Koush has certainly been busy since his departure from Cyanogen Inc. After getting AllCast working on the Fire TV with a receiver app, the AllCast Receiver is now in Google Play for use on any Android device. This essentially makes your device a streaming target in AllCast, letting you send media from one device to another.

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This setup is very reminiscent of the CheapCast app, which was pulled recently as changes to the Chromecast system broke the workaround the developer was using. AllCast Receiver is a different beast because it's not pretending to be a Chromecast – it's just AllCast, which is for your content. Android devices with the AllCast Receiver app will appear in the AllCast list along side Chromecasts, Rokus, Fire TVs, and more. Simply select your device and stream your local or cloud content.

The receiver app is compltely free, but the limits on the trial version of AllCast still apply. To send content without limits, you'll need the $4.99 full version of AllCast. I tested the receiver by sending a few local videos and images to my tablet, and it seemed to work very well. It's certainly something to look into if you're already an AllCast user.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Francois Roy

    The article should mention the Receiver app will also act as a receiver for Koush's Mirror app to let you mirror your entire display on some other Android machine of your liking;


    • Android Developer

      How do I do this? It's in beta, and for some reason I can't join it.
      Does it mirror both visuals and audio from the device?
      Does it work well even on I9300 with AOSP based rom?
      Can it still cast the screen to current Chromecast (as I remember, there was a time this was a hack, not sure if it's now ok)?

      • Francois Roy

        1) Try to join alternately from both a normal pc and your android device; I know this beta program subcription shit is !surprise! pretty buggy.
        2) Yes; it does beam everything; video and sound. Like Miracast or Airplay
        3) No idea if it'll work for you; that's why it is still in beta, see. That being said, an AOSP-based rom seems like a good start.
        4) Screen mirroring to a Chromecast is still Nexus 5 only but the word is Google is gonna make it happen themselves; past Android Police apk teardowns have proven that it would be coming at some point.

        • Android Developer

          1. still doesn't work, as if it doesn't exist.

          2. cool

          3. sadly, all AOSP roms I've tried can't record the device screen (at least not in a reasonable frame rate) and can't use HDMI (MHL) , so that's why I'm asking.

          4. really hope there won't be any problems.

    • Koushik Dutta

      Yeah, the mirroring to Fire TV is fantastic. Best of the three implementations currently (Apple TV and Chromecast being the others)

      • Francois Roy

        Sorry, my dear sir, but I beg to differ; let me remind you there is a fourth implementation;
        ..And as far as I can tell, It could be the very best with very little work; and might as well already be;
        Well.. I know this is not exactly "casting to a TV", but ..

        What about casting to Chrome? (Especially on a PC)

        In my testing, it has proven to have both the sound support the Apple TV lacks and the responsiveness that every protocol (but Apple's own) lacks.
        = It doesnt lag! (or so) That's a HUGE plus IMO.

        The only problem is I never got to have it full screen; it wouldnt scale up. (Not that I fiddled about it much, but..)
        Also didnt seemed to be rock-solid stable, but that was a while ago.

        All the best!

  • Android Developer

    Are subtitles also supported while playing videos?

    • David Li

      Not yet but koush is working on it

      • Android Developer

        Really? does it also include Hebrew subtitles?
        Those are very problematic to show for some reason (right to left perhaps?), as many video players fail to show them well, and even those that do show them, put the punctuations marks on the beginning of each sentence.

    • Koushik Dutta

      Subtitles are supported, there must be a same named .srt file next to your video.

      I'm looking into ways to making this a bit easier... like automatically finding/downloading subtitles off the internet somewhere.

      • madmenmod

        subscene and opensubtitles are a good start and they both have API's (I think).

        • Marcus Sörensson

          Also http://www.podnapisi.net/ though opensubtitles does seem to have an api for that kin of thing. Trakt.tv is awesome for metadata ;)

        • Koushik Dutta

          Awesome thanks, I'll take a look. This is helpful.

      • Cédric Darloy

        Does it work with all video formats?
        Have a x.mp4 and x.srt in the same folder, but no subtitles are displayed.

      • Android Developer

        I've tried to make a test:
        1. Galaxy S3 with allcast , casting a video file with a Hebrew subtitle (same name, but with "srt" extension).
        2.LG G2 with AllCast Receiver .
        It casts the video, but not the subtitles...
        What does it mean?
        Does it also mean it won't work for chromeCast ?

  • hairyback

    Anyone know if this streams over the internet, or through your local wireless network?

    • Koushik Dutta

      It chooses the best path. If it's on the internet, it goes through the internet, and not your phone.

      • Sergio

        And does it work without internet nor wireless network? (Through Miracast, DirectWIFI, or whatever?)

        • Koushik Dutta

          Need to be on the same network somehow. Can do a tether or ad hoc network.

    • http://www.bloggerslounge.dk/ Kenni Odelheim

      Local wifi network.. no need for internet here :)

      • hairyback

        That's awesome because my internet connection sucks.

  • Roh_Mish

    The app has better ui than bubble, is simpler and if I am right supports more devices. It won't work with PS3 though. But those buffering issues when I stream to TV is too much it buffers for 3-4 seconds for 2 secs of playback. No such issues with bubble on same devices. I will pay for premium as soon as that is fixed.

  • http://www.vrdwellersblog.com/ Miles Reiter

    Wait, so is it able to stream, for instance Roku content to Android or the other way around?

  • Rob Mahon

    What's the.. easiest? workable (if it even is) of using one Android device's camera and casting it to the tv/this? Is such a thing possible (mirror screen? or would I need a video recording app that has the ability to stream an ongoing video capture?)

  • Arch9

    Now i can cast all the thing on my phone to cast it to my phone

  • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

    This is finally reason for me to spend the money on this.

  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    This is awesome @koushikdutta:disqus, I was super disappointed that cheapcast was taken down. Question though. Will it work through GoogleTV?

    • NF

      It's not showing up on my Revue, so I suppose not.

    • ssdickey

      It showing as not compatible with my Sony Google TV NSZ-GT1. The description says it is compatible with Google TV. Whats the deal?

      • Koushik Dutta

        I think google tv may be a bit too old (android 4.0?). I'll have to take a look.

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Is there a chrome plugin so I can throw an youtube video from the desktop to an android device in the same network?

  • MeCampbell30

    Any plans on making a Chrome extension so I can send stuff from my PC? That would be cool.

    Making an extension in Chrome is probably a whole other project though.

  • xdapao3

    AllCast DESPERATLY needs some kind of folder organization/folders view!!!!
    As it is it's almost unusable for me.

  • Greg Czepiel

    Is it possible to cast from Allcast on my SIII to my laptop's chrome browser? Is there a chrome app in development?

    • Koushik Dutta

      I agree. :P

    • Android Developer

      There is something, but it's quite buggy...

  • GazaIan

    This would be perfect for my OUYA

  • stuefi

    would be cool if there would be an allcast receiver app/chromeplugin for my laptop...i would like to use my phone to control playback and have the music/video played on my laptop..."cr cast" and "leapcast" dont work for every android playback app, e.g. pocket casts...thanks

  • Dan

    Sweet this is cool! The feature I would love for Allcast would be if I plugged headphones in to route the audio through them instead of the TV

  • james kendall

    So basically it turns your device into a cheap dlna like receiver.

  • ddh819

    i have an old phone with hdmi out but it's only on 2.3