There are plenty of apps for beaming music to a Chromecast these days, but one of the most popular music services is still lagging behind. Yes, Spotify. Well, you don't have to wait for the official app to get with the times now that Spoticast is available and ready to stream.

Using Spoticast is a little less straightforward than other Chromecast apps. You have to connect Spoticast to your Chromecast, then wait for Spotify to launch. Everything you play in Spotify will be casted, but you need to open Spoticast again to make any changes to your Chromecast connection. This only works if you have Device Broadcast Status enabled in the Spotify app. You'll also need to have a premium Spotify account.

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It looks like the app is imitating a valid Spotify audio receiver, then implementing the Cast API to route the audio to the Chromecast. Neat, right? This is definitely a little hacky, so it might be broken by future Spotify updates. It's a free app, so there's no harm in giving it a shot.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • D. Sharer

    I already use Bubbleupnp for casting Spotify and lots of other media, but if I didn't and for those who don't, this is prefect. Glad to see another option for users to cast Spotify while we all wait for them to stop dragging their heels with official Chromecast support.

  • SG

    Or you could just use Rdio. It has Chromecast support on both their app and website and is just an all-around better service.

    • Scott Tucker

      Except that their audio quality blows goats compared to Spotify.

      • ddh819

        goat-level audio might still be better than nothing

      • scott

        ? Thee use the exact same nitrate, namely at 320 kb/s.

    • http://scottymeuk.co.uk/ Scott Robertson

      Or just use Google Music

      • FiMurca

        Google Music has terrible curated playlists. I love to listen to playlists that other people create. Spotify is awesome for that. Google play sucks in comparison. I'm now they HAVE them. they just suck.

        • http://scottymeuk.co.uk/ Scott Robertson

          Yeah, i agree with you there

          • FiMurca

            I want to like it though. I've been back and forth with my subscription. But I always cancel again before my subscription has ended. Lol.

          • http://scottymeuk.co.uk/ Scott Robertson

            I love it, but then I don't listen to to other people's playlists :P

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    Am self frome sweden spotify has confirm them will not include chromecast support them self becouse them build a own system for do the same type but direclty with you home stero.

    That is one of the resone am left Spotify i have my stero to my TV so Chromecast should work nice for me for play one my stero. But them want to go thire own way.

    • Whaaat?

      Can someone translate this?

    • Alphajoe

      Amy source for that?

  • http://cyanlabs.co.uk/ Cyanlabs

    bubbleupnp + exposed = win, cast all audio from device :)

    • Andrew

      I have Xposed and BubleUPnP. How do I use them to cast Spotify? Do I need a premium Spotify account?

      • Alphajoe

        Install the BubbleUPnP Xposed Module (Audio Cast), restart, open BubbleUPnP and select your Chromecast as device and in "Library" select Audio Cast. Now all audio from your mobile should be streaming to your Chromecast. If Spotify plays on your phone, you don't need a premium account.

        It still counterfeits the idea of Chromecast a little, as everything is running through your phone (instead of Chromecast pulling it directly from the net).

      • http://cyanlabs.co.uk/ Cyanlabs

        Also check out the post on my website for bypassing shuffle on Spotify premium. http://cyanlabs.co.uk

  • Alphajoe

    It's nice to see that some people - other than Spotify staff - actually care about the requests and demands of paying Spotify users.

  • andy

    Unisen iPazzPort Cast is a mini engine to turn your Home HD Screen become a All Media Sharing Center with full screen by Smart phone or tablet