Xiaomi announced the Tegra K1-powered Mi Pad tablet today, but that wasn't the only impressive piece of tech the company had to show off. The Chinese manufacturer is back with its second smart TV, and this one's packing a 49" 4K display. To make things even better, the Mi TV 2 will go for CN¥3,999, a little over $600.


The Mi TV 2 has a MStar quad-core 1.45GHz processor, a Mali450-MP4 GPU, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal memory that's expandable with a microSD card. On the software side, it's themed with Xiaomi's MIUI TV skin. The product is launching later this month in China, but we're not likely to see it ship overseas. Sucks, I know.

Sources: Xiaomi [1], [2]

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • axel

    WTF! $600 for a 50" 4K TV!? I fucking want to buy 2 of these just because of the price

    • Markoff

      that's just normal price in China, for 4000RMB you can alrady buy 50" 4K Smart TV in China, Xiaomi 1" smaller is actually worse deal, while they have better CPU for Android, but in general they make more money since they sell directly and not through eshops like other noname brands

      • axel

        So you have any links? Or something to show me those 4K TV'S at low prices? Its not that I don't believe you. I was surprised by this one from Xioami because I've never heard of a 4K TV selling at that price with all those things. So would you show me the other 4K TVs that are supposedly a better deal? What brands?

        • Markoff

          see my comment above with JD.com link, I am sure if I spend few more minutes I can find it even cheaper on Taobao/TMall/Yixun or other CN websites

  • supremekizzle

    This just brings to light the bullshit price fixing that other manufacturers do. How can Xiomi release a 50" 4k TV for $600, but Samsung, Sony, and LG can't? Fucking bullshit.

    • yellowdavid

      +1, and the TV panel of the miTV is from LG :)

    • atlouiedog

      Sony has been struggling to turn a profit on their expensive TVs for a decade. I don't know what they're doing.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        They need to get more kids working at their factories.

    • Stylus_XL

      We'll have to see how it performs by way of viewing angles, black levels, clouding, energy efficiency, input lag, motion processing, etc. It might be cheap but it doesn't mean it's good. But in general I do agree that as consumers we get charged a heavy "brand name" tax.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        OLED is the future. It doesn't need all the bullshit LCD needs to be nearly viewable, brings back Plasma quality with enhancements and using even less energy than LCD with LED backlight. Also, infinite contrast.

      • Justin W

        As @disqus_vAuucvjK4Y:disqus said, this is the same panel in one of the LG TV's, and from my experience their viewing angles are really good (I don't have any of their 4K line though, so can't really comment on that).

        • yellowdavid

          yup, panel seems to be from LG.
          The first generation of Xiaomi TV had LG or Samsung panel and the chinese reviews seems to have praised it.

          What I found slightly dissapointing though is that they shifted to a Mediatek mstar processor (the 1st gen had Snapdragon 600)

      • psychoace

        Yeah, I just bought a Scepter 50in 1080p 60hz LED TV for $400. Does it have ghosting? Yes. Does it have uneven lighting? Yes. Does it have terrible audio, remote, and system menu that doesn't backup its settings so when you lose power your time and date are reset among other things? Yes. Still, most of the time the picture looks great and HD looks like HD so I didn't waste my $400 on this TV. So I'm sure the Xiomi is probably in the same boat on some of these compromises.

        • OmniUni

          I bought a Sanyo 50" LED TV for around $400 as well, but it doesn't exhibit ghosting or weird lighting. The Audio is only OK, but it's hooked up to an ONKYO home theater system and a Roku, and the one thing it needs to do well (display stuff) it does beautifully.

    • Grahaman27

      well Xaomi doesnt make any money on their hardware, they sell AT COST, then it ties you into their services.

      • enomele

        This. From what I've been told this is exactly how they do it. And why not, it works well for amazon.

    • Deeco

      I think it's a case of "Because they can."

    • Mario

      Wait it gets better. You also get a sound bar and a sub woofer with the 4K TV all for $600. Yeah we're all totally getting screwed by the "top brands".

    • Markoff

      simple answer is - they don't. there is difference between releasing and selling something to customers and between announcing something. as we more familiar with xiaomi know, it will start with very limited release, basically impossible to buy and months later when all other manufacturers catch up and offer better deals then Xiaomi finally start real sale... same thing happened with each and every Xiaomi product, that's why nobody familiar with their history care about them anymore except their fanboys who dunno any other brands

      49" TV for 4000RMB doesn't sound like very good deal to me in China, where I can buy 42" Full HD TV for ~2000RMB half price, USB smart dongle will cost you additional 200-400RMB and you still have smaller screen, but anyway source of signal in China is FAR from 4K, so good luck, anyway you end up with some mandatory stream subscription to see any content at least in HD so they will squeeze money out of you anyway same as did LeTV

      I just hope this Xiaomi TV is not as crappy as LeTV and other smart TVs which are just cheapest noname shits with beautiful design but horrible software which keep constantly crashing and freezing

      btw. 4K TVs in general are cheap in China, you can buy already today 4K 50" Android TV for 3999RMB, so I don't see Xiaomi's offer as some great deal breaker, they just put there some better Android HW worthy few hundreds more which they will make up anyway on your first subscription

      but as usual noobs abroad will praise Xiaomi as how great is their offer although they didn't offer anything which would not be already available on market, just stick Xiaomi brand on it and sell it for higher price since they sell directly and not throush middleman taking commission

      • floyden

        u are Chinese?

        • Markoff

          no, how is it relevant to my comment?

  • jrod

    price fixing is right, since according the the source, it also comes with a "8.1 channel sound bar" if I am reading things right

    • Kevin Aaronson

      Holy smokes, unbelievable.

  • yellowdavid

    I am living in China and currently own the MiBox (basically a set top box with the same system as the MiTV). Android set top box seems to be quite common here and the Chinese have developped a lot of (useful) TV optimized apps, much more than on any Android box with google play.

    On a side note, the TV is also provided with external speakers, bluetooth bass subwoofer and is also a 3D TV ^_^.

    • Justin W

      So, you're offering to buy one for everyone who wants one and ship it to them, right?

      • yellowdavid

        I wish I could ! :D

      • Markoff

        shipping any electronics outside mainland China is basically impossible or it will significantly increase the price of the goods that you will better buy it officialy imported, me and my friends tried to ship much simpler things than electronics and already that was pain in the ass asking for documents and visiting multiple post offices

  • remister

    Thank you Chinese people for your epic skills of faux things.. I might have to get one shipped here somehow.

  • Mikeb3ll

    $600 for this or I can grab that Samsung one for like $6k..what the actual fuck?

    These needs to hit N.A!

  • hoosiercub88

    I'd buy one if I could get it pre-configured to be in English upon turning it on.

    • remister

      I am sure if it isn't manufactured with English, some XDA dev would just create one, since it is Android based.

      • hoosiercub88

        Eh I'm sure it's an option in the language settings. A TV is one of those things I'd like to just get and take out of the box, plug in, and be done with it.

        • yellowdavid

          The Xiaomi TV Launcher is unfortunately only in Chinese.
          As it is Android, you can install an alternative TV launcher though.

          One of the best TV optimized app so far in English seems to be XBMC.

  • solbin

    So uh... when can we get this tv on the states? Since it would have android, it could easily replace my Roku box. Plus if it has bluetooth it would be amazing as an emulator machine.

    • anees

      yes it has bluetooth 4.0 LE

  • solbin

    It is also funny to note that a frikkin tv has more RAM than a flagship iPhone 5s, and likely the upcoming iPhone 6.

    • enoch861

      But I wonder how smooth it is. The iPhone 5s does just fine with however much RAM it has.

      • solbin

        Yeah, tell that to my friend who has an iPad air w/ 1GB of RAM whose phone crashes on GIF heavy websites. He also always complaints about having to refresh pages each time he switches tabs on the internet.

        • enoch861

          I haven't used an iPad Air, so I can't comment.
          But this entire week I've been using an iPhone 5S instead of my G2 and I have to say, it's been extremely smooth and enjoyable experience. Haven't had a single issue with it except the screen is really tiny. I'll be going back to my G2 this weekend after completing my one week with the iPhone but I came away impressed. As much as I love Android, everything is just elegant on the other side and things just simply work. I love my G2 too much though!
          Now, if Apple decides to come out with a bigger iPhone... they're gonna make a killing with it.

  • DH

    $600 means its crap.... END OF STORY....

    • DH

      Think of the parts they have to buy tha is so cheap and crap which is the only reason that the tv is so cheap. It's literally made of cheap and crap parts.

      • cheapbutgood

        Let me explain you how wrong you are with the example of their current flagship Android the MI3:

        LG 5' 1080p IPS Screen with Gorilla Glass 3
        Snapdragon 800
        Sony Camera Sensor with Dual LED Flash
        3050mAh Battery
        All this and more for 280€ at the time.

        I have this phone and all my friends really like it and praise it all the time. And I'm talking about friends with iPhone 5's and Galaxy S4's.
        I already dropped it like 3 or 4 times and it was always a really bad fall, yet, the screen is not cracked and the back cover is completely fine.

        If their phones can be used of any example, then their TVs are made with high quality materials.

        They kind of use the new Motorola plan: Sell low and sell loads.

        • Justin W

          It works. Unfortunately, the ones with the largest reach (LG, Samsung, other high-end TV manufacturers) aren't selling low, but still are selling quite a few.

  • KingofPing


    What the heck, people....

    Why is there not rioting in the streets from the folks in the US over this crap? Why are we so content to pay so damn friggin' much?

  • someone755

    SDcards on a TV? Huh, tech sure does advance in weird ways.

    • Firehawkws7

      Do you live under a rock? TVs have been able to accept sdcards for years.

      • someone755

        Yes. Yes I do.
        Want to come inside? It's really warm though it feels very closed, dark and constraining. Especially the latter.

        On a serious note, I didn't know TVs have micro SD card readers integrated. I've seen regular SD cards fit in there, but that's about it.

  • MJ

    This could be even cheaper if they removed the Android functionality. I don't understand "smart" TVs. My PC and mobile devices provide better "smart" functions to my TV which I have more control over.

  • senor_heisenberg

    I'm surprio the interface doesn't look like it was ripped from an Apple TV.

  • senor_heisenberg

    I'm surprised the interface doesn't look like it was ripped from an Apple TV.

  • Tito!

    these are hack-able, right?
    If not, fuck it. looks like I'm finally learning Chinese

    not kidding. I am buying one of these!

  • Kareem Ayman

    If only I could ship it to my country without paying one's worth in taxes and shipping fees!

    • Markoff

      they can't ship even in China, it's just publicity stunt as usual, promising delaying and actually releasing when all other brands are significantly lower, you can buy TODAY 4K 50" Smart TV in China for same price as they just announced, yes the Android HW in their crap has better specs but it has also 1" smaller size and cost more since they sell diretly and not through eshops

      • Kareem Ayman

        The "publicity stunt" payed off then, the problem is that china is so secluded you just can't judge it among other global markets, Americans where shocked by what seems to be a norm in china TV market...

  • UltraREX

    You can't buy it easily in China , cause they sell it limited. Chinese called it "Ji E Ying Xiao".

  • Markoff

    TLDR for lazy - Xiaomi just offered 49" 4K Smart TV for literally same price as cost 50" 4K Smart TV in China available now
    main differences:
    - Xiaomi has better Android HW
    - Xiaomi is 1" smaller
    - Xiaomi is not actually selling anything unlike real products, they always just announce
    - Xiaomi is selling directly thus saving money on middlemen while you can buy 50" 4K TV from eshop which has already commission for sure, so actual price closer to factory is even few hundreds RMB lower
    Good job Xiaomi with your another publicity stunt, showing yourself as pioneer when you just slap your sticker to something which is already sold on market and your fanboys can jerk off on it.

    • sero_t

      Why gives xiaomi you so much asspain? It is a good deal and you know it. You can get a samsung for cheaper or the same price as an iphone, but still people by iphones. Why? Because that is what a individual likes. Samsung have more options and more to give to the user, for more or less the same price. It is just what you like, and i think it is a good deal, a 49 inch 4K 3D tv with soundbar and a subwoofe.

      • sero_t

        For a price you will not find in Europea countries. And a question to people know more aboit the tv. Does anybod know the precise specifications? Like how many HZ does the screen has and DPi or and where to order etc

        • Markoff

          you will not find this Xiaomi TV even in China, so keep dreaming about Europe. what's the point dreaming about something you can't buy? becaus that's deal with Xiaomi products, when it's good deal you can't really buy them even in China, they just build on promises and live off their hype

      • Markoff

        because xiaomi producs in general are vaporware, although not literally, but they usually announce something and then you have to wait for months until actual production begin, when prices are already so low that competition is already beating them with better offer anyway, but the deal is that xiaomi fanboys will have drilled in their memoy "xiaomi = good deal" based on previous experience months ago which they built hype upon

        As for why people buy iphone instead of samsung nd why they buy samsung instead of xiaomi and why they buy xiaomi instead of better deal - because they are stupid and not rational, I am very pragmatic, don't give a F about brand, I just want the best deal for my bucks, of coure you mut always include quality into count, but even nonames have already so good quality and brands not so good that it really won't matter anymore

  • Lee

    Hello everyone,I'm from China,I have to tell you the TV panel of the miTV 2 is fake 4K panel,the real 4K panel is much more than $600

    • Lee

      BTW,It‘s my suspect,because there are 3 kinds of 49 inch panel in the market,1、RGB 1080P CN¥2400,2、RGBW +Half Cut 1080p CN¥3400(this is fake 4K panel,many products in China’s market),3、RGB 4K CN¥4700,So, I think the panel of the miTV 2 is fake 4K panel

      • R

        But how can they announce The MiTV 2 as 4K panel???

        • Josh Perlstein

          It may be capable of accepting 4K content but not actually displaying quad-HD (4K) pixels.

        • MonkeyBoyF
  • Al McDowall

    I recently bought a 65" 4K 3D Skyworth TV. Ok, obviously more expensive (about $1800) but despite my initial concern about a Chinese/HK brand, it really offered an outstanding deal for the price. Image is fantastic, blacks are fully black, whites are crisp, 1080p video is sharp as can be.

    Now the Android component is dreadful. It's locked down, nothing you would recognise as Android and unstable as anything. You can only get apps from the Skyworth 'app store' and currently there are only about 15, most of which are crappy games.

    Doesn't bother me since I run everything through a Minix Neo X7 (upgrading to X8s when they are released in a couple of weeks) and that is stable, fluid and vanilla Android.

    That huge TV is one of the best purchases I have ever made, absolutely delighted with it. The Xiaomi - well, you'd have to see it before purchasing, but I would say that lack of high-end branding does not necessarily mean a poor result.

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