According to tipsters, the Dell community forums, and XDA, the Dell Venue 7 and 8 Android tablets are receiving an update to Android 4.4.2 today. Also, according to XDA, the update does break root on the devices, so watch out for that.

Screenshot_2014-05-15-21-23-44_1_ Screenshot_2014-05-15-22-29-32

The devices' update to Android 4.3 also came simultaneously, so it's a good bet that it's available for both the 7 and 8 models right now if you go and check for it. The Atom-based budget tablets don't seem to be getting any truly major changes with this update, though of course a bump to KitKat is major in and of itself, so that's something to be excited about.

To check for the update, just head into settings and the "About device" section.

Thanks, Mari, Paul, and Scott. Dell Forums [1, 2]. Venue 7 Image via XDA.

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  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Look! The tablet UI in the settings!

    Maybe Google should buy Dell's mobile department and learn a thing or two about UX, I still can't forgive them for ruining 4.4 update on Nexus 10 (and basically for any 10" device with AOSP onboard)

  • deltatux

    Looks like Dell is on their ball game on updating the tablets to the latest Android. I didn't think they were going to update this thing to KitKat but I was wrong. Let me go get my family's Dell Venue 7 updated tonight then.

    I also noticed it is using a much newer kernel branch. Kudos for Intel/Dell for using the 3.10 kernel branch unlike the Qualcomm chips being forever stuck on the 3.4 branch.

    • Ed Elliott

      Yeah that does seem strange(in a good way) Everybody else even google is using 3.4 but they have 3.10..

  • Deb Frankoff

    Received the update on my Venue 7 today. Now one of my games keeps crashing. No probs before the update. Any ideas?

    • Droid4ever

      Go to Application Manager, select your app and clear data. Keep in mind, this will wipe out any game data that you may have saved.

      • Sam

        Still have not received any update for my Venue 8. Stuck on 4.3. Tried going to About, and selecting Update, but it says I'm at the latest. What gives?

  • Steve S

    Unfortunately, the 4.4.2 update has turned my Venue 7 into a self-rebooting brick, at this point. It does a reboot, runs for about 10 secs, and then freezes operations and input. Then, it sometimes reboots itself again, and sometimes just waits until the power down timer ticks over and turns off. Not pleased.

    • BillZ

      Mine too. Venue 8 here. Freeze after password at black Dell circle screen. Removing battery (which is harder than it should be and risk damage case/screen/power connector) doesn't' help. Start it back and same thing. Got a brick for now. Very annoying.

      • Rafael Romero Flores

        What did you do to your tablets you guys? My venue 8 was updated seamlessly.

    • Hussam

      Same problem with my dell venue 7 after 4.4.2 update
      Random reboots and dell screen showing

    • RobCop14

      Same problem for my Venue 7 tablet! does not go pass the DELL circle screen either! no matter how many times I reboot it, it just gets stuck there every time My table was not rooted but had the data encryption enabled and I wonder if having data encryption activated might have anything to do with the problem. does any of you had the data encryption active as well?

      Is there a way to undo the update installation or just reset the tablet back to factory settings without having access to tablet settings—since we can’t pass the DELL booting symbol? Maybe from outside using a computer or a
      card? it is not possible that we can go back to factory condition at least. What is DELL saying about this? and what if we just past the warranty date!

  • Toan Duong

    when will the galaxy tab 3 get kitkat ???

  • toss ross

    And I'm just sittin' here on Gingerbread...

  • Hoover

    Updated this morning. So far so good. (Dell Venue 8)

  • ckblack2000

    After updating this morning, my Venue 8 wouldn't read the microSD card. I pulled another card from a different tablet, checked it in the Venue, and it read the card. I tried the original Venue card in the 2nd tablet, and it read. Replaced the original Venue card, and it finally read.

    • FOR_REAL


  • MD

    Venue 8....updated automatically yesterday. Runnin' smoothly and I am truly diggin:' the upgrade to KitKqt 4.4....

  • beth aiton

    I had to uninstall overdrive as it kept freezing. Working now but other programs are having issues too. But many updated today and are running ok now.

  • Keith Stephenson

    Got the update and it erased my torrents. Also won't let me get new ones. Download mgr app disables randomly. Will not preview movie clips anymore. New browser video interface BLOWS. I can forgive anything but screwing with the torrents

    • effo

      ME TOO.....torrents gone and can't open new torrents! WTF big brother?

  • Sidzart

    Updated yes. But disappointed to see that the immersive mode and transparent background buttons in launcher and apps has not been implemented. It was pretty awesome in JB anyway.

    • Rafael Romero Flores

      Why don't you change to Nova Launcher? (Only if you want Transparency)


    My Venue 8" locked up after the DL. On reboot, it would allow me to enter password to decrypt storage but then get stuck with the DELL circle just sitting there. Contacted DELL and they walked me through the steps that reset the tablet back to factory setting . It worked.!!! Life is good.

    • BillZ

      What are the steps? I have struck out so far and still have a brick. Dell no help yet and my big 30 day warranty is out. I will have to call them (likely in India!), where they will tell probably tell me to pay for support (this is what happened before when I have computer problem). So I'm not keen on talking to them. Hopefully you can share your solution.

      • NEOHIO

        Yep they are in India... Go to this site it has the steps on it...


        Look in the comments -->> under Dell Tester...the comment with the expanding blue line "read more (18 lines) They were the instructions given to me by the guy from India.

        Good luck

        • BillZ

          Thank you. I found the answer myself via Google just before noticing you posted this fix. Was nice of you to take the time to do this. I posted the fix I found in a new comment under this thread. That has been a disappointing and painful experience with Dell, esp. as my Venue was otherwise working perfectly fine and I was happy with it.

  • Bobo Tapia

    I'm seeing the backlight readjust very slightly on occasion. And its not as smooth as 4.3. Nice that they re-added/added more notification sounds and the ability to print...

  • bolttcrankz

    Well I just update mi table(Dell Venue 8) yesterday, and is running very well, I dont see any problem with this version of 4.4 Kitkat. It did fix something that I notice while I was using 4.3, everytime I was running apps like MX player, Netflix or youtube my screen did freeze, but now that's all solved.

  • BillZ

    I found the answer via Google 2 days ago - on the Dell forums - provided by a customer - as Dell was not coming up with a workable solution fast enough so us poor customers had to figure it out on our own. The end result is a wiped clean phone (very annoying to lose all and have to start fresh), but I got my Venue again.

    If anyone else is reading this, the answer is: Posted by judem on 17 May 2014 3:18 PM at this link: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/mobile-devices/f/4585/p/19582012/20629204.aspx But be aware that while this will fix the brick, will lose all your data and customizations.

    Also note, you may end up noticing other problems as a result of the KitKat update. Mine left with battery charge no longer working right - it is running out of battery power 50% faster than it used to - and the SD card cannot be read. Hopefully a fix will come for these issues soon, or I shall try to uninstall the KitKat update (which I bet will again leave me with a brick).

  • cdog

    You can not get kitkat on a dell 7

  • John D Wayne

    After the KitKat update i keep getting messages like this "invalid oauth signature" so its not letting me log on to some app's and the keyboard lay out has changed for the worst.

  • john

    Will the dell venue 8 receive android 4.4.4 update

  • HuNter ShasHwat

    I am not getting any updates !!!