The Google Glass team hasn't taken a break since pushing out XE16 - there have been four updates so far, and according to Glass team member Kiley, there's another on the way: XE17.1.

Accompanying the new firmware update, explorers can expect a refreshed MyGlass app. The app will come with a new, more organized design and a new launcher icon.


Explorers should also expect XE17.1 to add the ability to share maps directly from an Android device. This was actually a feature in earlier versions of the Glass firmware, but has been brought back, and should make navigating with Glass a little less awkward. To get navigation started, users need only find the desired destination in Maps, hit the share button, and share to Glass. The headset will handle the rest.

Kiley indicates that both updates should pop up over the next few days.

Source: Glass Community (only accessible to explorers)

Liam Spradlin
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  • Brandon Smith

    Hmm, I wonder what the UI will look like now for displaying the map. The map UI they used for navigation was pretty nice before, if only a little difficult to read. The dark color scheme they used was pretty, as well :)

    • Mario E Hdez

      I agree. I'm thinking on glass it night not change much but I'm hoping the whole "sharing to glass" feature is more prominent with other apps and services already on your phone.

    • http://www.scienceprousa.com/ dcarr622

      Maps on Glass aren't changing - just the ability to send directions from your phone to Glass.

      Before, the MyGlass app had an intent listener for navigate the way Google Maps and Waze do, but they took that out. Now they're adding the functionality back and baking it straight into Google Maps on Android.

  • jlmcr87

    Where is 4.4.3? Stupid glasses

  • frafri

    I'm starting to feel good again.
    Google should work with Waze to be able to report traffic incidents and such #throughglass