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Last Updated: May 27th, 2014

Update: Amazon's pre-order page has been updated, and now it appears the Moto G LTE will be shipping out on June 3rd (next week). Nice.

The Moto G is probably the best deal in low-end Android hardware at the moment, but its modest specs are missing one vital component: LTE connectivity. It looks like Motorola is aiming to fix that omission, admittedly with a slight premium. LTE versions of the previously 3G-only phone are now on Amazon in a pre-order form, set to ship on June 30th for $219.99. That's just $20 more than the standard no-contract phone.


At the moment black and white models are showing, though the former seems to be without a product shot. It's a safe bet that Motorola was planning on announcing an LTE variant of the Moto G at its press event tomorrow - someone at Amazon probably pulled the trigger a bit early. Those of you who haven't bought a Moto G just yet might want to hold off a little bit longer. Note: though full pages aren't enabled for the LTE Moto G phones yet, it's almost certain that these are for GSM-LTE networks only. Sorry, Sprint and Verizon users.

Motorola is expected to reveal the Moto E tomorrow at its London event. Leaks indicate that it's an even cheaper device than the Moto G.

Source: Max Smolev (Google+)

Michael Crider
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  • Nick

    The low end just got more interesting.

  • robert

    How does performance compare to nexus 4?

    • joser116

      Moto G performance is better than Nexus 4, at least on benchmarks, so that puts it between the Nexus 4 and 5, but more towards the former.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        Are there any advantages over the Nexus 4? I mean, on paper, it's pretty much a Nexus 4 by Motorola... this isn't the case, right?

        • joser116

          The Moto G has a newer and slightly better processor, nano-coating, replaceable back shells, better ergonomics IMHO, and better battery life (all day).

          Advantages of Nexus 4 over Moto G are bigger and slightly higher resolution screen with less glare, a better back camera, NFC, and an extra GB of RAM. It also has the slight advantage of being Nexus. I say slight because the Moto G has received very prompt updates. It even got KitKat faster than one Nexus device, I believe.

          • Firmino

            And adreno 320, moto G is adreno 305, and Don judge a phone based on benchmark, s3 is "better" than the Nexus 4 in benchmarks, but we know this not true.

          • joser116

            Yeah I added the GPU part to my comment before you replied. And yeah, I also forgot to note that the Moto G also placed higher than the Galaxy S3 in the benchmarks that I saw.

          • David Li

            You forgot qi charging and a significantly larger community on xda and more cores

          • joser116

            Yeah that too

          • dude

            Galaxy S3 (i9300) is still a more feature riched phone that I would rather get over the Moto G as long as I can put CyanogenMod on it. They're two different classes of phones.

          • joser116

            I would still prefer Moto G because Moto, fast updates, and swift stock Android.

          • DaveNull

            4 x Krait 200 > 4 x Cortex-A7.

            Nexus 4 wins that one.

          • Kevin Hua

            how the hell do you think that snapdragon 400 is faster than s4 pro??

          • joser116

            That's what I thought too. But I did state based on benchmarks. Even then, it was a slight win. I am guessing that Motorola really optimized the phone.

          • Kevin Hua

            yup if nexus 4 user flash this: http://bit.ly/1mVB4Uk they'll see their benchmark results increase by a ton.. its all in the optimization

        • Mystery Man

          Nexus 4 has no advantages. Nexus 4 has the worst battery life for any phone. Its crap. Worst money I ever spent.

          • Firmino

            Some baterie lifes with franco:


            Learn to use your phone.

          • dude

            I can get 4+ hours creen on timetime using a good kernel and stock KitKat no problem, no underclock or undervolting. With lots of conserving I can get even 5+.

            With that said, I have the Moto X now and I think Motorola does and amazing job at battery life. No doubt the Moto G is better than the N4 and most other phones in term of battery life.

          • Daniel Herd

            I run an optimized CM11 build on my N4 and get better life than I do with my Moto X. Improperly set up phones with batt hog apps are what eat life. The N4 didn't have the biggest battery but can be very efficient with it's use. Just slap CM11 on it and quit running whatever it is that's drinking your juice.

      • dude

        God dammit this again. Wrong wrong wrong, you are out of your mind if you think the Moto G is faster than the Nexus 4, just because of one Antutu benchmark posted by one website, the Nexus 4 is clearly faster both CPU and GPU wise. That website also compared and old Jelly Bean antutu score of 16k vs the the Moto GG running KitKat. Running KitKat you can get 20-21k for the N4. And even if you shouldn't put too much money on benchmarks, it is undeniable that the N4 is faster and with more features like NFC and qi charging.

        If anything you should get the Moto G for its excellent battery life.

        • joser116

          No, you are wrong. Here's why: Ive never actually disagreed with you, therefore your comment is irrelevant. I only noted that it is slightly faster according to benchmarks. That does not mean that I personally wholeheartedly think that the Moto G processor is faster than Nexus 4. It was just an insight that I noted, just for a thought. Motorola probably just optimized the hell out of the Moto G. They did tout that in their Moto G unveiling.

        • Daniel Herd

          I've hit 22k on my N4. With repeated testing between that and a Moto X the N4 keeps with it or edges it. Real world use is indistinguishable. My wife's Moto G usually scores about 1-2k less.

      • Marc Perrusquia

        i own a nexus 4 and moto g nexus 4 is slightly smoother mainly do that extra gig of ram, and has the better soc, both are way slower than my nexus 5 though.

  • fjleon

    i don't think the moto g is low end. low end are the cheap chinese phones, and models like samsung galaxy duos that lag each 2 seconds. the g actually performs quite well.

    low end and LTE don't mix, even on (imho) mid end g is pushing it

    • http://thegumshoe.com/ Michael Crider

      Eh, the G straddles the line between low end and mid range for me. I'd say the pricing, not the specs, puts it way down low - the hardware makes it better than all the alternatives at the price point (which are definitely low end).

      • Marc Perrusquia

        moto g came out in 2013 at the time it went toe to toe with the then last generation flagship devices, it's a very solid midranger.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If you saw the video camera performance on the Moto G, you'd change your mind. It's simply awful.

      • fjleon

        who decides not to buy a cheap phone for its "video camera performance"?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Why not? I bought it for my mom, and her phone was the phone that recorded my son's first steps. The video quality was awful. All I'm saying is if specs define low-, mid-, and high- ends, this one is a low-end in my book.

          • ekerazha

            Actually, I'd like a cheaper Nexus 5 *without* camera. My teenage is over.

      • joser116

        It is still miles better than similarly priced phones from a year ago.

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Even Moto X looks cheaper side by side.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        It really doesn't in person.

  • joser116

    Fuck yeah! Looks like an early upgrade for me!

    • jani jokela

      i feel the same i just hope they upgrade the camera even little

  • Arturo

    It has microSD slot too. Moto E, Moto G LTE and Moto G Ferrari edition coming...

    • Arturo

      And do not forget Motorola Alert

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        What's Motorola Alert compatible with? Cause it's not with the X. Just the G? Maybe the upcoming E?

        • dude

          It should eventually become compatible with the G and X.

  • Nathan Borup

    universal LTE as in verizon LTE?

    • epsiblivion

      as in gsm not cdma LTE. so probably not

      • Daniel Herd

        All LTE is gsm. Verizon phones with LTE have a SIM card for gsm data. LTE (as I understand it) is pretty much universal except for which bands the chip covers. This doesn't mean that a gsm Moto G LTE phone will work on a CDMA network though, just that the LTE isn't the problem.

  • Doakie

    All I have to say is "F*******************K!!!!!!" From my previously awesome Moto G with US Bands....... My download speeds on T-Mobile are around 8-11 Mbps. With T-Mobile LTE it would be like 25-30 Mbps. Dunno if I should sell it for $150 just to drop $75 more for an LTE connection... Doesn't sound worth it to me..

    • dude

      25-30mbps in a very good signal area, don't bet on it in most places, this is coming from a T-Mobile fan.

  • Sophia Patel

    Not low ends....


  • Nachiketa
  • Dominick White

    This or the one plus for 80/140 more... Got to go with the one plus one

    • dude

      OnePlus may be little harder to get and some people prefer 4.5in screen phone over 5.5" phones. I'm willing to bet the MotoG battery life will give the OnePlus a run for ita money if not better.

      • Dominick White

        I think the one plus will better on battery or just about the same

  • dude

    I would get the Moto E if it had FFC and I would get the Moto G if it had NFC.

  • Gutawer

    Damnit, now my Moto g feels outdated :( Oh well

    • Marc Perrusquia

      spec wise it was outdated to begin with.

  • RXG9

    Does this have a removable battery?