Since officially announcing the OnePlus One late last month, OnePlus has found that people were far more interested in the 64GB version of its phone than the smaller, 16GB option. This has led the company to re-evaluate its priorities. Now instead of rushing to get the 16GB Silk White option out as early as possible, it is pushing production back in favor of getting the 64GB Sandstone Black model out sooner. With any luck, the device should now be available by the end of this month (instead of sometime in June, the company's previous goal).


This isn't all that surprising. A $299 smartphone that appears to be as powerful, and in some areas moreso, than any other device on the market is going to turn heads. Being able to pick up a variant with four (seriously, four) times the storage space for just $50 extra is going to turn even more. Yet even if the device does make an initial appearance later this month, there's still the chance most people will have to wait a bit longer to claim one of their own.

Source: OnePlus

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Corey Watford

    Can't wait

  • BoB1673

    invite still needed ?

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  • h4rr4r

    Since officially announcing the OnePlus One late last month, OnePlus has found that people were far more interested in the 64GB version of its phone than the smaller, 16GB option.

    You mean that the 64GB version had way more profit built into it. This is a nice way to spin that.

    • DirkBelig

      Wow, hate so hard you embarrass yourself much? "Way more profit"? They've said that the reason they're only charging $50 for the greater amount of memory (compared to the $200 true ripoff artists Apple would) was because that's what it would cost to add more memory.

      Only a moron (or Communist, but I repeat myself) would look at a company reprioritizing their manufacturing to make more of what their customers want as a shady greedy act. If there's more demand for chocolate ice cream, why would an ice cream maker produce more liver & onions ice cream?

      It's not greed to meet customer demand; it's sanity. The extra profit will come from selling more of what the customers want. My only questions is why they were surprised? It's obvious that at least 80% of buyers for this thing are going to go for the 64GB model, especially at that price. Only super-poor or people who gotta have a white phone will buy the 16GB model.

      • h4rr4r

        That is pretty naive.
        The extra storage, not memory that is RAM, costs peanuts.

        I am not hating anyone, simply laughing at their PR statement. The extra profit will come from adding less than $20 worth of Flash and charging $50 for it. You are getting dangerously Fanboi-like.

        • Sqube

          Apple iPhone 5S (16GB): $649
          Apple iPhone 5S (64GB): $849

          Samsung Galaxy S5 (16GB): $650 ($600 from Verizon Wireless)
          Samsung Galaxy S5 (32GB): Not even available in U.S. markets. Swappa, eBay and Amazon are listing some frankly hilarious prices.

          OnePlus One (16GB): $299
          OnePlus One (64GB): $349

          Yes. Truly, they are out for nothing but total price gouging. A phone that the techies are way more interested in than "regular" consumers is also noticing an unusually high demand for additional storage?

          If they were going to gouge, they could have gone to $399 and it still would have been a screaming deal. You can't call somebody else a "Fanboi" over the storage issue without sounding like a bit of a hater.

          • DirkBelig

            >"If they were going to gouge, they could have gone to $399 and it still would have been a screaming deal."

            Word. They could've easily bumped up $100 and been wildly praised. It's amusing to watch haters call only a $50 bump "greedy." What a maroon.

          • h4rr4r

            Please quote me where i said it was greedy.

          • DirkBelig

            You sneered,"You mean that the 64GB version had way more profit built into it. This is a nice way to spin that."

            You put a negative connotation on the fact it had more profit which you spun as "way more profit" and called it "spin." Just because you didn't use the word "greed" doesn't change your meaning that you feel OnePlus is greedy and lying about their motivations. You're a hater. Period. The fact that you try and spin my calling out your hatred as "Fanboi-like" beclowns you further because there's no basis for it. Keep digging, fool, you'll hit China.

          • h4rr4r

            No, I was mocking their PR. PR is often called spin. They are spinning making more of these more profitable units.
            I do not feel they are greedy anymore than any other company. I think their PR team sucks.
            I am not the one digging here, shovel boy.

          • h4rr4r

            Why not quote the prices of tea in China?

            Quote where I said they were gouging, because I never did. I think the prices are fantastic, the PR however is BS.
            Like I said already I am laughing at the PR machine, not the devices or the prices.
            The simple fact is they will produce more high margin units and make more money because of it. This is a great idea, and exactly what they should do. They should not however piss down our legs and tell us it is raining.

          • Sqube

            This is where we agree to disagree. I just disagree with you in regards to the motivations. Is profit the primary motive? Of course; it's a corporation. That's supposed to be your primary motivation.

            It seems like your POV is that they're making the 64GB irrespective of the market. I think they saw an opportunity to change up their pipeline, put out the phone that more people are likely to buy, and maximize their profits.

            You see it as somehow disrespectful that they're responding to the market. Maybe you don't think they're greedy, but you sure seem to hate them a whole lot. I'm confused as to why.

          • h4rr4r

            Again you are reading in way more than I said.
            I simply think the PR is bad. Don't even mention this kind of change, just do it.

            Exactly read the market and react, heck even if the sales skewed to the lower model, make more of the bigger one. When the lower one sells out people will spring the extra $50 to avoid waiting.

            I think that is a great plan, just the PR is a little insulting.

            I don't hate them at all, I strongly considered buying one. If it was out already I probably would have bought one. The timing was not right, I am not a fan of the invite to buy thing and honestly it is just a bit too big. I will very likely buy their next model if it addresses any of those or just the size one. I want a CM phone, I want OPPO/One Plus to thrive, I just don't want them to act like your typical BS artists.

          • JD_26

            IMO .. i think its a win-win situation for both the consumers and company if they sell more of the 64gb version ... in this case what they choose to highlight in the PR will obviously be the win for the consumers and i think thats perfectly fair ... since its already pointed out that the corresponding rise in profits is relatively way lesser than other comparative OEMs (Apple)

          • omar

            i want to buy this 64gb one. where can i buy it from? any idea?

          • omar

            OnePlus One 64GB im referring to in by previous post. thanks

        • DirkBelig

          If OnePlus only charged cost, would that shut your ignorant piehole up? $299 for 16GB and $319 for 64GB since you say it's only $20 more for the part? I doubt it. Haters gonna hate and make themselves look retarded in the process.

          • h4rr4r

            Ignorant? I pointed out a fact, they are producing more units of the more profitable model.
            I see nothing wrong with what they are doing, only their PR is insulting.

          • DirkBelig

            Your stupidity and dissembling is pitiful.

          • h4rr4r

            Your inability to read is amazing. How do you type when you can't even read?

          • RTWright

            You sir are a moron.... Their PR is fine, I've seen far worse from Samsung, HTC, Apple, LG and a few others. Yet this company is doing something TOTALLY unique. A: They're cutting costs by NOT going through a middle-man. B: The Invite System if you'd bloody read into it further will start to open up more as time goes on. I feel this is how they are controlling meeting a demand on a level they can handle. Since they're not relying on massively huge distributions like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony, etc.... Actually I don't think they could meet the demand if they didn't control it like this. They'd be overwhelmed. So the Invite process I see to be fitting and a unique way to handle the selling. It's not impossible to get an invite, I'm already looking into getting an invite myself.

            Now if they ever really want to sell their White 16GB, I think they should drop that one down to $250. At least that's how I view that one because if they had a 32GB it would be the one at $299. Just a stair stepping pricing method I had thought about ( That is commonly used ) that would make that phone more desirable amongst those not wishing to spend $349 ( Which I find AMAZINGLY priced for what this phone offers ). At any rate, I'm in for the 64GB, that's what is going to replace my "Knoxed-Up" GS3. I can't stand Knox at all, period, so Samsung loses my business ( Not that they'll notice at all, but hey It's what it means to me, not them ).

          • h4rr4r

            They could simply allow pre-orders to be done, first come first serve and delay billing until shipping. Like everyone else. The invite system is just a way to get you to market for them.

          • RTWright

            Are you nuts? Have you ANY ideas or clues as to how much it costs to market something? I mean really?? Because I don't mind helping them market, they're a very small company compared to all the others out there. Here lets take Google for instance, who did that with I believe it was the Nexus 4? Might have been the 3... They put it up for sale pre-order and crashed their servers, screwed up their orders, made a huge mess of things that took a long time to overcome. I can't imagine what would happen if these guys got met with those same level of demands suddenly.

            To me it's a legitimate way to test the waters and see just how much of a demand you can generate at the lowest possible cost. If they marketed it at all like the others, the cost of that phone could easily go up $200+ in price to the consumer due to costs of advertising alone. Advertising and hiring Marketing to get yourself out there on the same level as people like Google, Asus, Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.... That costs big time money and they probably can't afford to do anything like that. I'm all good with what they're doing. It's rather nice to see someone do something DIFFERENT for a change....

      • didibus

        TIL, calling people communist as a way to discredit them is still a thing in 2014.

        • DirkBelig

          TIL that the universities whitewashing of the dreadful legacy of death caused by Communist regimes - at least 100 million in the 20th Century - continues to be successful with ignorant and stupid people with no interest in history, but totally down with parroting propaganda.

  • Clayton ODonnell

    The title is confusing, either that or I have been using the phrase "bumped back" wrong my whole life. But I'm glad to see they are trying to meet potential demands. If you are going with this phone the 64gb seems a no-brainer for $50

    • DirkBelig

      Yeah, it should say "bumped up."

      • andy_o

        He's not using the phrase "bumped back". When read in context it means it was bumped / back to end of may (as in "previous date").

        • DirkBelig

          Way to imagine that what the words say mean something totally different. It's just sloppy, unclear writing; both in the headline and the first paragraph.

          • emma852

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            working part time from the internet. look at this now F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

          • andy_o

            I guess I imagined what he actually meant then, I must be psychic.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      The idea was that it was bumped back to June, then bumped back to late May instead.

      But yes, that was convoluted, so I've tidied things up.

      • Clayton ODonnell

        Now if we can just get tech companies to STOP using "One" anywhere in their company name or products!

        • Guest

          I agree, they should have called it the iPlus i

  • htowngtr

    Well, it's available for those with invites, not for general purchase.

    • lifelong890

      dammit, where do i get one of these invites?

      • Frettfreak

        from a person who already bought it. so FN lame... tell these guys to piss off and buy something else. their whole invite system irritates me enough to not want this thing. Then throw in the fact that its absolutely monstrous and i am out.

      • Arthur Dent

        Maybe go to their website and start groveling there.

  • Jalok Xlem

    How I can get a spot for the invite? I wonder if we'll get a $50 off deal once the nexus 6 comes out. (Because that's around the time I'm going to get this phone.) But then again, rumours has it that the next nexus phone will feature 64 & 128 GB versions ... Meh

  • DonPorazzo

    anyone can spare an invite?

    • Arthur Dent

      Oh god, here we go. Let the shameless begging begin.

      • Jalok Xlem

        They have to drop the invite marketing strategy once the phone has been out for a while (2 to 3 months tops). I don't see myself trying to get out of my way to get the 1+1. If it will be such a hassle to simply get, I might as well get the nexus 6... then install cyan eventually.

  • Anthony Tyson

    I guess they decided they should never settle for a latter date.

    • Arthur Dent

      They decided that people who want the 16GB have to settle for a later date. So it's not exactly NEVER SETTLE.

  • worldclassflame

    I need this now !!

  • didibus

    They just should cancel the 16 gig model. I thought this phone doesn't compromise, so why do they sell a compromising version of it?

    • tlogank

      Because many people (like myself) could care less for that much storage. I would safely say that 75% or more smartphone users don't use that much.

      • irishrally

        There is no SD card slot.

      • frhow

        That is a good answer, but wouldnt you rather have 4x as much memory for only $50 more. Once you start recording in 4k, music, movies, games >2gb, 11gb will go fast. Remember while it says 16gb you will only be able to use maybe 11 of that. And 75%? Wow thats a pretty high estimate. Its probably more like 5% of people who would actually would want this phone does not care about the storage amount.

        • RTWright

          Yeah his 75% is about as wrong as it gets. Everyone has been demanding at least, at least 32GB be the starting point due to how BLOATED the software that OEM's and Carriers push on to the devices take a 16GB down to like 6 to 8GB free space left. Yeah he's clearly out of touch....

  • Frettfreak

    Phone looks interesting, but they way they are releasing is going to KILL interest faster than anything imo. They would have been better off to secure funding and have enough stock to meet demand right off the bat. Now you have to keep the hype train going until then supply and demand level out and it doesnt appear they have the marketing staff to do it. Already lost me. I am on to something else.

    • Omar

      LG G3, anyone? Looks very enticing. The G3 will be announced before the 1+1 is available to the masses... and that phone is already looking to be much better (dat bezel, or lack thereof)

      • nofearofimaginarymen

        Different strokes for different folks. The G3 will be a beautiful beast but I think it is for a different set of people. The G3 won't even be close to the OPO in price. If the G3 came in a GPE version, that would solve some of my issues with the skin only because I would take CM over whatever they are calling their skin.

        • Guillaume

          There are going to be AOSP custom roms, even if it doesn't come in GPE.

      • Guillaume

        Indeed.I'm currently torn between the G3 and the OPO. Let's wait and check reviews when they're out.

    • Corey

      I agree totally.. I done moved on too. Im waiting for September.

  • Arthur Dent


    Come on man, I'm jobless and homeless. I got nothing. I need some spare change or a 1+1 invite to turn things around. Hook a brother up.


  • James

    It would be great if someone with a few invites could start a thread, giving out two invites, where people can apply to get one, and those people who got invites then invited a few others from the thread. The growth would be exponential, allowing people to easily get an invite!

  • cory burke

    Will buy this phone the moment I am able. Love it.

  • http://www.xforum.chaos.net.nz/ Jeff Hatch

    Sorry, but no removable battery & no SD Card? I'd rather not settle...I'll probably just wait another month for the Oppo Find 7.

    • RTWright

      With 64GB of internal storage, even I want this over other offerings. I'm one of the biggest defenders of microSD's and removable batteries. No this phone isn't for people that will not budge one bit from wanting that, which is fine. The only reason I've been this way is because of how cheap-ass the other companies are by not putting out even at least 32GB internal storage as standard. They still believe in the 16GB, look at the GS5, we can't even get a 32GB in the US. Then look at how much they want for that phone and how much you can get the OnePlus for. I'll definitely stick with these guys, who knows, the next version may also offer a microSD. At least it wont cost me $700+ to get the next phone and I wont be tied into a 2 year contract, actually wont be tied to a contract period once I leave Sprint behind.

  • Sophia Patel
  • Iphoneadopteer

    The way to get a phone through invite only is bad. Defeats what they're trying to be. So you make a phone designed for us that can't be bought by a majority of us. Great tactic