One of the most popular ways to make use of Google Voice on Android has long been GrooveIP. This app was able to route voice calls on a device through Google's free IP call service. Google finally ended third-party access to Google Voice yesterday, but GrooveIP was ready with an alternative.


Users who update the app will find that Google Voice has been replaced with Ring.To. That means you'll have to sign up for a new account and use a different number when placing calls from the app. It's a bummer, but not really the developer's fault. The new version says all paid features are now included in the free app, presumably as compensation for changing to the new service. There may still be ads, though.

Hopefully GrooveIP users can settle into Ring.To as an alternative. There's an FAQ up on the Ring.To site with all the details. This is always the risk when you use a service like Google Voice in unusual ways.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Spasillium

    Question: I use VoIP through Android's native phone app setting with pbxes.org on T-Mobile's $30/5GB plan. Will this method end too?

    • Randy Strye

      i believe it will. this is how i used to do it as well

    • FatherPhoenix

      If you are using pbxes.org for Google Voice then yes unless they have worked out some kind of deal with Google and I don't think Google is doing that. Pbxes.org uses XMPP just like GrooveIP did. What Google shut down was the XMPP service.

      • Spasillium

        thanks guys. i'll hold off for another day or two just to see what happens before porting out to this ring service

        • andy_o

          Don't port your GV number to Ring.to. Open your account from the Groove IP app, and they will let you choose a new number. Then register this number as a forwarding number on your GV and forward to it. Works mostly fine, you just need to press "1" to actually answer from Groove IP. For calling you can use Voice+ or any other GV callback app.

          • KJ

            can you be kind enough teaching me how to set up voice+ please?
            I installed voice+, but can't figure out how to make it works.
            thank you

          • andy_o

            There really isn't much to it. You just install it, then let it access your GV account and select the numbers that it will let you call back. Then just enable it, and it will give you those options next time you make a call from the dialer. You might have trouble if you have set up the official Google Voice app to dial dial with your voice number, if you do, disable that, and just do a callback to your cel if you want to call on your cel with your GV number.

    • techlte

      What what I understand while it is still reported as working it will eventually stop. PBXes utilizes a SIP-to-XMPP infrastructure and the XMPP access is what Google ended.

      • Spasillium

        Yeah that's whats happening to me. I'm still getting calls and can still make them, and forgotten all about Google ending XMPP until now.

        • Donyea Gilmore

          I am to...

    • Donyea Gilmore

      i use to have the service with t-mobile i use to love it, free phone call over data plan! I was using groove ip and the vonage app to make phone calls

  • valapsp

    and still there's no integration with hangouts ...

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      They just ended 3rd party support yesterday. I hope the hangouts update happens soon.

  • Nick Cannon

    Wish Google would just update Hangouts with VoIP already

  • gladgura

    Technically you can still use your Google Voice number whether you forward your incoming calls to your new Ring.To number in which case all your outgoings calls show up as your Ring.To number or you can port your Google Voice number over to Ring.To.

  • yentrog31

    Just signed up. Seems pretty straight-forward. Haven't tried to make a call with my new number yet though.

  • Glich

    i just use grove Ip this morning without setting up a new account i assume via xmpp perhaps Google has't fliped switch yet.

    • James Heyneman

      My Obi100 is still working. So much for flipping the switch.

    • Anton7

      My Obi still works also.

  • Christian Cebrian

    I now feel very much cheated by google, that iOS has had hangouts with VoIP since last year, and we have not received that update in android. At first I was like, ok give it a few weeks, google is not going to favor iOS for such a big feature like this if not only for final testing purposes. But now I feel alienated, they are betraying their own customers...

    • techlte

      I sort of feel the same way.. I'm not sure I understand why iOS has this functionality and we simply don't. When I first read of the iOS news, I thought the same thing.. Only a few weeks or so and we should be in the same boat. As the February rumors came and passed here we are in May without XMPP support OR official VoIP calling integration with Hangouts. I'm not understanding the logic they've applied here, smart company.. stupid decision.

      • kirk

        I don't care what iOS has or doesn't have, that doesn't affect me. I am just a bit irritated that they are taking away the functionality, without anything to replace it with (my grooveip with google voice still works, as others have noted). As we saw in the last AP teardown of Hangouts, they were working on it, but it isn't done.

        If they really do throw the switch today, that's just a poopy way of doing things. Super-poopy.

        I don't want to port my number over to Ring.to, if a full implementation in Hangouts is just around the corner.

        I'll say it again, poopy.

        • techlte

          The fact the functionality exists on iOS is the only reason we can have the right to be "irritated". The XMPP calling functionality was a third party hack, Google didn't intend such functionality.

          The switch was officially thrown 05/15 but like you mentioned, a few apps are still working for the moment.

          Personally I wouldn't recommend anyone port their number but you need your phone. I can get away without the functionality, others may not be so lucky.

          • kirk

            Nah, we can be irritated for different reasons. It's all good.

      • jwinstonsf

        It make sense to me that they would do ios first. Android voip apps have always had a hard time dealing with all of the different devices. One one phone sound might come out of the wrong speaker and on another the mic is set so loud that the echo is hard to deal with. Even with Groove IP (which I love) you have to tweak the settings to make it work right.

        All Iphones are the same. That way Google could work with a common baseline.

        After a rough start yesterday Ring.to seems to be working ok but I too will not be porting my number to them. At least not just yet.

        • Whyzor

          Look at other VoIP apps on Android like Skype, Viber, & others, they do it pretty well and simple.

        • tblack301

          If doing the job is more difficult on Android then Google should wait until it's released before killing phone calls on 3rd party apps. It's simply stupid of them to irritate the very people who made Google Voice successful. In my case I have no phone until they do.

  • James Mikelis

    How do I sign up without transferring my Google number to ring.to as I want to keep my GV number? i went to the ring.to website and it wants me to enter a number to transfer. I don't understand what this will do to my existing GV number.

    • James Mikelis

      can anyone please tell me?

      • Jeff

        You have the option to either have Groove IP / Ring To give you a new number or you can port your GV number over. I got a new number and then forwarded my GV number to the new number.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    But i'm able to make calls using GrooveIP even today, without updating the app to its latest version and without creating an account in ring.To. :)

    EDIT - Finally it let me post a comment.

  • Raymond Berger

    Are there any other good free VOIP apps? Since the latest update calls just ring forever even though I signed up with ring.to.

  • BruinGuy

    Well, Google Voice hasn't ended yet, I'm still getting calls on GrooveIP through Google Voice. I don't know when it will end but as of May 16th it's still working.

  • RXG9

    is Google Hangouts going to get VoIP this summer? (During Google I/O)

  • Anton7

    Day 3 and my OBI still works with Google Voice. I can make and receive calls!

  • Donyea Gilmore

    my service is still working, its still connectiong to my gmail, i havent did the update, and i can still send and receive phone calls and messages

  • Wuz nt Me

    "This is always the risk when you use a service like Google Voice in unusual ways."
    Umm, how is this unusual. I use google voice to make and receive phone calls on my desktop from gmail. I would think using it the same way on a device would be the obvious way, not the unusual way.
    My entire family uses LTE tablets instead of cellphones and we all used GrooveIP and fully expected google to take up the slack after blocking 3rd party access.
    Even though my tablet (Nexus 7 2013) has the exact same cellular hardware as a Nexus 5 phone google ripped the native dialer out of it so I would have to buy a tablet AND a phone.
    WTF happened to "don't be evil"?

    • Samson

      WTF happened to not being entitled?

      • Wuz nt Me

        Well, "don't be entitled" isn't my mission statement... and if it was I would be sure to know what that means before saying it, which you clearly don't.

      • critofur

        People who think it's OK to be rich (hoarding more than you need/gluttony) are the ultimate in "entitled" - what happened to companies putting customers first? Fuck "share holders". The worst thing that ever happened to this country is the massive over-prioritization of share holders over more important issues such as the environment, the company's customers, or even just the long-term health of the company itself - sacrificed for short-term profits and share holder greed.

        • Cleanhoven Sjors


  • Google Voice is getting better

    Google out of the blue released a new API for 3rd Party Support: https://developers.google.com/+/hangouts/telephone-oauth

    As there wasn't any real API before.

    So let the people at GrooveIP and others know!

    • Crow550

      The old way of calling with 3rd parties was a hack which is why Google was not okay with it.

      Looks like they released real 3rd Party Support but I don't think any 3rd Parties even know of this API yet as Google has not announced it yet.

      • tblack301

        Yeah Google is not talking at all. I'm baffeled at how dumb a PR move this is for them. It's a slap in the face really. The so called "Hack" apps like Groove iP were in their app store for 5 years and they yank the plug on them before having HangOuts ready. Essentially Google Voice is out of business. It's as if no one in Mountain View was paying attention to how RIM crumbled after leaving their customers in a lurch.

        • Samson

          Oh shut up.

          • tblack301

            Sorry Samson I would LOVE to talk to you but right now my dick is all down your moms throat. She said to ask the neighbors for dinner and get off her laptop. I'll send her home after 10.

  • Nick

    unfortunately you cannot make international calls with Ring-To / Groove IP

  • Nick

    Thanks for the tip, but as expected, Google has totally hosed the Voice app. You can no longer make calls over Wifi on android so its totally useless for that. The other functions of the app are clunky and difficult. Way to flush a good idea Google.

  • AngryAndConsiderate

    how does this compensate me when I already paid 5 dollars for the App?

  • atlouiedog

    GV was always a problem for me. My home wifi and internet connection are both good, but sometimes the delay would get bad or the quality would bottom out and people had trouble talking to me. I used GV, talkatone, and pbxes with multiple sip clients but I always had the same problems even after spending a ton of time configuring each.

    So far I'm pretty happy with GV using ring.to after some testing. The quality has been good and the delay never seems to be more than half a second.

  • mickey4mice

    I'm still on GrooveIP GV version and as of today 5/19/14, still able to make/receive calls. I'm just going to wait it out until VoIP integration comes to hangout, then get rid of GrooveIP once and for all.

  • French_Underwood

    I can NO LONGER use Google Voice via GrooveIP. THIS IS A TERRIBLE NEWS!!!!

    Anyone got a way around it!?!? Any other app which can be used to access Google Voice when one got multiple GV #s ? Anyone? Help? Please

    • Jesse

      grooveip still works. just dont update it

      • tblack301

        See that's the problem. I had mine on autoupdate and it killed my connection. I'd kill for a way to undo it.

        • French_Underwood

          I learnt the hard way that NEVER SET GOOGLE PLAY ON AUTO UPDATE. It ruined my GrooveIP integration with Google Voice.

          Did someone come up with how to use Google Voice (multiple G/V numbers) with an app such as GrooveIP???? It is extremely imp. to find an answer so help me(and us) please!!!

          • tblack301

            Hey guess what. Last week I solved my problem. I uninstalled the updated Groove Ip and side loaded a older version of Groove and bingo. My voice integration works. Look for Groove ip 1.4.8-2 APKyou may need to install an app like Astro file manager first so you can access the download and install it but it should work for you pretty easy especially if you download the Groove APK to a windows PC. Let me know how it goes.

          • French_Underwood

            tblack301 Could you please guide me?

            How do I side load? (I got Android smartphone with Windows PC connected via data cable)
            Also, how do I get this APK 1.4.8-2 for Groove IP?

            Your help is much appreciated!

          • tblack301

            One of these links at the bottom of the page should work. After you download the APK you'll need a file viewer like Astro File mananger installed on your Android phone first. Connect your phone to the PC. You should be able to copy the APK and drag and drop it on the phone listed as a removable disk on your PC. Go into Astro File and double click the APK for Groove ip. You'll need your settings to allow for 3rd party apps also. It should work fine that way.

          • French_Underwood

            This worked! My Groove IP and Google Voice have integration again. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • tblack301

            You're welcome man. Now hope Google decides to integrate GV into hangouts before the next ice age. This is ridiculous.

  • tblack301

    I'm in utter disbelief. I've been using GV for years with various apps but settled on GrooveIP for the majority of the time. No direct notice from Google at ALL about dropping these Voip apps. I have to hear it from GrooveIp today. How in the hell do you kill those apps after all this time and dont' have your supposed Voip integration for Hangouts ready or even threatening to be released? We are essentially without calling mobile calling features until they get their act together?

  • Marcos

    I'm still shocked my father's phone is still currently working as of 5/24/2014 5pm. GrooveIP and his Google Voice.

  • apk v1.4.8

    apk link from (copy.com)

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    apk link from (drive.google.com)

  • more apk

    GrooVe IP v1.4.8
    apk link from (drive.google.com)

  • awdahelwidit

    I know this post is from a far months ago, but people could just shitcan grooveip and route calls to IpKall or similar and point it to your favorite SIP provider. There are many apps to connect or Android's built in IP calling.

    Otherwise make a video call from hangouts with video off until they integrate it into hangouts for Android b/c desktop and iOS already have the feature.

    Either way it's not worth abandoning gv# that you have used for years, and not really Google's fault for not wanting to continue supporting old 3rd party gtalk connection method when gtalk evolved a couple years ago.

    Especially since their replacement performs way better than echoey ass grooveip ever could. At least with hangouts you don't sound like a broken record of the Verizon "can you great me now" guy.

  • Cesar

    My Grove ip and google voice still works.. I don't understand.. I still can make and receive incoming calls in my tablet using wifi.. Is not supposed to be working.. But I don understand.. It still working... Why..?

  • American Patriot

    For general chat, you can't beat the paid version of Groove IP. I have my phones running it, and while it is a VOIP service, you do not have to worry about going over any limits placed by carriers...you are on WiFi VOIP, not the carrier's network.