Since his departure from Cyanogen, Inc., Koush has been a pretty busy guy. Yesterday, he released AllCast Receiver to the Play Store, an app that essentially turns any Android device into a casting target, a la the now-extinct CheapCast. Today, he pushed an update to AllCast that brings a couple of new features, including Google Play Music streaming and the previously-teased headphone mode. Check out the latter in action:

This is essentially a jab at Roku's remote, which includes a built-in headphone jack for private listening while watching content on the TV. For the time being, however, Koush's solution only works with AllCast Receiver and FireTV.

As for Play Music streaming, well, there's one caveat: it requires root. Assuming you're already rooted, you can begin streaming Play Music to any AllCast-supported device (which is basically everything with any sort of casting ability at this point), but you'll have to jump into the settings menu to enable the feature.

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With all this now available in the Play Store, you can go take a nap, Koush. That's enough AllCast work for one weekend.