Hey guys, how's the ol' Optimus G Pro holding up? Pretty well? Good news! That guy is about to get even better, as AT&T is pushing the Android 4.4.2 OTA starting now. That brings about a bunch of new features, including some battery improvements, Project Svelte (which just generally makes things faster), and more.

What's changing?

You can grab the update now by heading into the settings menu and hitting About phone > Software Update > Update now. That should pretty much do it.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Will Thompson

    Waiting to find out from AT&T why I received the message "Device Not Registered" when trying to update...

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      I got that message quite a bit when I had my G Pro and called LG. Apparently, the warranty needs to be registered or something... Or at least that's what they said.

    • Leinybeth Salas

      If u have rooted your phone, maybe received that message.

      • Will Thompson

        Nope, not rooted. Almost did if this update didn't come out, AT&T tech help said that not every phone gets the update at once, thus the message, but the guy sent me the access direct. I'm loading it at lunch over WiFi.

        And this is the best phone I've ever owned, makes Samsung look like Fisher Price.

        • MiMo1986s

          i agree with u this is the best phone i ever had i used note 3 for a while makes me feel soo boring but this monster is awesome for me

        • Sandeep

          When you say that '....but the guy sent me the access direct. I'm loading it at lunch over WiFi.' , do you mean that you have a direct URL/link to the OTA binary (.kdz/.tot)? If yes, then please share the link.

          • Jaydeep

            hi you got any file or alternate to update 4.4.2 on unlocked lg g pro

        • kbros

          Did the update went through?

    • Will Thompson

      Interesting. They roll out the update gradually, so I'm not with the first batch.

    • Optimus Prime

      Me too...your device is not registered yet...

    • Markus Sparticus Johnson

      You have to get a new sim card, device registration is through the SIM number. Get a new SIM, then check for update.

      • kbros

        I getting the same error. I am all the way in st lucia how can i get a sim now.
        Is there any other way?

        • Hack

          AT&T needs to register your IMEI number for your phone..

          • Corwin Fileen

            Im in Guyana and how do i register my phone

      • chriseathia

        I got a new sim card and it still said my phone was not registered. Any suggestions on what to do next?

    • Xavier Oziel

      Where you able to get it?

  • Ryan Schoeb

    I tried to manually check for a software update and received an error message "Your phone is not registered yet please try again in 24 hours." Called ATT tech support who thought my G Pro running 4.1.x was the most current software available at the moment. Maybe tomorrow? Device is stock and bought from an ATT store.

  • Kostas

    Time for optimus G to see some love from LG now...

    • stewartsoda

      We can all hope and dream, eh?

      • Kostas

        June is close :)

  • Hol_Up

    Same issue as the others, device not registered.

  • abobobilly

    Korean variants (F240) of Optimus G Pro had received the updated back in March.

  • Glencoco

    Hey guys the update can take all week since their doing it by patches, so all we can do right now is wait for our turn We have waited over a year and a half for this update and now that its here we can wait a little more.

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    was eagerly waiting for this update on my LG G Pro. Once I fully charged my
    device with Dual USB Charger, I will definitely update this 4.4.2KitKat version
    in order to explore more features without worry about battery status.

  • aji

    Is the update relesed in india ... i didnt get any update it says ur sw is up 2 date

  • tgooose

    Seems like they would update the Optimus G as well. It can run KitKat 4.4.2 easily.

  • Tony

    I am currently running CM11 for months. I'd like to know how to update my phone with the new KK from LG. I don't have the old stock rom backup tho.

  • dbmyler

    I was haveing the same issue "device not registered yet". I did a factory reset multiple times, finally I contacted AT&T through chat and the guy pushed the update to my device. The update is now installed.

    • Xavier Oziel

      I tried calling in. Tech support didn't know how to push it manually. They said it should do it automatically.

  • DaveTexan

    Same error. got device not registered. Then I tried again it says my software is up to date please check in 24 hours. I also used LG Mobile Support PC software which says I have the latest software....looks like it may take some time to show up just like the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 Kitkat update...

  • Maor

    I live in Israel and have this at&t lg g pro, I get this: "your device is not registered yet".
    Can someone help please? can't go to at&t for a new sim (not gonna buy a ticket to the usa just for a sim card, LOL).

  • Xavier Oziel

    Will Anyone outside the USA receive this update?
    I am not buying a ticket to buy a sim and push the update. #YOLO
    is there any other way tho?

  • Pratik Dotia


    i live in India, have an Lg g pro e980 AT&T (network unlocked), when i check update it shows error "Your phone is not registered yet", so how to update the phone without rooting, please any one help ?

    • Keshav Kumar

      You need to wait for the developers to provide the kdz file for downloading..once you get you can flash the rom using lg tool.

      • Pratik Dotia

        I have downloaded .TOT file it can be flashed or .kdz is better

        • Haneef


          I do use Lg G pro E980 AT&T unlocked. Can i get the .Kdz file and assist me how to update to Kitkat 4.5

  • Pratik Dotia

    What is TOT file in g pro

  • Hack

    I got the same message about my phone not being registered. Come to find out my IMEI number was not registered with AT&T. It still had my old LG Optimus Pro G that i broke a few months ago. I just got off the chat line with AT&T and they registered my phone and the update is downloading now. Will let you all know if it worked or not in a few.

    • Katie

      I havent gotten a new phone... can I still ask them about it?

      • Kp

        Try turning all data connection and cellular connection off, connect to wifi, load an Internet page, start again. Certain phones will struggle to connect while cellular is on. <3 AT&T tech support

  • Hack

    For everyone receiving the "device not registered" message. Call AT&T and have them put in your phones IMEI number. Thats why you cant get the update they haven't updated your phone IMEI. Thats what happened to me since i had to get a replacement phone. Just did it and my phone started downloading the update on the spot. My LG Optimus G Pro is now running Kit Kat

    • Hack

      Here is my LG Optimus G Pro running Kit Kat

  • Katie

    I have had the same issues as everyone else... Device not Registered and I know the update goes out in chunks... but It makes me irritated.
    I've been trying since Sunday.. calling tech support for AT&T and LG. The first two AT&T representatives were nice and knew what they were talking about and put me on the Uremote.. actually trying to assit me by pushing the update on my phone. But for some reason it was not going through.. Then I called LG twice (the 1st AT&T rep told me to) and both times they were rude about it. They told me "its up to my provider when I get my update and that LG is not in control of it" and that "they can't assist in pushing it on my phone because I have to wait my turn like everyone else." Then the guy said check for the update every WEEK. Meaning he KNOWS it will be a long time. I guess I would be fine with it IF others weren't calling in and getting the update. The very last representative I talked to from AT&T (yesterday) I informed him about my whole experience. He was going to help me but then he discovered that I don't know the owner of the accounts SSN. He told me pretty much that its against policy to use Uremote without the SSN and that like LG said, I have to wait my turn. What is crazy that the other 2 AT&T rep's told me it was okay if I didn't know it and put me on that remote. Anyway, reading the comments from people who called in and actually got it makes me a little upset. I don't mind waiting but whenever its possible for it to be on my phone NOW, it kills my patience. I haven't went off on the representatives because its not their fault that there is miscommunication but really, it sucks.

  • bubbles_328

    I just recently ported over to Straight Talk and am using one of their ATT micro SIMs, so if it doesn't come through I can't just call up ATT to update the IMEI since I'm technically not with them. So how will I be able to get it if it doesn't allow me to automatically?

  • chris castillo

    Jus got da update today!! Finally!!

  • Albert Cox

    I just had AT&T register my IMEI and am getting the same "not registered" message. I asked them to push to my phone but, that is a no go according to AT&T. Chat message below.

    Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.

    All AT&T Representatives are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.

    Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Michael Ratliff '

    Michael Ratliff : Hi, Albert!

    Albert Cox: Hi

    Michael Ratliff : I see you're chatting in about your kitkat update on your LG, I know how important the latest software is.

    Michael Ratliff : There is actually a known issue with the update and user not being able to, we already have a team on it and expect it to be resolved soon.

    Albert Cox: OK thanks, is there a way to push the update to my device?

    Michael Ratliff : I don't have that option right now, that's part of the problem actually.

    Albert Cox: Got it, can you verify my IMEI number is @#$%^&*()!@?

    Michael Ratliff : Yup, that's what we have.

    Albert Cox: Ok got it, so I have to standby until your ATT&T team can resolve on your end. Is this correct?

    Michael Ratliff : Yes, it's an issue with the update from LG.

    Michael Ratliff : LG/ATT

    Michael Ratliff : I don't have an ETA yet either.

    Albert Cox: Ah, understood. Thanks for your help.

    Michael Ratliff : Thank you Albert, was there anything else I can help you with today?

    Albert Cox: No I am good. Thanks again.

  • Dreamer

    Can someone confirm that update will be for LG Optimus G too?

  • dbnyr

    Finally got the update after going thru all of the issues mentioned on this thread. The rep said my phone was up to date. I had to direct her to the ATT web page announcing the update was available. She found it and sent it to me. She told me not to touch the phone while it was downloading. So, after the download was complete, I installed it and to my surprise...it worked!
    This was the 5th time I tried to download it. Each of the other times I received an "invalid software" message.

    The only differences were:
    1- I called the number listed in this thread instead of doing an online chat.
    2 - Before she sent it, she had me go into Settings--> Security--> and place a check mark on "Unknown sources". This was originally to download a remote app so she could view my screen, but maybe that had something to do with the successful download.

  • Daniel

    Register your IMEI with at&t.com, if you havent already. Also LG.COM. i did both then waited about a few days and now the update shows in my notifications and does not say "Phone not registered yet". Have not been able to download because wifi is unstable and loses connection and makes me start over in 24 hours. Update is there people. Hope this helps some of you.

  • Thumpsounds

    Just be patient

  • Thumpsounds

    It will eventually come.Got mine yesterday,and its pretty sweet !😃😃😃

  • Thumpsounds

    Also,you dont need a new sim .

  • Danielle

    I have had this phone for a week and in that time I have enjoyed the phone, fast connection, apps load and i can do so much. Got the up date last night. And today my phone has been so slow. Apps taking several min. to open. Facebook is a head ache. Pictures dont show on others status updates in the news feed. I have gray screens with the stupid circle spinning.

    Some of my home screens got erased so i had to reset my apps to them. Other settings changed back to like my quick button.

    Over all i want to go back to the previous version.

  • Joel

    I get the update notification but it won't let me download it because I do not have wifi. Is there any way to download it using my data plan? I have an unlimited data plan

  • LoneStar

    If my device is unlocked and being used with Tmobile, does this mean the IMEI is registered to both carriers. or did i loose the registry in AT&T because i registered it with Tmobile?

    Hope this makes sense

  • AJCarver

    Is anyone else having issues with this update?
    Aside from the fact that I don't care for the new 'styling' (it's whatever,
    I'll get used to it.) I've been having major issues, my alarms aren’t working
    anymore. After the first time they didn't work I deleted all my existing alarms
    and reset new ones hoping it was just an issue carrying them over into the new
    software, no such luck, my alarm didn't go off this morning. Also I use the
    smart cover and it isn't working with this update, yes it turns the screen off
    and on when it is opened and shut but unlike before when I open the cover it
    takes me to the lock screen rather than my home screen. That being said, the
    additions to the lock screen make 'swipe to open' a pain the ass if you just
    swipe to the right it takes you to a second lock screen that you can add widgets
    to. I've had a couple other smaller things but I was wondering if anyone else
    is experiencing any similar issues?

  • Luna

    My texts aren't being received by others even when it says they are sent.

  • RX124

    This might make some of you a little happy. I called ATT and then LG today to report a bug I get where Android OS cobsumes 80-90% of my battery. The phone wont enter deep sleep, cpu runs at full power with screen off (causes phone to get hot in my pocket!), and battery just drains completely in 6-8hrs.

    LG told me that they are working on a new firmware release for the E980. The girl didn't give me an ETA though, so it could be weeks or months before it's released. Plus ATT will have to get their hands on it and bloat it.

    I'm using the E988 version of the firmware and all problems (that I was having) are non-existent, so the E980's firmware is definitely screwed up.

  • wargamer1969

    Im late to the party for my G pro getting the update, tried getting in on several wifi around town but at 765mb in size with crap bandwidth from the signal was going to take a couple of hours. So I gave up. Tried waiting the 24 hrs it says before checking again and now says my phone is up to date when its not. Did they pull the update in the last day or two? Today is July 8th 2014.

  • ahsan

    I m frm pakistan and got same error your device cant register.. plz help me I have no att in my country

  • Kimberly

    My device keeps directing my to connect to WiFi. However, I'm connected, and it won't continue with the update. Any ideas?