It's a great big world out there, and sometimes you need wheels to see it. Uber offers rides from friendly folks through its mobile app, and all it costs you is a bit of cash money. The Android app isn't bad, but it could use some work. Luckily, Uber is opening up an Android beta program with a completely revamped version of the app.

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The current stable version is 2.7.15, but the beta is on 3.0. According to Uber, this is a ground-up rewrite, so expect a few bugs. There isn't an official changelog posted yet, but just from a cursory glance, the new version follows the Android design guidelines more closely. There is a slide-out navigation bar and the icons look more modern. Screens from the old version are below for comparison.

2014-05-07 14.55.03 2014-05-07 14.55.23 2014-05-07 14.56.07

The old app

The app seems more responsive, but it's also a bit crashy. There is also a known issue that prevents the map view from following your position during a trip. Well, it is a beta. Hit the links below to sign up.

[Uber beta community, beta opt-in]

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  • brnpttmn

    Whoa. That pick-up location is literally blocks from my house.

    • Josh Rahn

      My house is just off the app screen. Como here
      Only reason I clicked into this article.

    • Benjamin Kitt

      My house is on the app screen too. I thought it looked like a familiar map at first glance!

  • Fadakar

    Watch Google buy out Uber and replace their cars with their self-driving ones when the time is right.