Koush has certainly been busy since his departure from Cyanogen Inc. After getting AllCast working on the Fire TV with a receiver app, the AllCast Receiver is now in Google Play for use on any Android device. This essentially makes your device a streaming target in AllCast, letting you send media from one device to another.

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This setup is very reminiscent of the CheapCast app, which was pulled recently as changes to the Chromecast system broke the workaround the developer was using. AllCast Receiver is a different beast because it's not pretending to be a Chromecast – it's just AllCast, which is for your content. Android devices with the AllCast Receiver app will appear in the AllCast list along side Chromecasts, Rokus, Fire TVs, and more. Simply select your device and stream your local or cloud content.

The receiver app is compltely free, but the limits on the trial version of AllCast still apply. To send content without limits, you'll need the $4.99 full version of AllCast. I tested the receiver by sending a few local videos and images to my tablet, and it seemed to work very well. It's certainly something to look into if you're already an AllCast user.