As one of the world's largest airlines, you'd expect BA to be on top of its Android app - oh man, who am I kidding: like most airlines, BA had an absolute crapfest of an Android app for years, and now it's finally gotten around to making it not look so god-awful.

The British Airways app's v3.0 update looks vaguely modern, I mean, it has a hamburger navigation slideout menu. So that's good. Or something. Here's the full changelog:

We’ve completely redesigned and rebuilt the BA app, adding many new features:

- Personalised home screen themed on your next flight
- Weather at your next destination
- New navigation menu
- Revamped flight booking and check-in process
- The app displays your Tier colour throughout
- A completely redesigned flight status layout
- A new "Manage my flight" screen
- New-look my account screen showing your Avios and Tier Points

New features like weather at your next destination, a brand-new navigation structure, reworked flight status layout, and an improved booking and check-in process should make the app substantially less painful to use. I mean, just look at the new app and the old one side by side. It's terrifying that you could have downloaded the thing on the left just yesterday.

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So, if you're a BA frequent flyer, you should probably be hitting up the Play Store immediately, because I can only assume you've already gone through enough eye bleach for one lifetime by now.

David Ruddock
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  • Gabriel Seixas

    Jesus, that old style is like, what, Froyo?

    • HellG

      More like iOS to me...

  • Michael

    what was that screenshot taken on? Tablet?

  • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

    Looks good, gonna use this when I fly BA next month.

  • John Smith

    the background pic of NYC should be blurred

  • Tom

    They may have improved the UI but they removed the widget that made it easy to pull up your flight pass from your home screen. Two steps forward, one step back.