2014-05-14 12_24_13-Exclusive_ Samsung Galaxy Gear Tizen Preview _ SamMobile

The Galaxy Gear didn't jumpstart Samsung's wearable ecosystem as it had hoped. In fact, it was such a disappointment that the company released a new version alongside the Galaxy S5 just a few months later. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo run Tizen instead of Android, but there was rampant speculation that the original Gear would be moved to Tizen eventually. Apparently that's close to happening, and SamMobile got some hands-on time with Tizen on the Galaxy Gear.

Since the base operating system is different, apps designed on the Galaxy Gear will no longer work after the update. Instead, developers will need to make use of the Tizen wearables SDK if they want to build apps. Samsung tried to maintain some semblance of consistency from the first Gear to the second, so the UI isn't radically different. The changes are mostly in the feature set.

The updated Gear will have sleep mode to track your snoozing, an exercise mode that can track your steps in real time, and a music app that can play tracks stored locally on the device. Users also get a few more voice commands and better control over the double-tap shortcut. There's no official word when the new OS is coming to the Gear, but it's definitely real.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Zak Taccardi

    why wouldn't they just move it to Android Wear and save everyone's time/money?

    • someone755

      They'd have saved themselves a few tons of lost customers...

    • Lee Winkler

      Im in full agreement...and would buy one of the refurbs for 100 bucks if i knew that I could flash it over myself, but so far havent seen anything posted on here about it. (havent checked xda though)

  • Christian Martins

    They want to do without Android... but they can't!
    I personnaly prefer the LG G Watch.

    • nexus warriors smh

      you prefer an unreleased android wear watch, why you surely aren't a dumbass.

      • Christian Martins

        I prefer Android, and I don't like Samsung Plastics, but I guess you do

        • nexus warriors smh

          but wait, the gear has more metal than the G watch. Nexus warriors are just as blind as the apple fanboys they claim to be above. #imdone

          • Christian Martins

            Did you ever wear a Galaxy Gear ?
            Cause it feels so bad, and I never had the oportunity to test the G Watch but it looks so nice... and better than the Samsung's watches.

          • rdsOLDschool

            Your a tard! LMAO

  • Daire O Connor

    So it's no longer a Galaxy device basically. Makes sense now there is a Gear 1 and a Gear 2 to choose from. Hopefully the price drops significantly to between the Fit and the Gear 2 as a midrange watch.

  • Mystery Man

    No Android no care.

  • JackPackage

    They could make it JesusOS, but it's still a god damn ugly piece of a "watch"...

  • Sharkbite Woohaha

    Classic bait and switch...

    • hoosiercub88

      In what way exactly?

  • Michael

    No mention of battery improvement? I would upgrade mine for that.

  • A2theC

    It wasn't "rampant speculation" it was specifically stated by Samsung when they announced the new watches. The change is mostly about battery life.