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If you think that Samsung's "Pro" line of tablets are too expensive, you're in good company. And apparently that company includes the folks at Amazon, because they've discounted every Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro model by a considerable margin. They're still expensive, at least compared to other Android tablets, but they might be a little more palatable with a lower price tag.

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Let's take it from the top, shall we? The 64GB version of the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is now $749.99 at Amazon in both black and white, down a full c-note from $850. The 32GB version gets the same discount, $100 off down to $649.99, and both can be had in either black or white. The Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, essentially the same large machine without the Wacom digitizer and Samsung software additions, is now $549.99 for the 32GB model in black or white, again, $100 off.

Moving into more conventional sizes, the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is now $429.99 in its standard 16GB configuration, in either white or black. That's a $70 savings off the retail price of $500. And finally, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is now $349.99, $50 off, in its 16GB form. There's no telling how long Amazon will keep these prices down - they could be a temporary sale to move some stock, or a permanent reduction after low sales.

No one could say that the Samsung Pro series isn't impressive from a technical perspective - the 2560x1600 screen in the relatively compact Tab Pro 8.4 is especially impressive, and all of them come with high-end components and Android 4.4. But whether or not they're worth the extra dollars, even at these lowered prices, is up to you.


Michael Crider
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  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    I want a new 10 inch-ish tablet. Are these worth it. Any other recommendations?

    • jtc276

      I love Android, but I've always been an iPad person due to the aspect ratio of the screens and the quality tablet apps. I have an HTC One M8 and an iPad Mini Retina and they compliment each other quite nicely.

      • AOSPrevails

        Android tablet's 16:10 aspect ratio is superior for watching video. Since that's my primary tablet usage I actually prefer Android tablet's aspect ratio.

        I am waiting for the rumored Nexus 8 to replace my Nexus 7(2013), I could not tolerate using a tablet with Touchwiz & hardware button.

    • Rob

      I like Samsung devices. My first tablet was the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I still have it and it still runs fairly well. I picked up a brand new Nexus 10 32GB on Amazon for about $100 off retail. They may still have that same deal available.

    • Brian Utne

      10 inch tablets kind of defeat the purpose of a tablet for me. I like my Nexus 7 because it fits in my pocket. If I got anything over 7 inches, and I have, it would be the Acer c720 Chromebook. :) 10 inch tablets are inconvenient to me.

      • GraveUypo

        i think the exact opposite. 7 inch tablets have no purpose for me. they're too close to phones to be worth carrying around. specially for those with a galaxy note.
        10" on the other hand is a big enough gap (the perception of size difference from a 7" to a 10" is bigger than a 5" to a 7" tablet, as is the actual absolute size difference of course.) to make it useful and awesome to use. only downside is weight, but oh well, i can deal with that.

    • Humberto Hernandez

      No if you like flashing roms and wide open development.
      If you plan to use touchwiz, and don't care about updates and life spawn, it's for you, i mean, it's not bad hardware, but expensive, very expensive.

  • AnnaRCheatham

    That's a $70 savings off the retail price of $500. And finally, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is now $349.99, $50 off, in its 16GB form. There's no telling how long Amazon will keep these prices down - they could be a temporary sale to move some stock, or a permanent reduction after low sales. http://qr.net/x2n6

  • Mystery Man

    Why does note pro 8.4 not have a stylus? Can we get a high resolution screened stylus tablet please Samsung.

    • http://jamiehamilton.me/ Jamie Hamilton

      Wait, I thought having a stylus was the whole point of the Note line?

      • TheNuts

        The 8.4 TAB Pro is a TAB not NOTE.

    • Noy

      if you have read the article you will see that , It's a Tab Pro .4 series not Note series , that's why there is no stylus .

  • IronPlumber

    First link after "from the top" references the tab pro 12.2. Shouldn't that be note pro? I was so confused for a minute.

  • Nathan Moore

    Just got the note pro 12.2 last week and it doesnt disappoint. Awesome device and battery lasts quite a while

    • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

      Indeed, great device. I regret that text doesn't have a very nice look on the display (even if it's a 2560x1200 display, somehow, you can see the pixels when reading text), and the software definitely lacks polish.

      • Bluewall

        Just install OmniRom ! Hehe ;)

  • Chuck

    I own both the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and a iPad Air. Use my iPad Air primarily for gaming and my Pro 8.4 primarily for reading. Both are superb at what they do.

  • hkklife

    Tab Pro 8.4 with *32GB* internal storage for $350. That's what it'all take for me to get one. 16GB doesn't cut it in this day and age.

    • Zero3ffect

      Not sure why it would really matter when it has a microSD slot. In fact, Amazon is currently offering a free 16GB microSD card with the purchase of any Galaxy Tab Pro. There is your 32GB right there.

  • http://mymobilephone.blogspot.com Sajib Rahman

    I think it's only fair to ask for such
    thing to provide consistent experience to consumers who otherwise blame android
    for being Sloppy in experience. I think Google is taking right steps so that
    OEM's don't choose something just to make quick bucks at the cost of customer
    experience. :)

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  • Keith Lee Calisay

    What's the point of having these PRO series tablets wherein you can make ur regular tablet more PRO than these super expensive samsung products. The hell...

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    So where is Tab Pro 10.1 with 32GB and LTE?

    If that thing didn't have the Samsung buttons and had an AOSP build available - it would be a great replacement for Nexus 10

    I can only hope that Sammy is building the second gen with exact same specs

  • Kostas

    The 64GB version of the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is now $749.99

    You mean Note Pro 12.2 :)

  • http://www.kozakphoto.com vvgz

    I don't get why people buy tablets. I got nexus 7 and I don't know what to do with it so I left it in my toilet.

  • WallBreaker

    Is this price cut temporary? Because I was going to wait for the Nexus 8 but if it isn't coming I might opt for the 8.4 considering all the features and functions.