It was a rough day yesterday for fans of the video indexing app Mizuu. The app was pulled from Google Play after it was found to be in violation of Google's adult content guidelines. The developer has received word that the app won't be reinstated, so he's decided to open source it and host a free version so paying customers will still have access.


The issue stems from Mizuu's use of themoviedb.org to find data on users' video files. There's some adult content listed there that slips through the database's filter, which could then show up in Mizuu under some circumstances. The dev is working on a new version of Mizuu for the Play Store that will implement an extra level of filtering to keep that stuff out, but it might also filter out perfectly acceptable content too. The developer admits this is an imperfect solution, but the Google has spoken.

The new version will be a paid app just like the old one was. As for existing users, they'll be able to download a free build of Mizuu from the developer's website. You can still get the free app if you never bought Mizuu, though. It's completely open source and hosted on GitHub now, so developers can start playing around with it.

[Mizuu, GitHub]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • sickgrinder

    Cool, now someone can add Chromecast support to it, its lame having to have a external player do it.

    • Kenneth

      Not really applicable to the Chromecast in this case. Chromecast is basically a playback device with a splash screen displayed. This is an interactive browser which I'm not sure Chromecast has the ability to support.

  • Godspoken

    Wouldn't you have to have porn for it to show porn movie info anyway?

    • Kenneth

      Not really, as pointed out by the dev - Zack & Miri makes a porno isn't exactly a real porno, but it will be flagged as one by whatever system Google uses.

      • techlte

        Because that makes sense and Google are the self proclaimed morality police. People need to take responsibility for their actions: parents of curious children AND Google for their lack of developer support and unacceptable automated process.

  • Drodzand

    Google needs to get their act together with their Google Play policies. I've never used this app but what happened to the developer is unfortunate and unacceptable.

  • Jörgen Pettersson

    I know of some applications in the Play Store that are able to pull data from the world wide computer network containing adult content.

  • techlte

    This is unacceptable, this developer must have been targeted with a response like that from Google. When do the Reddit or Imgur apps come down for their pornography? Will they be met with the same smug response? Why are Google acting like thugs, their process is clearly flawed.. Why should this developer suffer? Why should this apps paying customers suffer such an inconvenience?


    • Brendan

      Well, to be fair, Imgur and Reddit apps are just a wrapper that displays the content in a unique way. This app uses external databases and creates the content on its own. It's still not fair, but making a comparison to Imgur and Reddit apps
      doesn't really apply.

      • techlte

        Actually it does, because adult content. If anything the Reddit and Imgur apps are worse offenders as they have numbers of sections dedicated to adult content. In the case of this app you must already be in position of something questionable. Also worth mentioning, that is our assumption as I've yet to see an official statement from Google. Regardless, because adult content.

        What Google did to this developer and his customers is unacceptable.

        • Brendan

          So if you're also saying that if we have to ban reddit clients because they can access adult content, then should we ban anything with a web browser because it can access an adult site. Right?

          • techlte

            Nope, that's just your projected logic. Google doesn't have to ban anything, I don't recall them being elected police of the internet?That being said, given this reckless display.. It's probably only a matter of time until more applications are unfairly flagged, unless this developer was in fact targeted.

          • Brendan

            Google sure as hell can dictate what goes on their app store.

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/no6969el Noel Barcellos

            Seriously his logic is based off of your written one. If what you say is true about him then your original statement is your "projected" logic as well.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    So I guess this hasn't got support for KitKat external memory?

  • Michael Williams

    Do no evil, indeed.

  • Chad Brubaker

    Umm.... don't HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax all have apps in Google Play? I believe all four of them have a category marked "after dark"; Epix cranks it up a step further, and actually has a category called "erotica" - these are available from the front page, I think.

    I guess it depends on what level of "adult content" you are referring to; but I notice that the Playboy app specifies "non-nude"; I believe the nudity on HBO's shows is at least equivalent to Playboy.

    And, based on the article, it does sound as if Mizuu is a subscription service, so that can't be the difference.

    Seems like there is a shifting standard.

  • didibus

    I'm not sure I understand. What does this app do? Does it let me stream online shows and films? Or does it index my own movie files and organises it?

  • digigenocide

    Wtf Google. If it weren't for porn, Google wouldn't be half as popular as it is

  • Darkmyth CH

    Chrome has the hability to retrieve adult data.. Should it be taken down?

  • gmaninvan

    Hope this doesn't happen to Plex.........

    • techlte

      It looks like the Plex Movie Database Agent does pull metadata from TheMovieDB