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Alongside the launch of the brand new super-budget Moto E, Motorola also announced an improved variant of its marginally more expensive Moto G. The updated version is now equipped with an LTE radio and an SD card slot. Naturally, the price of the LTE model is also a bit higher at $219, which is still a bargain. Oh yeah, now it also comes in white!

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This is certainly a boon to those seeking a low-cost device, but don't want to settle on 3G speeds. Several people are also likely to jump on this model simply for the new SD slot that was lacking in the earlier version. It appears that the side effect of adding an SD slot is that there is no longer an option to buy the phone with 16 GB of internal memory. This might be a deal-breaker for some people that install a lot of apps and games.

If you're interested in picking up the Moto G 4G LTE, get your pre-order in here or on Amazon. The phone and any accessories you order with it should be delivered between June 3rd - 6th. For only $40 over the original model, this is a pretty sweet deal.


Source: Motorola, Motorola Blog, Engadget

Cody Toombs
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  • ProductFRED

    Almost perfect. Just needed 16GB storage. But whatever. At least now that 8GB can be dedicated solely to apps and media will go on the external storage. Plus, if you have to complain, this phone isn't intended for you.

    • hkklife

      Moto giveth and then Moto taketh away. I would have left it at 16GB + microSD slot just to further differentiate it from the OG G as a more "premium" offering. Any word if the battery capacity has been boosted as well to accommodate for the hungrier LTE radios?

      • ProductFRED

        I would have loved 16GB + microSD, but it would have increased the price too much for what the phone is attempting to do. With 8GB internal storage, you should have around 5-6GB usable. You can put all your media on external storage. Google Play Music has external storage support, I believe. You can email, browse the web, and have room for several small apps (not big games) with that amount of space.

        Not sure about the battery.

    • thartist

      OnePlus One increased 48 GB of internal memory for 50 bucks, talk about raising costs for only 8...

  • Dani R.

    White looks incredibely sexy on this device!

  • Simon Belmont

    Ha. WITH SD slot.

    That guy in the Moto E comments saying it didn't have one has some splainin' to do. Hehehe.

    • ProductFRED

      This is a Moto G, not E.

      • Simon Belmont

        I'm well aware of that. There was someone in the Moto E article comments saying that the Moto G with LTE won't have an SD card slot. He was obviously wrong. That's what I was alluding to.

        EDIT: http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/05/13/motorola-moto-e-is-official-pre-orders-start-at-just-129-with-no-contract/#comment-1382762438 .

        • ProductFRED

          Oh, sorry. Upvoted :)

          • Simon Belmont

            No problem. Upvoted as well. :)

            Besides they all do look pretty similar. Haha. ;)

        • tymalo

          If it has it that's great. It just doesn't say it anywhere in the blog post or on the Moto G specifications page. You would think that would be a feature they would have front and center. I was just being skeptical.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    Wow I love my Galaxy S4 but now I'd have a hard time justifying spending the $400+ premium it would take to replace it if I had to today.

  • Tomáš Petrík

    One thing I gotta give to Apple - they usually declare geographical availability in advance. Here I am left wondering if it will make it to where I live as well, or not.

  • Roh_Mish

    I woulld like a Moto G with Larger internal memory and SDcard.
    LTE may be a big thing in Us but outside and primarily in the countries Motorola aims to sell these phones, people would prefer that to LTE.
    Here in India LTE is only in a few cities and the reception will be questionable in smaller cities for a few more years. And as they are hoping to spend limited on phone, I highly doubt they would get a unlimited or a higher cap plan. Mostly 500 MB for about US$1 (thats still too much as we had unlimited data or higher caps/speed ones for very cheap just a few years back) and LTE would blow that in just a few minutes if not hours.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      in fact i live in italy and i really don't care about lte cause all those parts of Rome where i spent my days aren't covered by lte

      • Roh_Mish

        H+ speeds are very good for us in India and YouTube and other services work good. Videos load within a few seconds. That is OK for me. H+ has great reception in Mumbai and outside. I rarely get 3G. Mostly its H+ or H.

  • Daniel Reitzell

    Will this work on Straight Talk? It should, right?

    • br_hermon

      Don't see why it wouldn't.

    • Scott

      It does.

      • Daniel Reitzell

        ty sir

  • br_hermon

    What would you rather do?

    1. Buy a Nexus 5 to use for 2 years.

    2. Buy a Moto G LTE (or similar device) to use for 1 year. Buy the sequel the following year.

    The price is roughly the same. What are the pros and cons to either choice?

    • Shaun

      Nexus 5 for me. It's just too good to pass up.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      i think i'll do the second choice. cause if you get a phone you can't do that kind of decision. you can do that for a pc, but a phone is always outside and you can't be sure it'll survive for two years. i think i'll get moto g

    • dude

      Buy the Moto G because it have better battery life, and save some money at least in the short run. You'll probably buy the another phone in a yer time if you get the Nexus 5 anyway.

  • RXG9

    Does this have a removable battery?

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      no i don't think. the only difference is the fact that this one has sdcard support and 4g. everything is the same

  • http://www.binarytuberculosis.com BinaryTB

    Looks like it's GSM only, no Verizon. NUTS.

  • Ali

    is it worth spending $100 more if I trade in my motorola photon 4g (100 trade in program)? So that I have a gsm phone to use for tmobile or at&t or overseas traveling? It will be used to surf web, watch youtube, remote for netflix , gps, facebook... I wont play any games on it.

    • dude

      It should make the perfect device, because it run stock Android it will be smooth experience for everything you listed. It's better if you can get the International version over the US version, that is because the International version have 900mhz 3G band, which is lacking in the US version.

  • Nancho Urón

    I was hoping I could finally use my Friends With Moto promo code for this new Moto G version, but sadly it's not possible. (Only for the "old" moto G)

  • Iron

    Lol, I wonder why they don't have this from the start, Google intervention much?

    • Ror

      Google still fully owns Motorola

  • joser116

    Hope they fixed that erratic compass and accelerometer issues.

  • Matthew Fry

    Muahaha. Not even 6 months separated from Google and they're putting an SD slot in. Does Google get it yet?

    • michael interbartolo

      actually they are still part of Google as the deal hasn't been approved yet.

    • Scott

      Do you understand that Google still owns Motorola?

  • aatifsumar

    The Moto G isn't marginally more expensive than the Moto E. Its 44% more expensive (Rs. 6999 vs Rs. 12500). Just saying.

    • ChristianMcC

      Actually the moto e is 44% of what the g costs, would be the correct way to say that, or the moto g is 79% more expensive. Either way, I see your point, it is a hard price to eat for the increase.

  • TylerChappell

    Annnnd 3 months from now watch them release a 16GB model with SD slot. lol. There is no excuse for this to not include 16GB. 16GB over 8GB might BARELY cost a couple dollars, and it would not take up any more physical space than what 8GB would.

  • Michał Kumor

    Could somebody tell me what are the supported LTE bands? Will it work on 1800 LTE band in Europe? Thanks in andvance :)

  • Jag

    Good to see the additional feature for Moto G. Is it also support VoLTE?

  • Rahul

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    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      Naughty spammer, go away

  • Ajmal Aju

    when will Moto g LTE launches in india?

  • Anil

    When Moto G 4g lte launches in India?

  • michey

    Does this work internationally other than the U.S.? Motorola's model option is "Global GSM" or "US GSM" for the G, and "US GSM" for the 4G LTE.