Hey, you! Insanely rich person with poor impulse control! Don't you wish the irresponsibly gigantic television in your palatial living room had a touchscreen, so you could walk half an acre across your designer carpet to play 2048? Well now you can, as long as you're willing to throw a few monetary scraps to Viewsonic. The CDE8451-TL is an 84" 4K TV with a touchscreen and Android. For $18,999. For some reason.


Note that this isn't for Google TV, or any kind of standardized software interface - it's not even a gigantic Android tablet. Nope, Android is included for "diverse Android multimedia applications such as social networking, cloud services, and online video." And with a "powerful dual-core processor" and 8GB of storage, who could doubt it. Oh, and you'll get all the tools and functionality of... Android 4.2.

Seriously, Viewsonic? Jelly Bean 4.2? For nearly twenty grand you couldn't load up an AOSP version of KitKat? Perhaps they're hoping to upsell customers on the admittedly cool slot-in PC, a modular Intel Core i5-powered device that expands the capability of the touchscreen TV considerably. It isn't built into this physical manifestation of electronic excess: you'll have to shell out another $1200 for the privilege.

To be fair, Viewsonic is aiming the CDE8451-TL at corporations and hospitals for extremely high-resolution applications. To be unfair, even hospitals and corporations have budgets. But hey, if you've got the money and you aren't overburdened with an abundance of common sense, go for it. While you're at it, I'd like to interest you in some wonderful oceanfront property in Arizona.

Source: Viewsonic

WALNUT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, announces the availability of the CDE8451-TL, an 84-inch, six-point simultaneous touch, interactive large-format display with 4K Ultra-HD resolution. The CDE8451-TL delivers vibrant and detailed picture quality for ultra-high resolution imaging and touch applications, making it especially applicable for corporate, government, science and medical sectors.

With four times the detail of 1080p Full HD displays, the 4K Ultra-HD resolution of the ViewSonic CDE8451-TL is stunning. The large format LED-based screen and 4K (3840x2160) resolution delivers the finest in color, clarity and image detail. It also features a six-point touch-enabled surface that allows up to six users to simultaneously write, draw or annotate with fingers or stylus devices. The combined touch-interactive performance and ultra-high resolution make the ViewSonic CDE8451-TL the ultimate large-screen display solution.

“By combining 4K resolution with interactive touch technology, two great innovations in the display market, the CDE8451-TL offers a best-in-class solution to customers that want high-performance displays,” said Gene Ornstead, director of Product Marketing at ViewSonic Corp. “With its tempered glass overlay, scratch-resistant surface and anti-glare treatment, the CDE8451-TL is the ideal display for resolution critical applications like graphic imaging, mapping, wayfinding, education or corporate boardrooms.”

ViewSonic’s CDE8451-TL features a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB and VGA, as well as RS232 for multiple display and device manageability. Fit with an ARM dual-core processor, 8GB storage and an Android® 4.2 operating system, the CDE8451-TL provides smooth and fast computing, and responsive touch capabilities regardless of applications that are running. The on-board Android-based system allows users to experience the expanding range of Android applications for business and educational environments.

The CDE8451-TL comes with ViewSonic’s ViewBoard™ software that allows users to write and edit documents and images on the screen in real-time. With the optional ViewSonic NMP-708 slot-in PC, the CDE8451-TL can be converted into a dual OS interactive large format display. The NMP-708 utilizes an Intel® i5 processor and an NVIDIA® GPU, ensuring accelerated video performance needed for 4K content. With a built-in Windows® 8 operating system, the NMP-708 provides Windows-compatible touch functionality and access to MS Office Suite applications. The ViewSonic NMP-708 also delivers additional computing power for users requiring X86 PC architectures.

The CDE8451-TL 84-inch Interactive Display is shipping for an MSRP of $18,999.99(USD). The NMP-708 Slot-in PC Network Media Player is also available for an MSRP of $1,199.99(USD).

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • I Am The Truth

    why would you want a touchscreen tv?

    • xsirxx

      So the kids can smear peanut butter all over it. Who doesnt want that?

    • Martin Nilsson

      I would actually. Touchscreen and some form of open API. Simply put I could find it useful to touch the TV to mute. Or slide to control volume. Not so much when I'm sitting down, but for when you are walking about and the TV is running in the background..

      The API would be there so that devices such as ChromeCast could boost it further. Sure, most of the time a phone or tablet will suffice. But the idea of getting quick access to the playlist, straight from the TV, wouldn't make me sad =)

      • geeq

        I can totally imagine laying on the bed/sofa and getting up to mute it ;)

        • Walkop

          Sarcasm aside, he has a point. No-one would want this for the price, but if you threw it in for free I wouldn't hesitate for a minute.

          • geeq

            Yeah, that's true but who would? ;-)

  • silver_arrow

    Let me guess, a mediatek processor.

    • Learn2Read

      "The NMP-708 utilizes an Intel® i5 processor and an NVIDIA® GPU"

      • RichardG867

        That's the add-on Windows 8 module, not the TV itself.

  • Rovex

    For an 84 inch touchscreen 4K screen of quality (if it is quality) $20k isnt that far outside the mark, with or without Android. Oh and having the latest version of Android and it being AOSP isnt everything...

    • ianjo

      Of course it's not everything. But it *strongly suggests* that right from the get go, this is it. You're not going to get any new software or updates.

      If there's a bug where you click on an icon and the tv explodes, you *might* get an update, but otherwise we're just including this as a bullet point.

      • Rovex

        Well it comes with an optional full Intel i5 PC module and Windows 8 (and probably also Linux if you wanted), so really I don't care about Android, whatever version it runs.

        KK is full of bugs compared to JB anyway, I suspect its also a driver issue thats preventing the use of KK right now.

        • ianjo

          So what does KK have to do with hardware drivers? It's the responsibility of the hardware developer to have decent specs and have developers implement them.
          The linux kernel is good, but not psychic.

          • Rovex

            Viewsonic is unlikely to have made all the components itself, there may simply not be any drivers available for KK from a key component supplier.

            Notice it doesn't say it has access to the Playstore either, I doubt this is a Google device anyway, its a professional device that needs to be fully stable and will likely run custom software and corporate apps, not Candy crush.

        • Walkop

          KitKat is full of bugs…?

          I haven't had a single issue myself on 4.4.2. Its 10x more stable on my Nexus 10, and I experienced that camera-dameon bug…once? On my Nexus 5.

          • JaySee

            Yes, your 2 anecdotal experience applies across the board to all users on various devices, including non-nexus.

          • Rovex

            KK has crashed more on my N10 than anything else, its also slower, with more jitter, lag and stutter than JB. Im not the only one with these issues either, far from it.

          • Walkop

            I've seen a few people complaining about issues similar to what you described on XDA, but surprisingly little if KitKat actually made things a lot worse across the board.

            Many of the forum complaints of random reboots stopped with KitKat. Franco himself said all the memory leaks are *gone* with KitKat. Did you try a factory reset after the update?

            Personally, after being unhappy with general performance on my Nexus 10 stock, I installed OmniRom with Franco's kernel and ART enabled. My Nexus 10 actually outperforms my Nexus 5 (also ART enabled) in some areas, which came as a big surprise to me.

  • Tony Byatt


  • Matthew Fry

    "While you're at it, I'd like to interest you in some wonderful oceanfront property in Arizona." Get in before the rush. In 100 years time it will be oceanfront.


  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Something like this just gets buried somewhere, just like the "Spill-proof Android Coffee table"

  • Gaurav Arora

    ANDROID POLICE POST MORE NEWS!!! I come here 57 times a day, hoping to see a tear-down insight, a rumour gone wild, or plain AP speculation article...every! two! hours! T_T

    I can write a poem on this...

    • Ahmad Nadeem

      People admire your enthusiasm, but they will post news if there is any.

    • Woe, Is [S]unjay

      You have a lot of time on your hands.

      • Gaurav Arora

        I multi-task between my job, day dreams and AP pretty well :D

        • Woe, Is [S]unjay

          I wish I had a joke like that :D

  • Gaurav Arora

    Oh I almost forgot, turn the tv screen around and make a table out of it! Your very own surface table!1!!

    • Double_a2013

      Not gonna lie, that's honestly a great idea. $20k great? I'm not sure, but great nonetheless

  • Kevin

    It's an 84 inch TV, so the optimum viewing distance is going to be in the neighborhood of 15 feet away. And yet it's a touch screen? What could possibly be the use case for this? Enormous Fruit Ninja?

    • JaySee

      YES! With a 3 foot long stylus!

    • Rovex

      For movies yes, for other activities no, especially since its 4k. This is a professional level screen, it will be used when ultra high def images are needed, such as in remote surgery.

    • apwillis


  • John Smith

    probably good for presentations

  • CeluGeek

    Loved the sarcasm on this story!

  • Sokvannara Chhy

    Should have an I7 extreme for that price at least

  • Rovex

    People really are missing the point here. This is not a consumer level TV, its a professional monitor. It will run custom made corporate apps, not Playstore apps (its not Google certified).

  • catherinekylie

    Can't Buy KitKat because of: http://bit.ly/ScLhlI