Huawei Consumer Business Group Ascend P7

While Huawei's presence here in the United States has remained limited, the company's handset shipments in Asia and other parts of the world make it a serious mobile contender in the grand scheme. Today, Huawei announced its latest attempt to usurp its competitors at the high end of the market: the Ascend P7.

The P7 looks largely reminiscent of the P6, which is to say it looks largely reminiscent of an iPhone 4. In fact, it actually looks even more iPhone-ish now that the rear of the phone is covered in a slab of Gorilla Glass. Combined with the 3-sided brushed aluminum banding around the squared-off edges of the device, you have to wonder if there's a reason Huawei hasn't included the US in the list of launch countries.


Apple issues aside, the Ascend P7 is a respectable piece of hardware given its suggested MSRP in Europe, at just 450 Euro. That nets you a 5" 1080p LCD display, 13MP Sony BSI rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera, LTE (with dual antennas), Android 4.4 (with Huawei's Emotion UI 2.3), 2500mAh battery, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of sotrage (with microSD slot), dual microSIM slots, and an in-house 1.8GHz quad-core Huawei processor. OK, that last one might be cause for concern.

Huawei isn't exactly known for its mobile chipsets, but the company has been sticking them inside some of its high-end and China-market-only devices for some time now. The problem is that its silicon is largely untested against the de facto ARM heavyweight Qualcomm, or even smaller competitors like Samsung's Exynos, NVIDIA's Tegra, and Intel's Atom. Huawei uses some level of proprietary design for its cores, but like Samsung it relies on ARM's Mali reference GPU designs which have historically been underperformers against Qualcomm's fully-proprietary Adreno chips. Huawei's strength, though, has been in radio design - the company has arguably the most experience with LTE of any firm, given their massive contracts for cellular equipment and LTE network deployments the world over. The company regularly touts superior data speeds, voice quality, and radio power consumption as part of its device launches.


The list of launch countries for the P7 is as follows: China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Greece, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. The phone will ship this month, and some other markets will follow later (again, don't count on the US being one of them).

We may be getting our hands on a P7 to review, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks, too.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • vyktorsouza

    it's beautiful, I love it

  • Vinícius Philot

    when will there be a flagship android device which I can actually use with one hand? My N4 is on the verge of being huge for me, I just can't find a new decent sized android anymore.

    • WhoaManWtF

      You have small hands...

      • Vinícius Philot

        My hands are actually way over average in terms of size. I just don't like hanging around with a phablet on my ears.

        • WhoaManWtF

          I used a G2 with one hand with no issues... I used a bluetooth and or earbuds when I talk 90% of the time but if I do hold the phone up it really isn't that large.

          • Vinícius Philot

            G2 nice to use with one hand? Sorry sir you can't be serious. Maybe you're a giant.

          • WhoaManWtF

            I am not actually.. only 5'11" and normal sized.. The G2 is designed to use well with one hand I guess... Also I use Pie for navigation and Swype for texting which probably helps..

          • Jason

            I have to agree unless I am playing a game I can do most everything one handed.

    • vyktorsouza

      same here, I bought a N5 after having a N4 and it's never that comfortable anymore
      edit: oh, and inbefore ignorant giantism fans

      • Vinícius Philot

        Totally agree, I was ready to trade my N4 for a N5 and when I went to the store and had my first hands-on... It felt much bigger, even if its actual size doesn't show

    • Cesar

      Give the Moto X a shot. It's got arguably the best in-hand feel of any phone on the market.

      • Vinícius Philot

        I love Moto X's size, it's perfection! But I actually want a better camera. I don't love N4's camera but I also don't love X's one.

        • http://si97.com/ Saif

          Let's see what Moto X+1 has

    • Nabil L

      The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is the phone you're looking for.

      • Vinícius Philot


    • Mahesh

      Haven't u heard of Xperia Z1 compact ?

      • Vinícius Philot

        I actually had not. After your comments I did some research and I'm in love with it! I'll just wait until october and see if Z2 compact comes out. Love this size!

    • Matthew Fry

      I don't even use the left inch of my note 3 unless I have both hands free

  • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

    Huawei is bringing other unlocked Android devices to the US. Stay tuned to http://www.gethuawei.com/ for more info coming soon.

  • Guest

    Introducing the all new iHuawei ... Now even more like the iPhone!

  • Guest

    Introducing the all new iHuawei ... Now even more like the iPhone!

  • Frank Lopez

    The FN branding in the front of phones. STUPID companies DONT DO THAT! Yo0u are slapping the got damn logo on teh back so touch the front at all?

    oH! i DONT THINK it loks like an iphone it looks more like an xperia device.

    Samsung copies apple. Lg Copies Samsung.

    Huawei copies xperia.

  • Presto

    Looks pretty, more like iPhone, but too pricey for a chinese phone

  • Greyhame

    I think it looks more like a Sony than an iphone.

  • Fernando Rodríguez Herrera

    Am I dreaming? An only-non-US phone ?! :-D
    JK ;-)

  • 8Charlie

    Don't really think it looks like an iPhone. Maybe the sides I guess. But check out the back and the camera. Thats a Z1 or a Z2 with a different logo. The slab of shiny glass, the camera lens, the flash, the metal ridge around the lens. It's almost identical.

  • WhyWai

    Didn't expect it to be priced this high, for a China phone.

  • Ann Frolova
  • Ann Lazebna