Amazon's Appstore now has access to Rockstar's PS2-era open world crime trilogy, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Unfortunately, it looks like these editions are only for the Kindle Fire tablets and the new Fire TV set-top box. But if you do have any of those Amazon devices, and you buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $6.99, you'll get a whopping 2000 Amazon Coins ($20 in Amazon Appstore credit) for free. You might call it a steal.

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San Andreas is the biggest and most expansive of the trilogy, though there are those that prefer GTA III or Vice City. But it's still a great game almost ten years after its initial release - and some of you might even be old enough to legally play it now! The Play Store version of the game includes touchscreen controls and support for hardware controllers, and presumably that has been retained for the Fire TV version with its Amazon-branded game controller.

You can't get the Appstore credit from buying GTAIII or Vice City, more's the pity. (Those games are five bucks each, and also appear to be limited to Amazon hardware.) But there's nothing stopping you from using your new Coins to purchase both games, and still have $10 in credit left over for other games or in-app purchases on the Appstore, including those that are compatible with wider Android hardware.

The offer is good from now until June 11th. The coins expire after one year. If you don't have a Kindle Fire or Fire TV, the three games have the same prices on the Play Store.

Amazon Appstore - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Felipe13

    I wonder if you can buy it with coins and then still get the 2000 coins with the game. That would be a steal.

    • atlouiedog

      You can. That's what I did. I turned ~800 coins into ~2100 while also putting a copy of GTA:SA in my account.

      • Felipe13

        Sweet, I just did it too. That was gangsta lol.

        • zubsz

          could you tell me how to purchase it with coins lol it saying that amazon coins are not available at your location. I live in the uk by the way.

          • solbin

            Try a VPN service so it thinks you are in the US... not sure what else to do, you may be SOL.

  • Thomas Phillips

    Now how do I trick the amazon app store into thinking my nexus 7 is a supported device.

    • Mark Thomas

      Also interested in this. Could I buy it through the Amazon website and still get the coins?

      • Tibor Kovács

        Yes, buying through the website works.

        • GryphKid44

          I second this. The Amazon Appstore is also having a sale on Photo editing apps today. Each free app you download gets you 100 coins. Yes, free coins in addition to a free app. I used these coins to buy San Andreas on the website because I do not have a Kindle or other supported device. They credited me the extra 2000 coins as well for this purchase.

    • Sruly J

      You could try using Market Unlocker probably.

  • Eker

    In UK you don't need pay anything to buy GTA:SA, because they are doing coin give away right now .

    • MrJamesBrown

      Can also confirm that this works.
      Now I have gotta work out what to use the coins on...

  • Mrtito32

    That went well. Only charged me 217 coins! Went from 1592 coins to 3375, Awesome!

    Item Subtotal:699
    CoinsPromotions:-500 Coins
    Tax Collected:18 Coins
    Grand Total:217 Coins

  • http://www.google.com/ Roshan

    Download All 9 of these free apps and earn 100 Amazon coins each.

    Now spend 699 of these coins to buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from link in the post. You will get get 2000 coins. :)

    Now you are a proud owner of 2201 coins worth $22 which you can spend on any digital purchase on Amazon. :)

    • Christopher Smith

      Awesome...Thanks. Worked Great...They took 42 coins tax for San Andreas so I ended up with 2159 coins for nothing. And a copy of San Andreas. (That it looks like I can't play on any of my devices). Is there any way to download it and side load onto a Nexus 7 or a LG G2?

    • Pete Tandon


    • David Peterson

      Worked great, thanks for sharing!

    • Emilio Montes

      thank you worked great, you saved me 7 dollars

    • Dakota

      Can't find the San Andreas app on the Amazon Appstore app anywhere

    • HuangJS

      not free anymore?

  • zubsz

    what a day of purchases! :D

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  • Blah Blah

    Only problem now is to figure out what to get with 2000 coins.

    • Da Fuq

      I'm definitely gonna get XCOM when it comes to Amazon.

  • David Peterson

    Even though I would likely never play this game I just got the free games to get the coins to get this game and get more coins and now I want a Fire TV.

    Damn it all and damn Gary Busey!!

  • Spasillium

    I would love to take Amazon's app store more seriously if the apps were updated as fast as Google's Play Store ones. Bought a few off of there from gift cards and random coins, and most of them haven't been updated after their first or second updates.

    • Dakota

      Some never are updated. Ive spoken to developers when their apps are 4-5 versions behind Google & theyve said Amazon is a pain to deal with & not worth it for the number of customers. It sucks...

  • MarkusPretzel

    not available in germany :(

    • Da Fuq

      Probably with Fire TV release? Unfortunately there is no date :(

  • yieldway17

    Isn't GTA:SA compatible with Nexus 5?

    • Dakota

      I have N5 and can't even find it in the Appstore app. It doesn't show up

  • vice86

    BEWM...$22 in coins! Thanks Amazon.

  • Dakota

    I can't find the app in the Appstore app. The link opens a browser but Ive done searches for grand theft auto d& san Andreas & nothing pops up. The problem with Amazon is some developers stop updating their apps so the Googlevversion will have different versions

  • KvinlonWeldon

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