Carriers are pretty overt about making consumers pay for their devices using long-term contracts or high amounts of cold, hard cash. They're not so open about the subsequent payment in tears - thick, heavy tears dropped waiting for Android updates that feel destined never to come. Well, Verizon Galaxy Note 3 owners, you've officially paid enough. It's time to wipe away those tears, for the Galaxy Note 3 KitKat OTA update is finally rolling out to devices.


This update comes over five months since Google unveiled the sweet details surrounding KitKat, whetting Note 3 users' appetites for the features to come. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all rolled out the update before the end of March, but Verizon customers weren't destined for such good fortune. Their KitKat arrives today, in May.

The version number is N900VVRUCNC4. If it has yet to arrive on your device, it's time to fire up Kies or harass that update button.

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  • Porkchop

    And now to wait to hear whether it's still rootable...if not I may have to root this weekend.

    • solbin

      Why not root now and wait until someone on XDA releases a custom ROM? If you are rooted now, it is likely it will become unrooted after the update.

      • Porkchop

        Lazy/not wanting to wipe data! Although I haven't looked at recent root efforts, the early ones required a full wipe. My major phone tinkering days are behind me, mostly just wanting reliable tethering.

        • solbin

          I understand. It is one reason why I root whenever I buy a phone whether I actually want to or not. It is just the fact that if I want to do it later it means I won't have to completely wipe the phone. Or if I do need to wipe it, backup apps such as Carbonite are friendlier with rooted phones. Either way, wiping a phone completely is something I like to do every year or two anyway.. Gives me a chance to get rid of the apps I never use and usually helps give the phone a fresh start.

        • MrIg0Hard
    • alexcue

      You definitely want to root before taking this OTA, if you've ever wanted to root. Any OTA generally patches existing exploits and makes it harder to root in the future. Kingo doesn't work on the Note 3 4.4.2 OTA, from what I've been reading in the forums.

  • Michael


    Reports that root may never be possible if you take the OTA

    • alexcue

      Yup. Best bet is to stay on 4.3 if you're unrooted and ever are interested in rooting. If you're rooted on 4.3, it's easy to use Bean's leaked build to update.

      • Emma Nicholson


        ❥❥❥ ❥�❥❥ ❥❥❥ ❥❥❥� ❥❥❥

  • alexcue

    For anyone who's been rooted on this device, you REALLLLLLLY don't want to take the OTA. Stick with this leaked, pre-rooted build from late April: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2726558

    According to Hashcode, the dev of SafeStrap:
    "Here is a brief (and yet startling) list of advantages to the leaked Kitkat build that could be done away with in ANY future OTA for the Note 3:

    At anytime you can use ODIN to go back to 4.3 for root, disaster recovery etc.

    This leaked Kitkat build allows for *ANY* compatible kernel module to be used. Unlike any previous Note 3 build ever. No whitelist security is in place to block kernel modules which are not "approved". (pointed out by @ryanbg)

    It's Kitkat but SElinux permissive. Also very very rare."

    It's easy to update if you're already rooted. Flash this build in the stock slot in SafeStrap. Use ODIN to flash the new NC2 firmware. Install the latest SafeStrap 3.72.

    • Mike Harris

      I actually still have the firmware that came with my phone because I can't seem to update no matter what. I've tried unrooting with Kingo and disabling Safestrap, but I tried to do the last OTA a bunch of different times and it just kept failing. I can install a TouchWiz ROM in another slot, but I can't update the stock one for some reason.

      Maybe I'll try using this one. Thank you. Do I have to use the stock slot for it, though? I'd rather try it on another slot first to be safe.

      • alexcue

        As far as I know, the leaked build has to be installed in the stock slot. I just followed Beans' instructions in this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=52088484 (second post for instructions)

        Something else to note: the beta of SafeStrap mentioned in the instructions (3.72) doesn't support other ROM slots yet. Just an FYI.

        • Mike Harris

          Thank you, I noticed that after I posted. It seems like that has to be done and SafeStrap has to be reinstalled, as opposed to other ROMs that can just be flashed into one of the slots.

  • Head

    Any one tried foxfire yet

  • Head

    Anyone tried foxfi yet

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    Verizon most of the time provide update from Android quite
    late as compare to other carriers. Once my contract will over I will never
    choose this carrier again. Instead of it, I will choose Sprint which is much
    better then Verizon. Well, thanks for the update as once I fully charged my
    device on wireless charging pad after that I will ready to harass that update button.

  • gordon brown

    that's a good news for Note III users. Hope S4 Active will be next to receive the said update.
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  • http://www.linenstrader.co.uk/ Ravikaleova

    I've tried unrooting with Kingo and disabling Safestrap, but I tried to do the last OTA a bunch of different times and it just kept failing. I can install a TouchWiz ROM in another slot, but I can't update the stock one for some reason.

    Smart Wearable Tech