Xposed has fast become the go-to modification tool for Android power users who are comfortable with root, but who won't (or can't) move to a completely custom ROM. The latest update to the non-Play Store app adds a few creature comforts in the form of user interface tweaks, plus the usual bug fixes under the hood.

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The first thing you'll notice is a spiffy new logo for your launcher and shortcuts. After opening the app itself, users will find that the somewhat static menus of previous versions have been replaced with more fashionable "cards" where applicable in the UI. Xposed Framework remains a very utilitarian app - most of the flash comes from what the modules themselves can do to your phone or tablet - but the additional gloss on a sometimes rough visual experience is welcome. In the Downloads section, where pre-selected modules from a database can be downloaded and applied, you can now see different types of releases. Only stable releases are shown by default, but you can also view beta and experimental modules via a new option in the main Xposed settings menu.

On top of all that, version 2.6 will automatically detect potential problems within modules and alert you, showing links to the relevant FAQs. In the true spirit of mods, it will allow you to continue with the operation if you really want. A few internal improvements for better organization and performance round out the additions. You can download Xposed Framework from this XDA thread, and modules can be downloaded separately or from within the app. (If you already have Xposed you can update from within the app as well.) Non-root users need not apply.

Source: XDA Developers Blog

Michael Crider
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  • Hi

    *for your Launcher and Shortcuts

  • dude

    I will root my phone and use this app again when it support ART.

    • Humberto Hernandez

      Keep waiting

    • Subhojit

      What great things you get by use fART?

      • JTAKER

        Well, ART has sped up my Nexus 4 a bit. Opening apps is snappier than ever. So, no "fART" here.

        • Francois Roy

          Sped up you Nexus 4? LOL
          You're so full of crap it is actually genuinely funny.

          • JTAKER

            Lol. Just being honest. Apps legitimately open faster.

          • Thomas Phillips

            No they don't. Every single comparison with ART and Dalvik has shown that ART is MINISCULEY faster at a couple things, but overall dalvik is far faster.overall.

          • JTAKER

            It FEELS faster. I'm just going with that. I have yet to run into any apps that don't work, so there's no reason for me not to stick with ART.

          • Francois Roy

            Well, it LOOKS like you're full of crap, dude. Live with the kind of credibility that gives you.

          • JTAKER

            It's ABSOLUTELY KILLING me inside man. Seriously. It hurts. A lot.

          • Jimmy Zhu

            I started using ART for my Nexus 4 too, and it honestly does feel a lot snappier, especially when opening up Google Now and Recent Apps. I've yet to run into any of my daily apps that didn't work at all with ART.

          • Aravind J Nampoothiry

            My Nexus 7 with art opens up apps a little faster.ART is not that bad

    • MikeJwF

      ART isn't even fully optimized for Android yet, as of right now it causes nothing but problems.

      • JTAKER

        I actually have used it since day 1 and have had 0 problems.

        • Francois Roy

          Then you're obviously a liar; so much good apps doesnt run on ART..

          • JTAKER

            Uhhh...Like? I have yet to run into these good apps.

          • Francois Roy

            How about Xposed ><

          • Mr. Mark

            Or, you're obviously an ignorant idiot as there are a large number of users using ART on PA, CM, and Slim without many problems at all. Just because you experience problems doesn't mean it doesn't work for everyone else. Pull your head out of your ass, ass.

          • Francois Roy

            Who cares if it "works" as long as it doesnt improve anything but makes you lose compatibility for a bunch of apps, I ask you

          • Mr. Mark

            "without many problems at all" obviously would take into account broken compatibility, too...

          • Francois Roy

            So. How does the Xposed Framework works for you?
            U happy with it? You tell me.

          • Mr. Mark

            Yes, I am happy with it. Currently using ART with PA 4.3.

      • NinoBr0wn

        No problems here.

        • Francois Roy

          That's probably why every time a new app or game is being released, you see a bunch of haters and 1-star comments saying "Doesnt work on ART"
          Yeah, we all believe you.

          • NinoBr0wn

            Ok. And what does that have to do with me and my situation?

          • Francois Roy

            You're right. So. How is the Xposed Framework?

      • Steve T.

        Seriously? I've been using cm11 with art since they released 4.4. I've had zero problems!

        • Francois Roy

          Great! How is Xposed?

          • JTAKER

            Don't need it. Everything I need from a phone is available to me in Paranoid Android. Plus, when I used Xposed, it just bogged down my phone and created noticeable stutter.

            Take your anti-ART circlejerk somewhere else, man.

          • BadTrollisBad

            So why are you reading an article about Xposed if you don't care about it?

          • Steve T.

            Sorry for the delayed answer, but I didn't have time to play around with the app (I actually don't need it at all). I've installed it on my cm 11 S2 and the app itself works. So far (3 days) no crushes of the app - I've managed to change my operator name, notification bar and some minor stuff. Some of the modules, though, are not working. I believe it's ROM related issue, rather than ARTs because I've tested it under the Dalvik runtime as well and had the same result.

      • Jamin

        My old S3 running the latest Omni wouldn't be usable for me without Art at all. I have not face any problems yet. OK I do not have more than two games on my phone but all kind of other apps and they run so much better with Art. By the way similar situation on my Nexus 7 (2013).

  • Stanley C.

    I cant live without xposed, but this icon is terrible!

    • Subhojit

      not if you are using Unicon...

    • ather akber

      Use the miduoe XposedOldIcon, its in the repo

    • ProductFRED

      There's an Xposed module to bring back the old icon, ironically. It's called OldXposedModule I believe.

  • CerealFTW

    I'm running paranoid android and still find several modules quite useful, like keepchat and Gravity Box

  • Frederico Silva

    Is it wrong if I say that Xposed slows my system down a bit? Is is placebo effect or am I not alone? Genuine question, no fowl intended.

    • Francois Roy

      Wrong. Xposed really doesnt add much. All it does is provide a way to modify other apps existing values/settings.

      • Firmino

        Xposed Fanboy? That's new...

        • Softino

          Fanboy or no - he typed the truth. Xposed adds nothing but hooks that do *nothing* on their own and have *zero* affect on device performance. Any device sluggishness experienced is either due to a module, or simple self-delusion.

      • zst123

        It's the modules that add a lot! Some modules do modify a lot and lag quite badly

    • alamarco

      It's not wrong, try a before and after with a benchmark. Xposed does modify a bit and it does slow down the system.

      • Guest

        it's not wrong if you're experiencing lag on your phone only when Xposed is installed and running.

      • alapolo


        Because benchmarks (even taken one after the other) are always so reliable.

        Take a benchmark. Breath heavily. Take another. Now quick! Jump to the absurd conclusion that breathing heavily near your device changes it's performance state!

        What a bunch of maroons...

    • Mr. Mark

      it's not wrong if you're experiencing lag on your phone only after Xposed is installed and running

      • Mkvarner

        Could be something else he installed, flashed etc.

        • Mr. Mark

          "only after Xposed is installed and running." if you experience lag when you install it, then uninstall it and dont experience lag, then reinstall it and experience lag again, then basic troubleshooting and common sense dictates that the lag is caused by whatever it is you installed.

          • Marky-Mark

            No- it's not xposed. Not sure how else to tell you. xposed, *by itself* does *nothing* that could slow a device down. Not. A. Thing.

            It's the modules that xposed allows one to run that modify how the device functions. I thought everyone knew that.

            ...apparently I was wrong. (See? Anyone can be wrong.)

          • Rovex

            Sorry you are wrong. If I use ART on my G2 its super smooth, if i switch to Dalvik some widgets stutter (as they do on all devices including the N5), if I install Xposed the stutter gets quite a lot worse, even with no active modules.

            This had been tried on a few devices, and its always the case on not just my phone, but those of others. Test, repeat and peer review, its science at its simplest.

  • Alstonalston

    Michael Kors’s third-quarter results http://bit.ly/1t8mDQk

  • Sergio

    An autoupdate option for installer and modules would be great...

  • KERR

    The developer is planning to implement screenshots of modules in future!

  • what the…


    They actually made it take more steps to download and install modules.

    Rule#1 of "upgrades": Don't make it harder to use!

    What did they do, hire someone from Microsoft??