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Good news, sports fans: ESPN is almost definitely adding Chromecast support some time in the near future, as strongly suggested by the Google I/O 2014 Sandbox page. Here it is, GIFified.


ESPN is one of the most-watched cable channels in America, so this is doubtless exciting for a great many folks out there, and the description does suggest that live streaming will be available. Chromecast is certainly stacking up to be one of the most competitive video streaming experiences out there, and while competitors like Apple TV and Roku already support ESPN through the WatchESPN service, the fact that the Disney-owned channel is headed to Google's hardware is encouraging nonetheless. Hopefully the Chromecast version will provided the multi-channel experience of the existing WatchESPN service, too.

Google I/O

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  • TSK

    So would this just be WatchESPN Chromecast support? or something different?

  • Asphyx

    This is all coming about because JW HTML5 Player is building CCast support into their applet
    ESPN is the first one to get the new version of JW and others are likely to follow if that goes smoothly.

    • Kenny Griffin

      If it's coming to the apps then it has nothing to do with JW Player. JW is on the desktop and mobile browsers, not in the app itself...I think anyways.