HTC's software versioning is a little more complicated than it is with other Android OEMs. You might have Android 4.4.2, but be lacking many of the features found on a newer device because you have an older version of Sense. HTC can, and does, update these independently. Such is the case with last year's HTC One – some versions of the M7 are getting Sense 6 today to go with their KitKat ROMs.


In some ways, this will be a bigger change for users than the previous update to Android 4.4. The UI will get an overhaul, and a number of new features will be added to the venerable M7. The full list of Sense 6 improvements can be found on HTC's site.

Keep in mind this is only for the unlocked and developer models right now. It's a big update at 667.15MB, and it might take a long time to arrive on the US carrier variants. Still, it's nice to see HTC doing what it can to keep old devices relevant.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.iamsherlock.com Mokshin Kumar

    Any Ideas when the Update will arrive on Unlocked HTC One Mini Device in India?

    • Ricardo Neves

      Why is there always someone from India asking questions like these in every firmware update related articles? The answer is always the same, we don't know, ask HTC :)

      • A

        In India we buy Only Unlocked devices(Costly) not some carrier pieces

      • http://www.iamsherlock.com Mokshin Kumar

        Well, it was the first time I was asking.

      • Perfectionist

        Dude, I see that many people have asked the similar question and they are not all from India and since this article is all about HTC sense update this is a perfectly valid question to ask. BTW, nobody forced you to reply in the first place.
        So kindly fret somewhere else noob.

        • Ricardo Neves

          Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against India or any other country. It's just that India is the country i see more often mentioned when asking about updates, not saying it's the only one.

          • harry

            1.2 Billion population.. get used to it.. :)

    • blumpkinator

      One mini is an entirely different device. The name and the exterior are the only things it has in common with M7.

      Flagship devices get updates first. It may be a while before lower end devices like the mini get an update.

      I would advise asking HTC.

      • http://www.iamsherlock.com Mokshin Kumar

        Thank You, I kinda Just Did, they tell me that it will come in the near future. :3

  • Jeremy

    Does anyone know where I can download an official ruu for the unlocked HTC One M7? I can find the Brightpoint developer one, but not just the unlocked. Thanks.

    • David Li

      They are basically the same thing. The only difference is that the developer one has debugging on by default, which you can turn off or leave on.

      • Jeremy

        From what I understand the difference is that you can't stop the developer edition from reporting usage and errors back to HTC. I'd prefer to leave that off.

        • David Li

          Yes you can. You can't however if you are s-off. I'm am running the developer edition right now.

      • Tracy William


        ✒✒✒ �✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒�✒✒ ✒✒✒

  • Daniel Pasut

    Has anyone tested the extreme power saver mode on the M7 yet? I'm currently running CM11 but if it's really as good as they say I may have a reason to switch back to stock

  • tay

    Let's see if the gs4 gets the new version of touchwiz..
    I doubt it!

  • Bonedatt

    Looks like T-Mobile HTC ONE M7 just got the update too. Downloading now.

  • ndia

    I have the unlocked htc one m7 in europe, but no update yet.Why?Can anyone tell my it these only for us

    • Alexandru Neştian

      In the same situation with you. Still waiting.

  • Sara Joan

    HTC One (M7) finds Sense 6.0 update to unlocked and developer Mobile in the USA


  • Dario

    Why can't I update to it I have a unlocked HTC one m7

    • Travis Antonio Vick

      So do I and still I wait...

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  • aroonP

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia and just got and installed Sense 6.0 on my M7. Just want to check with you guys who has update their M7 to Sense 6.0, does it have "motion gestures" capability? Because mine doesnt. I wonder if it applies to all M7 Sense 6.0, since I believe different region (and mobile operator) will receive different version of ROM update. Thanks.

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  • carl

    When is the developer edition gona get at least sense 5.5 ? Everyone is on sense 6 already. but I cant even get the 5.5. Sais the device is up to date. Although HTC claims the dev edition will get the update first..

  • sarasimanx

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