As one of Sprint's prepaid mobile offerings, Boost Mobile's big draw is that it's affordable. But competition has ramped up as of late, and now the carrier has rolled out three new "Monthly Unlimited Select" service plans to shake things up. The offerings range from $40 to $60, and all are technically unlimited, only not really.


Taking a closer look, the lowest plan offers 500MB of data. Users who exceed that amount then find themselves throttled down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the month. To make matters worse, all video streaming may be limited to 3G, regardless of how much of your allotment is left.

A $50 plan is available that offers 2.5GB of data, while the $60 plan comes with 5GB. There are no higher plans available, meaning none of the options provided actually offer unlimited high speed data. Anyone who wants to use more than 5GB of Sprint's network data without being throttled would be better off actually using Sprint.


Boost Mobile previously offered plans with shrinking payments, meaning a customer could take its $55 plan and lower it down to $40 a month. For every six months of on-time payments, Boost would take $5 off the bill. With the new plans, this is no longer the case.

Boost Mobile Launches Unlimited Plans Starting at Only $40/Month
New “Monthly Unlimited Select” Plans Provide Consumers with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Solutions to Fit Individual Needs on Phone of Their Choice

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boost Mobile, a leader in the no-contract wireless industry, today provides its customers even greater value with the introduction of “Monthly Unlimited Select” – three new plans, starting at just $40/month.

“With the unveiling of Monthly Unlimited Select, Boost Mobile once again evens out the playing field with compelling, competitively priced offers”

Boost’s Monthly Unlimited Select plans offer value-conscious consumers three easy-to-understand plans that all include unlimited talk, text and data1. Each plan offers different data usage thresholds to help address the varying data needs of consumers. Boost further simplifies the consumer shopping experience by making the Monthly Unlimited Select plans available on all phones in its device portfolio. Consumers no longer need to pay a monthly premium for a smartphone – Boost Mobile customers will even be able to get the all new Samsung Galaxy S® 5 (coming to boostmobile.com May 19) on a $40/month plan.

“With the unveiling of Monthly Unlimited Select, Boost Mobile once again evens out the playing field with compelling, competitively priced offers,” said Dow Draper, President, Sprint Prepaid Group. “This new package reflects what we hear our customers want: straightforward, value-oriented options that provide more or less data depending on their individual needs.”

Other benefits of Monthly Unlimited Select on Boost Mobile include access to:

  • the popular Boost Mobile Wallet, an industry-first mobile solution powered by Wipit, that provides Boost Mobile Android™ and iPhone® customers with a cash-based vehicle for accessing cost-effective financial services
  • new International Minute Packs, so customers only buy what they need for international calling
  • add-ons including International Connect, Handset Insurance, and AirG

For more information on Monthly Unlimited Select, click here.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Corey Watford

    To think I pay $45 a month on ATT with no contract, all Nexus 5's, and did I mention 10gb's of 50-60mbps LTE Unthrottled Data

    • Naga Sridhar

      Could you let us know how you got this plan?

      • MyLeftNut

        It's nice to have but however he got the plan (probably grandfathered though I doubt the no-contract part) it will be unavailable to a majority of people which makes boasting posts like all but useless.

      • Corey Watford

        100 bucks for the 10gb, 15 per line, unlimited talk, text, comes out to 145, minus my small employee discount which kills the taxes, 138-140, or about 45per line, enjoy

        Sorry, forgot to mention this was three lines. So 140/3 ~45/line

        • MyLeftNut

          That's actually not bad, especially for no-contract. But that 10gb is shared, no?

        • Naga Sridhar

          Thats what I thought..You cant get the same as an individual plan!
          This is the Mobile value share plan!

    • Linyera

      How that works? Family plan?

      • Corey Watford

        Too Everyone, Yes 10gb Shared for 100, or 130 for 15gb if youll like, and here comes the shocking news...Not grandfathered...these plans are available TODAY lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    I'm probably just over-thinking this but...if you happen to be using so much data/calls/sms...why would you be having a pre-payed service to begin with?
    Maybe it's a cultural difference between the US and Spain/Bulgaria, but all my life I've known that pre-payed is what you get when you want to have some cash for calls and such and use it until it's gone, which could be a few days or a whole year...so this kind'a confuses me =/

    • David Thoren

      The prepaid model in this case is paying in advance for the month. It's typically a lower cost option, but doesn't include device subsidies.

      • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

        I looked it up with the local service providers, I think I get what they're going with, but I still don't see it as something most people will go for...still, good to have I guess

    • Serge

      You are probably confusing prepaid with pay-as-you-go. Most of prepaid plans in the US provide unlimited talk, text and limited amount of high speed data. You pay once a month before the service starts. That's why it's called prepaid. The other type of plans are called postpaid because you receive a bill at the end of your monthly billing cycle. You may have or may not have long-term contract. The US used to be the land of contracts but now all the carriers offer no-contract postpaid plans. Postpaid allows you to finance your phone. The downside of postpaid is that the carrier can bill you as much as they want.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    Laughing at the part where they consider 3G high speed. CDMA 3G is not high speed. So I cringe when someone hits that cap and is slowed to 2G on CDMA, that's slower than dialup.

    • ProductFRED

      If this was T-Mobile 3G ("4G"), it would be considered high speed; most of the time their 3G/4G comes close to their LTE speed. But this is Sprint's network, so we all know how slow it's going to be. They're basically throttling videos to 2G speed, not 3G.

      • ddpacino

        It never said it was throttling down to 3G speeds tho. T-Mobile throttles down to 2G as well, and it's molasses slow. Still a bit serviceable, though. They cap the speed to something like 64k.

  • usamaisawake

    But despite 2g if the data is unlimited then it truly us unlimited right? I don't think it's correct to say, "meaning none of the options provided are actually unlimited," since my data will never stop and I'll never pay more than whatever my monthly is. I'd much rather have that then get billed extra just to maintain 3g/4g speeds.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      That's why I said "technically unlimited" in the intro. I'll clean up the offending sentence for you.

    • joser116

      All they changed is the data and the prices. The throttling and the 3G video is nothing new. They actually lowered the price for 2.5 GB of data by $5. What I hate though is that they took away shrinking payments. Just because of that, these new plans are worse.

    • Forget_you

      2G on boost mobile is basically no data. try loading a web page with that speed lol

      • ddpacino

        I challenge you to try that with 2G from any carrier lol

  • joser116

    Well, the $55 Android plan they had before also had 2.5 GB of 3G/4G data with throttling after that and video only on 3G (this is stupid). Now, that plan is $50, which is good. But I hate that they took away that shrinking payment. I hope that current customers could keep lowering their bills.

  • Merri Mogridge

    This seems crazy to me! I've just signed up with 3 in Ireland, I'll get unlimited texts, unlimited weekend calls and 15GB of data (Up to 4G depending on coverage), for only €20 per month!

    • David Thoren

      And a MUCH smaller geographical area to use it in.

    • Itchy_Robot

      Merri, go to Google Maps and do a search on the United States. Your entire country is smaller than the one state I live in. Americans are constantly traveling all over our country ... we are a bit of nomads. So, we have a national based coverage plans. Now you may understand the need to charge extra for such a large network.

      • MyLeftNut

        "Americans are constantly traveling all over our country ... we are a bit of nomads"

        Well, this part of your comment is just patently wrong. Most Americans (statistically speaking) never even travel beyond their state lines. Just saying, nomads would be the wrong word.

      • h4rr4r

        That does not matter.
        Our population scales with that size, heck some parts have much higher population density.

        The reality is since most Americans are locked into contracts and we have only 4 carriers there is little to no competition.

  • unsivilaudio

    I hate that Sprint has no coverage in my area (same goes for T-mobile). :(

  • xsirxx

    haha Sprint in my area is 1G no matter the tech. Thye keep getting slower and slower. Its unusable at this point.

  • DavidFR

    These plans are somewhat to consider BUT................ you know, still prepaid 1GB plan is
    available at $11 only...................check

  • Dee Norbert

    Well US sucks at mobile plans.Here in Romania at Digi mobil for 5euros i have unlimited text minutes(in roaming too) 5GB traffic at 21.6mbps.

    • atlouiedog

      Looking at wikipedia, the average Romanian wage is 1/7th what it is in the US. Of course it's a lot cheaper.

      • Dee Norbert

        You are right.

        • atlouiedog

          You weren't wrong though about our mobile plans mostly being terrible. Fortunately it's felt like we've been moving in a better direction in the last few years. We have much better options now without signing contracts for $80/month, though many people still do.

  • Forget_you

    boost mobile isn't even worth it anymore nor the best option for low cost. Tmobile is the way to go with better deals. I am on the 30 dollar plan with 5GB of LTE data speeds

  • Fr3dBZH

    When I see prizes in USA...
    In France, "real" unlimited text (sms/mms), talk (3h each call max, but unlimited) and 5GB of LTE for 25€...

  • DC

    New plans are whit what are u supposed to do with 2.5G nothing they better take it off or their going to lose lots of customers

    • Carla McDonnell

      Can't even stream video EVER!! So done. I will be switching BEFORE next payment is due!! 4 & half yrs with Boost. How many will they lose before they fix this?

  • Carla McDonnell

    I'm done with this!! Can NEVER stream a video!! Unlimited data...false!! Leaving Boost after 4 and a half yrs of faithful patronage!!