Transport on-demand service Uber started up a Play Store beta program a few weeks ago to test a big change. Today that version 3.0 redesign is live in the Play Store for everyone to enjoy. It looks like a nice visual improvement, but the changelog doesn't mention any new features in particular.

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The new app has a proper slide-out navigation bar, some card-like elements, and a somewhat more refined layout. It's not a dramatic departure, but Uber says everything running behind the scenes has been rewritten to be faster and more accurate. There are some screens from the old version at the bottom.

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The beta release was a little crashy, but hopefully that's been worked out in the stable build. Uber is free to download and you get a little account credit on your first ride.

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The old version

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  • Robert Drummer

    Still doesn't work with Google Voice numbers... Or Republic Wireless. How hard to confirm with something other than Short Codes? Could be worse, could require Facebook. I'm looking at you, Lyft.

    • Jason Bourne

      Agreed. I have a Google Voice #, and my Wife has a Republic Wireless #. Neither of us can use Uber for some odd reason.

      • https://republicwireless.com/ Republic Wireless

        Hey Jason! The reason you can't use Uber with your RW number is because we have not yet enabled short codes. We are currently working on this feature and you can expect short codes to be available in the near future, so stay posted!

        • AdidasTio

          Don't look for short codes any time soon. And anything that is put out by RW needs to be taken with a grain of salt - a LARGE grain of salt! They have been promising ALL KINDS of features, ever since people starting asking for these industry-standard features back in 2011, when they started the service. And that was 3 YEARS AGO!!! Don't be holding your breath for short codes.

          • hawleyncsu

            So far they have give us everything that they have promised in a timely fashion. Nothing but the highest regards to RW. What else have they promised that they haven't followed through with? If they say they are working on short codes, I feel confident they are working on short codes. Some people just cant be satisfied... I bet you're one of those who pays a fraction of what they would on the bigger carriers, but still whines and complains about everything. Why not leave and go to a bigger carrier then?

    • https://republicwireless.com/ Republic Wireless

      @JasonBourne77:disqus @robertdrummer:disqus Hey guys! You can actually open up a support ticket with Uber and they can verify your number on their side. If you do this then it will work with a Republic Wireless phone!

      • Jason Bourne

        Wow, that's great information to know. I'll pass it along.

  • s44

    How can anyone recommend this cab app that wants access to all your contacts? Ridiculous... your personal info is worth a hell of a lot more than a few rides.

    • Harsha

      Uber requires access to all your contacts because it needs your contacts list when using the "split fare" feature.

      • Bob

        That is ridiculous. At the very least, users should be able to not accept access to contacts and still use the service. If that is all uber needs, it should be spelled out in a public legal policy document somewhere. Is it?

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  • jeffhesser

    still hates my CM11 android phone. =[

  • Beakler

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  • silverbemr

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