wants high-end, small hand, uncomfortable experience with large screen. Oh shit, I'm screwed. Do I go to apple? Wow. Is that dilemma hard to understand?! Sometimes people need to be reasonable and have empathy for others.

          • New_Guy

            Moto X?...

            Specs are a wee bit better than the iPhone IMO and the touchless controls are actually pretty amazing. I use it for my work phone and it's damn near bezeless, curved in the back, water resistant, hasn't frozen on me in 6 months of use (in fact I can't remember the last time it even lagged), gets updates fast as hell, and is virtually the same size as the iPhone just a bit wider (proper resolution BTW).

            Just saying, there is a viable option for you..

          • zakwilson

            I think what a lot of us are asking for is a flagship-class Android phone the size on an iPhone. The Moto X is quite a bit bigger than the iPhone, and arguably falls short of flagship specs. The Sony Z1 Compact is an honest flagship, having the same guts as the large Z1, but is no smaller than the Moto X despite having half an inch less screen.

            It seems to me that the ideal size points for a phone are about 4, 5 and 6 inches, give or take a bit. There are plenty of good options for medium to large phones, but the 4 inch range (by which I mean about 3.7-4.3") is being neglected.

          • avataranjie

            What if I don't like the moto x? ONLY ONE option. You just demonstrated the exact problem I was trying to point out. It's hard to list even 5 phones that satisfies small, good features, good specs, nice looking phone. I was just trying to make a point. I'm over 6 feet tall and have big hands. I want the OP to understand that his point doesn't make logical sense if there are almost no viable options. Options=more than 1 because it's plural. I completely agree with you and love the moto x but I'm a nexus guy.

          • pleasespareit

            What you don't realise is that you don't need a big ass processor on a phone that sports less pixels. It won't make any difference! These phones have more processing power because they have screens that need them! This is QHD, it NEEDS to have a faster processor to keep at the same performance level that a 1080p phone would. Why do people insist in this "high end" bullshit? You can't put a freaking 600hp engine in a VW Beetle! Why do you think we can't use "normal" graphics cards in a laptop? It's the same thing! If you want high end you need a bigger phone so it can run cool, it would be pointless to make big ass bezels and leave a 3" screen, wouldn't it? So they make the screen occupy the space because that makes sense. You can't have your cake and eat it too, if you want high end you need a bigger space to fit the components and cool them down. If you don't accept this explanation then STFU.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            "You can't put a freaking 600hp engine in a VW Beetle!"


            What makes you say that?

      • Matthew Wheeler

        You're an idiot. Just because you prefer a smaller form factor doesn't mean that larger phones aren't in demand.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        "these are phones, not phablets" phablets are phones.. Besides, you can't say people should have a laptop. Some people only have one device.

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        Have you heard of a BT headset? You can make calls on it. If you want a small phone for calls, get a feature phone.
        Enjoy your iPhone.

        • Leon Philips

          Who the heck uses Bluetooth anymore? Its embarrassing enough imagining one's face with google glass in public, but BT? Theres a reason why major companies result to using blackberries as their business phone. My point is, i have no issues reaching across the screen of a phone, but the problem is companies are increasing screen sizes in sacrifice of a phone's actual body size. And you know what sucks? all this just to boast a new screen and new processor and mild update to ram and battery size, the only time im actually excited to purchase a new phone now is if it has a new feature to hardware/software update. Even then the chances of me buying that phone has to be based on the phone's size. im fine with bigger screen as long as it doesnt sacrifice the phone's size.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            Seeing as how I rarely make phone calls, I prefer a larger screen, makes the phones much better when playing games / surfing / using any other app that isn't the phone one.

      • Humaan

        You should realize that your eyes will love bigger screens than that $hitty iphone which is not even as good as quarter priced moto g screen, i swear on my galaxy notes.

        You should realize that you are asking to realize that a phablet is not a phablet.

        You should realize that there are millions of people who carry devices like galaxy notes without any problems.

      • abobobilly

        Your rant is totally irrelevant because you have a lot of choices in the market. If you don't want to get Note-3-like-big then DON'T. Look elsewhere.

        Screen real estate grows because world wants it. Its funny how some people keep complaining about Screen Size yet they enjoy their big ass screens the most, and still don't stop complaining.

      • RTWright

        Hmmmm, where to begin...

        For starters, SMARTphones are not just PHONES! They are a portable, PDA/Computer that does FAR more than a standard cell phone. This is why they're called SMART phones..... High end devices are going to start more than likely now days at the 5" or bigger screen size. More and more people use these devices for not only a phone, GPS is another for navigation. So in that respect a bigger screen makes it easier to read while docked some place off the side while driving ( Hopefully you're smart and put it in a place your eyes don't leave the road too much ).

        Then there's the Office aspect where your using it as a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Video Conference Meetings. Lets not forget you can also watch movies and play games on them ( Granted I'm not an advocate for die hard gaming on these but they still work decently for this ). Then there are those like me who have clients that want to inspect my photography work, so having that size of screen definitely helps there. Granted I wouldn't mind buying a Tablet for that reason alone.

        So to sit here and whine, moan and complain about the size of a 5.5" phone like you are the only one that matters? That's stupid! There are OTHER options out there for SMALLER phones, not to mention they typically release later, mini versions of their flagship phones. I for one am getting a OnePlus One in a couple of months here and can't wait. Apple makes a 5" tall screen that's barely 2" wide. Their phones feel like toys to me, I can't stand them to be honest. I'd say my Galaxy S3 is more along the lines of a perfect size for the average user.

        So my suggestion is stop your whining and buy a Nexus 5, 6, 7 or whatever they're on when you finally decide to buy. Just stop expecting the world to rotate around you...

        • Leon Philips

          You're forgetting the part where they sacrifice phone performance and specs with each "mini". There are several ""small" phones out there, yes but the fact that we have to deal with low end specs for each phone is quite retarded. Maybe i want a 5 inch screen phone with 3gigs of ram, 3500ml battery, and a decent 2.5gh clocked quad core processor. Nexus 4 was the only phone i noticed back in the day do it perfectly, now the specs are outdated due to software evolution. You guys are more focused on the fact that you think im bashing your interest for bigger screens, but you're not looking at the bigger picture of how you're being a consumer, literally the only point of any "flag" ship nowadays is the screen size, with each phone made every year or every few months, they increase the screen size and the battery size to match the battery drain of the screen. If you look at it, you basically have a bigger version of the predecessor.

          Only very few companies band wagon new features, which..believe it or not is actually fine, i love to have different features from a phone instead of having the same phone but slightly bigger in size and performance that isn't even really noticeable to this generation's software, by the time the hardwares are useful there's already an upgraded version out that does slightly better job for similar price.

          My point is, its okay to keep the same design of a phone, but increase the screen without having to sacrifice the phone's bulk. I know there are "small" phones out there, but this isnt even about that, its about having a phone with "flag ship" specs not being another gimmicky phone that's continually increasing in size every generation.

          Sure you're right that a smart phone is supposed to do what a computer does in a small way, BUT! what makes a smart phone to me "worth getting" is maintaining that ideology, but still staying true to "minimalism" and portability. Your idea of using a smart phone to do whatever it is you wanna do with your photograph is fine...but like you said, tablets were made for this purpose, laptops were also made for this purpose, 5 inch is plenty for these sorts of things, i've used the note 3 while i must admit the display is quite stunning, i love big screens, i just dont approve of the fact that they have to sacrifice the phone's actual size in order to boast the screen size. They're fully capable of increasing screen sizes without having to increase phone size, but they choose to not do so because they want people to deal with what they have to offer, this makes it possible for them to keep marketing the same gimmick over and over again.

          Then when they finally decide to release a slim bezzel phone, they tag it with 'NEW TECHNOLOGY OF A THIN BEZZEL BLAH BLAH". Think about what im trying to say, dont just insult me because my idea is different from yours.

      • ltredbeard

        I don't get this. Android has lots of options, so if you don't want a big phone pick another one.

      • sm

        Phones. If that's what you're ultimately labeling these handheld computers then I question why you would even waste your time complaining about something you obviously don't understand. And I did say 'computers' as that's how powerful these devices have become. I honestly use 95-98 percent of my G2 as my main computer. And I don't even do any social networking. I would like the screen I'm looking at most of the time to be big enough for my eyes to actually be comfortable. And I actually HAVE small hands. And LG, HAS sacrificed bezel size evident on the G2 AND looks like LG is SACRIFICING again on bezel size on the G3.

      • someone755

        So did you get an iPhone yet?

        • Leon Philips

          No because Motorola just came out with exactly what i was talking about in terms of my needs in a smart phone (The new droid). Look up the droid's spec and size/screensize so understand. Blind sheeps follow through regardless though, because obviously phones like the lg g3 are "the next best thing" in terms of android. As a matter of fact the iphone 6 isnt a bad choice either. Im one of the biggest android/nexus fans..but look what google forked over? a 6 inch phone with "ok" specs that an average user with average hands cant handle, but because its housing the next best android os they expect everyone to just buy it anyways. Fuck that, im getting the droid.

    • boomboompao

      Lol compansate much lol

    • mustbepbs

      Sorry, not all of us are 300 lbs and wear sweat pants or stretch pants.

      • ProductFRED

        I'm 6'2''. I weigh 190. I use a Note 3 just fine.

      • Stubby

        I'm 6'0", short legs, regular pants. My Z Ultra fits fine in 95% of my pants. The other 5% it sticks out the side a little.

      • wekebu

        I'm 5'1", 120 lbs and I can sew. Until mfg catch up and make larger pockets, it takes me 10 minutes to make a front pocket longer to fit my Note 2.

        • tim242

          5'1 120? I bet you are adorable. I'm 5'5 112. : )

          • wekebu

            5'5 112. Nice stats. ;)

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        I managed to fit my Kindle Fire just fine in most of my pockets when it worked, and I had a size 30 waist...

    • TY

      You have big hands... people complaining the big size are not necessarily "bitching". Does adjusting your posture every time you have to reach the upper-left look like a convenient thing to you? You may happily trade off this (small to you) inconvenience for the huge screen size, but some do not. I for one find a 4.5" screen already adequate and there is no need to go any bigger than that, especially when it makes using the phone increasingly difficult.

      • Kane Desousa

        Yeah, really big hands if you can reach the top of a phone with a 6" screen.

        • TY

          I can, with my right hand, barely reach the top-left of the Nexus 5 (not the screen) with an insecure hold, and that's painful for my thumb.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Thank God we all have opinions, yes?

      • wekebu

        ..and options. What's all the fuss? Get what suits you and fits into your life.

    • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

      Some people have small hands (such as myself, and my wife). One-handed operation still matters to some people as well.

  • brararsh

    Maximum size should be 5" for displays of phones. %+ should go into Phablets category.
    And best phone size was Galaxy S2.

    They should try to make thin bezel phone with 5" display and that would be perfect.

    • Chris

      Perfect for you. I wish this phone was 6". That'd be "perfect"

      • brararsh

        That would not have been a phone, that would be a Phablet.

        Am talking about PHONES.

        • turdbogls

          there is no set size for a "phone" or a "phablet"
          its all personal prefrence.
          for me my 5.2" LG G2 is the perfect size PHONE for me.

          • brararsh


            Phablets typically have screens that measure (diagonally) between 5.01 to 6.9 inches (130 to 180 mm), which complement screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and multimedia viewing.

          • KingofPing


            Because it matters just *so* much...you had to hunt down a wikipedia (of all things) article. smh...

          • brararsh

            Just to prove my point that it's not my perception that 5"+ is considered as Phablet. :)

          • KingofPing

            Wikipedia doesn't "prove" anything. It can be edited and changed in minutes. It's why everyone thinks people who post wikipedia articles as "proof" are amusing (but mostly harmless) idiots.

            It also really doesn't matter in the least how many people think an absurd little detail is important if it's still just an absurd little detail.

          • brararsh

            Please mind your language mate. And I am not sure who comes in your so called "everyone" who thinks people who post wikipedia articles are Idiots.

            What I can suggest to you is to make a change in that article in "minutes" and I will agree with you.

          • KingofPing

            Amusing...yet harmless. :)

          • pleasespareit

            Just about any serious university lecturer working for a reputable academic institution would give you a straight zero if you used Wikipedia as a source, unless you were creating an essay to criticise Wikipedia and wanted to use Wikipedia sources as empirical data to support your argument. Anybody who uses Wikipedia for factual reporting really are idiots... And before you tell ME to mind my language:

            idiot |ˈɪdɪət|

            noun informal

            a stupid person.

            • archaic a person of low intelligence.

            stupid |ˈstjuːpɪd|

            adjective (stupider, stupidest)

            lacking intelligence or common sense: I was stupid enough to think she was perfect.

            • dazed and unable to think clearly: apprehension was numbing her brain and making her stupid.

            Source: Oxford Dictionary of British English

          • brararsh

            Am sorry Professor!

          • pleasespareit

            I didn't mean to offend you, I just said the truth. I guess if you're the kind of person who learns with their mistakes you could choose better sources to back up your arguments in the future.

          • brararsh

            I searched this from any sources, almost all of them point towards 5"+ to be called as Phablet, then this wikipedia somehow sums it up. That's why I posted the link.

            Thanks for your post though, it was good experience learning new things.

          • pleasespareit

            I get what you mean, but there's no standard definition for what a phone should be in physical terms. 20 years ago they were huge bricks with keypads, 10 years ago they were soap bars with monochrome screens. 5 years ago they were keyless screens. Today they are 6" slabs of glass... Things change. "Phablets" do not exist, they're a marketing term. It's a large phone. We have small, medium, large and extra large shirts, and we have small, medium, large and extra large phones. There's no such thing as a "Phablet", that's fake marketing terminology. If people don't like bigger screen sizes just buy a smaller phone, most manufacturers make "mini" versions of their flagship devices. I never understand why people moan about big screen sizes when they are just a few among a sea of options...

          • turdbogls


            the dictionary doesn't even put a screen size in there. it is all up to the user.

            I'm surprised that it was even in the dictionary....oye

          • Labrat

            He still brought more material to support his claim than you did.

            To me, a Phone makes phone calls, a tablet doesn't. I do not like the phablet term either...

            This thread is going nowhere, PEACE!

          • KingofPing

            "He still brought more material to support his claim than you did."

            I made no claims regarding the definition of "phablet" and thus have nothing to support.

            "I do not like the phablet term either..."

            Either....did I say I do not like the term somewhere?

            "This thread is going nowhere, PEACE!"

            It's the internet. It doesn't go anywhere but the NSA. ;-)

          • brararsh

            Ok I Quit, but still I was right enough.
            :) No hard feelings with anyone, but I just wanted to express my view.

          • http://www.oneilsoft.com/ David Kerkes

            Nobody outside of us dorks on AP even use the word Phablet. Nobody. And even here, almost no one uses it.

          • Lars Jeppesen

            I think it was Vlad on theVerge that used it the first time.. if I recall correctly.. he has since regretted ever using that word

          • Peter Blanco

            "Phablet" is not a real thing. It's a fake industry marketing term, and a gross one at that.

          • pleasespareit

            Wikipedia can be edited by anybody, don't use Wikipedia like it's the final word. It's OPINION. There's no definition for what size a phone is. In 1980 mobile phones were the size of bricks, in the 2000s they were the size of credit cards, so don't act like you have the final word on the subject, it's a PHONE, if you want to call it anything else that's your prerogative, just don't force your opinion on others, especially by using a Wikipedia page that can be edited by just about anyone and their grandmother.

          • Lars Jeppesen

            Lol so the Galaxy S5, The LG G2 and the Sony Z2 are all phablets according to you.... :)


          • No

            Yes, please quote wikipedia more.

          • turdbogls

            you are joking right....since when did Wikipedia become a credible source? try sourcing Wiki on a term paper and see how that goes.

            not even sure why I'm bothering posting this. its all preference. Phone and Phablet are just words, them mean different things to different people.

            Also, I'm not sure how 2 phones,nearly identical in size (HTC M8 and LG G2) can be classified differently. the M8 is larger in every dimension except width(smaller by like .4 mm)....but what you are saying is that the M8 is a phone with its 5" screen, but the G2 with a 5.2" screen is a Phablet. sounds Legit

        • Guillaume

          The whole discussion below is surreal. Don't read it, that's 10 minutes of your ife you can't claim back. You've been warned.

          • turdbogls

            sad thing is that this post got pushed ALLLL the way to the bottom...so I read it all :(...lol

        • mrjayviper

          about 19 years ago, the nokia GSM phone I was using dwarfs my Xperia Z

  • http://techvalue.net/ ParisTech

    It is an admirable effort by LG. Only problem is the width. That is actually what affects the most toy usage of the phone. And it is kind big in that aspect.

    • Mastermind26

      I agree. The phablet feel is more on the x (width) than the y (height).

  • NinoBr0wn

    The fact that it's so damn big with less bezel than the others >

  • Mandeep Singh

    Well my only problem is that QHD display and how much battery it will suck
    I am ok with the size as I have a note 2 now
    If it can give better battery life than note 2 then I am seriously considering this as my next smartphone

  • MJ

    I have always said wouldn't go bigger then 5"/5.2" on a display for a phone (have a Nexus 5 now) but maybe could go up to 5.5" on my next phone.

  • Aleksey_US

    Nexus 6 PLZ!

    • flosserelli

      Don't hold your breath for that.

  • roberto

    I will buy it!!!

  • Herbert Portillo

    "Compared to the Galaxy S5, it's actually only about 2mm taller"

    It's about 4 mm taller. I think you meant to write "2 mm wider".

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      ah, yep.

  • RSA

    Before buying 2014 flagship phones, better alter your pants and shirts pocket sizes!!

  • Matthew Fry

    *dons his tinfoil hat*

    I think the reason that the screens are getting bigger is, in fact, to reduce the bezel. Notice the M8 isn't that much smaller than the others despite having the smallest screen. I think fitting all the internals into a smaller form factor is getting difficult, either in space or in heat.

    • dogulas

      It would be very interesting to talk to one of the engineers about the heat factor.

  • lobatermagnet

    Phablets are the perfect phone. I love my note 3 which is honestly a little small for me compared to when I firt upgraded from a s3. I like the g3, but I really wish that it had ip67 or some water and dust protection. (It still may we don't know yet) the 801 and adreno 330 ate a deal breaker for me. My note 3 has the same-ish specs including ram but with a 1080p super amoled screen. The 801 might be OK, but it's not worth the upgrade when it's an aging CPU already for a flagship. I'll wait to see what the note offers (hopefully no physical home button) but time will tell. I like the almost noon existent bezels Samsung should take note and get rid if their huge ones on the next note.

  • Badouken

    The size of this phone really shouldnt be an issue because the buttons are on the back... try clicking the power button the top of the HTC M8... its like super awkward.

    • kekkojoker90

      they have double tap for this reason

      • Badouken

        Ohhhh derp! Totally forgot about double tap! Every phone should have that option! Double tap is amazing

      • shlk7

        Isn't that one way? (Double tap to wake.)
        Don't you have to hit the power button to make it sleep?

        • kekkojoker90

          not at all, you just need an app like screen off and when you press the icon the screen goes to sleep and you never touch the power button

        • Guest

          On CM11, I have a lock screen shortcut with the swipe up gesture... there are ways to combat big screens!

    • Lars Jeppesen

      That's why we tap on the screen on our M8 to open it up

  • Henrique Persechini

    this screen size war keeps looking more and more like a mid-life crisis. I can now understand apple and their resistance to make larger iphones a little better. Well, as long as there are still 4~5 inch high-end devices when I upgrade

    • blairh

      I totally agree. When I sold my iPhone 5 for the S4 Active I was excited to use the larger screen. And while I strongly prefer a 5" screen to a 4" one, I also really love having a super light phone that is as small as possible with respect to its footprint. This year LG, HTC, and Samsung are releasing flagships that are both larger and heavier. I think this is a mistake. Sure, there is clearly a market for this, but at the same time there is also a market for something 4.7"-5" that is super thin and compact. And that's a big reason why the iPhone 6 will be so important come fall. If you're a current Android user who wants to upgrade this fall but doesn't want such a large and heavy device the iPhone 6 will look mighty appealing assuming you are cool using iOS.

  • 2Kings

    my Galaxy S3 is 70.6mm wide, 8.6mm thick..
    when my flipcover is flipped over, it gets ~75mm wide (more than the G3) and the thickest part on the left of the phone around 12mm (because of the fold)
    so compared to the G3 without a case xD just awesome =)

  • moelsen8

    ugh make it stop

  • TY

    But you have to understand that the usability of phones is determined by how much screen area your thumb can reach easily. Among these 3 phones, top-mounted action bars would be the furthest up on the G3. Moreover, width is an important factor; even 5mm can make a huge difference between "just right" and "I can barely reach the other side".

    These two factors combined are why the Moto X is extremely usable: it is only 65mm wide and its screen is located nearer to the bottom, shifting the whole screen down helps increasing the screen area you can easily reach.

    • Suman Gandham

      Partially agree - home screen gestures on custom launchers negate the need to directly access the top part of the screen (e.g. I can swipe down anywhere on my home screen and Nova launcher will open the notification area for me).

      General UI design in Android and apps needs to follow suit and start placing things at the bottom of the screen. E.g. in Chrome, having the omnibar and tab switch button at the bottom would be amazing.

      • dogulas

        Totally agree. It should be at least an option to make all the menus and input fields like the omnibox at the bottom, and keeping only content up top. Even the notification shade should be redone to accommodate phablets.

    • wekebu

      I disagree, just use two hands. Why is everyone fluffy over using their other hand? Are you driving?

      • TY

        On almost every type of public transports, if you don't have a seat, having no hands free mean you can't hold on anything and risk falling down.

        • wekebu

          Okay, that explains a lot. I'm rural, no trains, buses, etc. Can you hold on to a bar with your elbow? Whichever, I can visualize the problem. Guess that rules out a tablet.

  • kishan

    How does compare with G2?

  • Kudu

    You're omitting to take the fact that one has on-screen buttons and the other has physical/capacitive buttons into consideration! If you subtracted the on-screen buttons from the screen size and counted it as part of the bezel (after all, you do count the S5 bezel even when there are buttons on it), the G3 would have a 5.2"-5.3" screen at best.

  • supremekizzle

    Can you compare to G2?

  • jammer

    Can you also add a comparison to the Oneplus One?

  • Reg Joo

    The biggest screen of the bunch, is fitted in there nicely. but I'd rather have a slightly smaller screen(4.5, to 4.7). What I would like to see, is a phone with the latest hardware, in a smaller size, like sony's mini. I can't wait to see if project ara takes off, when released.

  • dude

    I am going to be the troll. Their UI is terrible and they calibrate the display to be more saturated than AMOLED display (although there is a possibility the G3 display will be AMOLED).

    • Joe J

      Do you have a recent lg phone? The ui is rock stable and very functional. With a little debloating it works great

  • blairh

    The G3 is enormous. I think people are out of their mind if they disagree. Personally I find the G3, M8, and S5 all too big and heavy. I'm using a Nexus 5 and I'm thinking about switching to a Moto X because it has a smaller footprint and will be easier to use with one hand. This 2014 trend of flagships approaching phablet sized territory is crazy and troubling. iPhone 6 will look very appealing being compact and thin come fall.

    • peakay

      S5 too big? Thats personal preference, but too heavy? Cmon. Its super light in hand.

      • blairh

        145 grams isn't super light IMO.

        • peakay

          Feels that way to me in real life. N5 and MotoX are 130 grams, but batteries are much smaller. I think the S5 makes the right tradeoff.

          • blairh

            I easily get a full day's use out of my Nexus 5. Pretty sure the same will come from the Moto X. I'd rather have the lighter and smaller device.

  • peakay

    This might be my next daily. Got wifey an S5 and its surprisingly nice, yet the screen is just enough smaller than my aging Note 2 to make me miss the size. I also tried a Note 3 for about a week and something about the height and the square sides made it feel top heavy and not as comfortable in hand as my Note 2. That and my thumb could not make it anywhere near the top one handed. Screen quality was lovely though!

    This is essentially the same size as an S5, yet still has the Note 2 screen real estate and likely a nicer screen than the Note 3. The LG G2 fits so nicely in hand -- truly feels small. I hope that carries across here!

  • CoreRooted

    One thing people are not taking into account is that LG (in the stock ROM) has a "mini mode" feature. You swipe left or right across the bottom button bar and it shrinks the display down (either on the right or left hand side of the device) for easy one-handed use. That same mini-mode "window" is even resizable. Therefore, the size of the actual screen really doesn't matter as they have provided a way to use the device one-handed while still allowing for a large screen size.

    • peakay

      Is this feature on the G2/G3? i only saw it online as being on the pro model.

      i do like that feature on the Note 3, but the gesture takes a while to get used to.

      • CoreRooted

        I *believe* so. It might be just a G Pro2 feature. However, the rumour is that it is part of all the KK stock ROMs going forward, so I can't imagine that they wouldn't include it with the G3. The G2 itself actually doesn't really need it IMHO. The G3 would absolutely benefit from it.

        • peakay

          Hoping ur right...would be great on this phone.

      • dogulas

        The feature is definitely on the G2 and will surely be on the G3 although we don't know yet. You slide your finger along the navigation buttons from one side to the other, and it shrinks the screen and makes it resizable and positionable.

        • peakay

          Thx for confirming - great to have on this phone.

  • Trysta

    Yes the LG G3 manages to not be much larger than the already stupidly big (for non-phablet flagship phones) Samsung galaxy s5 and HTC One M8...

    I am impressed that the LG G3 manages to use all of that size for screen (as it should) and I am sure the LG G3 will be a great phone but that doesn't fix the fact that one-handed phones are going the way of phones with keyboards. And I guess just like before, those of us who care will just have to adapt because there really IS NO choice in the market to allow consumers to decide for themselves.

    • dogulas

      Most of us agree with you very much.

  • jnt

    If this was the S5 it would've been torn to pieces instead of apologized for...

  • Gordon

    If they don't get the gps right in this phone then I don't care what the screen size is, not interested because the the gps in my g2 sucks

    • dogulas

      On stock android? Return it for a replacement!

  • asims1988

    As with every smartphone I've owned, I get used to the big screen and there's no going back. Initially, there's that ,"Oh no! What was I thinking buying this big ass phone" followed by, " I love this thing." I currently have an LG G2, and I expect similar results with the LG G3

  • Mauricio Andres Najera Osorio

    i would prefer a 4.3 wth slimmed bezels and perfect balance :D