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No one could accuse the team at Cyanogen of rushing anything to market. Six months after KitKat debuted, the CyanogenMod team is still perfecting its modified release for dozens of devices. The sixth snapshot or "M" build is rolling out on the buildbox right now. Custom ROM fanatics, you know what to do.

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"M" builds are generally more stable than nightly builds, but still not good enough to make it to Release Candidate status. As such, not every phone and tablet that gets a nightly build will get the M6 treatment, especially if the managers are having trouble with any particular hardware or software issues. That said, CyanogenMod nightlies are usually pretty stable anyway, so the M builds tend to make an OK daily driver if you're looking for something a cut above the usual custom ROMs found on Android forums all over the net. The CyanogenMod blog hasn't commented on M6 just yet, but at this point there can't be too many kinks left to work out.

At the time of writing, only a dozen or so devices have been updated with CM 11 M6 - CyanogenMod's automated buildbox releases in alphabetical order by codename. If you want access to the Google Play Store and other Google apps, get the Gapps ZIP file as well. Remember to keep a backup handy, and happy flashing. We'll update this post if the CyanogenMod team posts the changelog.

Update: and here's the changelog.

  • Quiet Hours – Fix longpress QS tile option
  • Voice+ – Integrate into settings (under Wireless and Networks > ‘More’)
  • Blacklist – Add provider permissions
  • Lockscreen – Fix custom wallpaper crashes and album art issues
  • Display – Consolidate screen-off animation options (remove checkbox)
  • Bluetooth – Upstream updates and fix issues with audio routing to select car makes/models and disconnect issues
  • MultiSim – Additional support patches (15+) and UI/UX modifications
  • Lockscreen – Disable elements when in custom lockscreen
  • Quick Settings – Options to show smaller tiles; add BT device name to tile
  • Quick Settings – Fix QS tiles layout in landscape mode
  • Usage Stats – Fix screen on stats after boot
  • Resolve memory leaks in Frameworks
  • Settings – Show ‘eject card’ action for USB storage
  • Theme Engine – Introduce new Engine capabilities (chooser to arrive in nightlies this week)
  • Parallel Shutdown – Decrease shutdown time
  • Address security vulnerability for icons
  • Downloads – Add pause/resume support
  • Trebuchet – Hidden apps and labels support
  • Remove parallel boot dexopt from stable/cm-11.0 branch
  • And more (all changes from Mar 29th to April 30th)

Source: CyanogenMod downloads

Michael Crider
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  • siveZ

    I wonder why CM installer provided M2 for my Nexus 4 when M5 were available...so i have now to manually update to M6.

    • Anthony Tyson

      Because they don't care about the installer. It was a failed experiment. An awesome experiment might I add. It had grand expectations. But I honestly can't imagine that very many "normal" people used it... Let alone know it exists. People aren't generally willing to lose all their data. Most people that know it exist or used it know what they are doing when it comes to flashing a ROM anyway...was just a fun thing to test and try.

      • Franco Rossel

        It went downhill the second Google took it down from the Play Store.

        • Anthony Tyson

          Yeah. That killed it, but I understand why. Google needed to cover their own ass lol

  • akamaru

    m6 is available for GS3 (US) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrJigolo

    Yay, Marguro. Should CM11 should hold me until the Nexus 6 launches. I expect an earlier launch this year since it's allegedly based off the LG G3.

    LG G2 launch Sep. - Nexus 5 launch (very late) October

    LG G3 launch June - Nexus (2014) launch late July/ early August

    • Ryan

      We can only wish.

    • Daveon Jackson

      History would say other wise since the nexus s all nexus phones have been released around October.

    • B_I_T

      Does anyone know the faster way to root and put the CM11 on my nexus galaxy GMS Marguro ? I wanted to use the one click installer but it will only install the CM10.2.1
      And i dont know if i can install manualy later with the installer :(

      And are they updated from CM10 to 11 done over the air (WiFi) ?

      • Brian Kram

        You could either flash clockwork recovery using Odin and install from recovery. or you could use the one click to install 10, which also flashes clockwork recovery and install from there

  • billyx

    "Six months after KitKat debuted, the CyanogenMod team is still perfecting its modified release for dozens of devices" - That's the problem! Instead of delivering a stable version from the existing code they are developing more and more features, which are useful for a minor group of users.

    • thartist

      Yeah, honestly instead of being a "community driven aftermarket solution", they're a "community driven aftermarket non-solution".

      6 months already! Stabilize first and foremost, and then start releasing with the added tweaks you morons. What would i care most? Having KitKat in 2 months with a couple major cool features after my phone has been left stuck in 4.1, or waiting 9 months for a thousand tiny internal tweaks that don't make any difference?

      • mikeym0p

        I wish they'd release the S builds for aftermarket phones. The S builds have the focus you want. Honestly, if the focus they put commercially works out in the end I'm all for it.

      • stefan

        In my opinion they will start going the route miui has..after the release of the new phone all the focus will be on their own product providing exceptional support and no issues while other devices will be classed as less important and will take as long as they are now to fix bugs and issues...if not longer...

      • cowgar

        even worse is, as soon as new Android comes out, the 'stable' branch is forgotten, with only very minor additions/tweaks...

        thus one would use even 4.3 if it would get attention, like in the 7.2 days when Ice Cream Sandwitch was all about, I still preferred rocky stable 7.2 on some devices (and backported features) instead of cutting edge experiments...

    • Anthony Tyson

      Let's not forget that they broke Bluetooth months ago and FINALLY acknowledged and fixed it within the last 2 days.

      • John

        Using a BT Headset was pain for months on my N4.

        • Anthony Tyson

          Exactly. I couldn't use CM after I got my pebble.

      • tehboogieman

        Was it the issue with BT headsets constantly disconnecting and reconnecting? Is it fixed in the m6 release?

        • stefan

          Knowing cm I wouldn't count on it...lol

        • Alexander Shulgin

          M6 is making much more problems with BT then M5.

          It sometimes does not connect, sometimes drops connection.And many other new bugs with WIFI and data...

    • WitnessG

      Well they are on schedule just like past builds. CM10 took 6 months to become stable. I think the features they have are what make it better than stock android. I can't wait for the new theme engine.

      • AOSPrevails

        except you could have just stayed on AOSP and used Xposed+Gravity Mod to get whatever feature you like.

        • MeMe

          Not theme manager, not profiles, not security manager, not.... etc ;)

    • Jadephyre

      Oh, and ROMs like ParanoidAndroid didn't implement a metric fuck-ton of features that no one ever used? I'd rather have a developer take his time to deliver a smooth experience than the crash-happy hackjob that was PA when I tried it.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Are you talking about PA on jellybean? To me, that was great. On KitKat, they are completely changing the direction of their ROM, and it is still great to me.

    • Artyte

      Cm isn't for the average consumers. We're modders. Expect this kind of shit. Know your position man.

      • sam tole

        This. Omg this.

      • Jason

        I agree... not only that its free

    • cowgar

      "M" builds are generally more stable than nightly builds

      is not true, M builds are really just renamed nighties, nothing else... there isn't a difference for a long time now...

      I for one can't stop wondering, that a proper software company now (Cyanogen Inc) doesn't have a modern development cycle and is following linux kernel madness development cycle (short support even for 'long-term' kernels and alpha code in their stable ones...).

      there should be a stable branch long time ago, and forked beta/alphas where they can add their 'tiny-tweaks-no-one-cares-about-and-doesn't-make-a-difference' like was mentioned in below threads, or say Supercurio enhancements (which I welcome) but noooooo..... they already started hacking them inside their current nighties so you know what to expect... soon Android 5.0 will come out (google IO) and no-one will care about CM11 anymore

  • Mike Gonzalez

    they are taking way too long to release CM11... if things keep going this route, it will be available in stable version by 2016

    • Meme

      You think you'd have done it faster? Go on and help them ;)

      • lau shen yong

        I can't do faster, but I can plan better

  • WitnessG

    Awesome. The recent CM builds have been really stable for me. I'm guessing that the stable version will be ready next month.

    • Anthony Tyson

      Just in time for then to take another 6 months "stabilizing" 4.4.3

      • WitnessG

        Even though you are probably being sarcastic, 4.4.3 isn't a big update like Jelly Bean to Kit Kat. Its just a bug update so it should a few weeks like for 4.4.2

        • Anthony Tyson

          Yes I am but as is this comment section at the moment.... They do tend to take their time

  • Daniel Song

    Can I install the d2lte on my gs3 if i have the installer cm version?
    Running: 11.0-InstallerXNPQ09Q

  • Hanguk

    I don't know why everyone is bitching about it "not being a stable release"
    It'd just a naming convention. I've been using Cyanogenmod 11 since 2 weeks after they released it and I've had maybe 5 or 10 hiccups over the entire time.

    There are minor things left to fix before they call it stable but it's been stable enough for months

    • Jon

      Not being able to use third party camera apps, HDR function non-working, bluetooth not casting any sound....Yeah some of these are important, not just hiccups.

    • Owen Finn

      5 to 10 "hiccups" could be critical - imagine losing bluetooth functionality for weeks, or dropped calls, or freezing during a crucial event you need a picture of. CM is done. No longer relevant to the majority of users.

  • Peter Blanco

    I use nightlies religiously with usually no issues, no complaints here.

  • Kevin Aaronson

    Anybody know if a full wipe is required/suggested for a flash from d2spr to d2lte?

    • akamaru

      I didn't bother doing a full wipe going from d2vzw M3 to d2lte M6 and its working just fine.

      • Jake Barthalemule

        Calls, LTE and all? I'm considering it, but most people only get 3g.

    • Serotheo

      Generally you wouldn't need to but to be safe, since they altered how some things are I'd rather not deal with after and just flash fresh for the unified build and be happy on my way. That's what I did with my Note 3 from HLTETMO to HLTE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.danna.733 Jonathan Danna

    Samsung Captivate still gets updates from CM after all this time.. that phone is a hell of a trooper, I swear. Still wish I didn't trade mine in to AT&T to get the $100 credit towards my mom's Galaxy Note.

  • jeddo45

    On a side note, if anyone would like to help me out here... Would this work for an HTC M8 sprint? I'm new to rooting and I'm not sure if this would work with that phone. Someone educate me please!

  • Adam Benfer

    Did you actually read CM's post? There isn't going to be a "stable" or "RC" build. M builds are their stablish builds. Each M build will bring more features and bug-fixes. Excerpt:

    "Don’t expect a build labelled ‘stable’. The ‘M’ builds have supplanted our need for such a release. This also means you will not being seeing ‘RC’ builds."

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The CM post came after ours. Their clarifications were good and much-needed. In fact, we'll do something separate on the subject.

      • Adam Benfer

        Thanks Artem, I saw your Google+ post on the subject. I look forward to AP's coverage.

  • Lennatron

    I tried CM on my Note 2 and LOVED it but it broke the GPS so I had to go back to Touchwiz. It's ashame the speed and battery life was incredible.

    • William Liesenberg

      i know what problem did you get... its your baseband file... since you have updated your rom your baseband file changes too... try to save your stock baseband(modem) file and install it on CM11 and your GPS will work like a charm.

      Hope it helps.

  • Nathan J

    I'm looking at the d2lte (Galaxy S3, American) build and wondering why CM11 needs 203MB. It's AOSP plus some tweaks, CM Account, and a couple other apps. LiquidSmooth is basically AOSP plus all the aftermarket features you could shake a stick at, and it's 173MB. CM11 doesn't even have the navbar, which was part of stock Android since 2011.

    I'm well aware of GravityBox, but CM's tweaks break it. I really wish I could get straight up AOSP from Google ported to my phone, and then use GravityBox to add the tweaks I want. I've done this with my Nexus 7 and it's great. Meanwhile, just using LiquidSmooth is good enough, but the ROM has random reboots, shutdowns, and touch screen freezes the team is still trying to work out. (But still the best ROM I've used on this device.)

  • Jason Brown

    toro love!

  • B_I_T

    Does anyone know the faster way to root and put the CM11 on my nexus galaxy GMS Marguro ? I wanted to use the one click installer but it will only install the CM10.2.1
    And i dont know if i can install manualy later with the installer :(

  • Brett

    Anyone using CM on the Nexus 5 and notice any differences (good or bad) with battery life? I'm using stock on Nexus 5 and battery life is pretty bad. Thinking about rooting phone and going with CM but not if battery life will worsen. What do you all think?

  • Crafty

    Fixing the framework memory leaks is a biggie for me. The system UI has been crashing for weeks on my B&N Nook Color because of it.

    Really hope this fixes that. Yay.

  • Crafty

    Same exact problem for me. It's been driving me crazy.

    I really hope this fixes the system UI crashes. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Jadephyre

    Whose bright idea at Cyanogen was it to include the new theme engine but not the new Theme Chooser? I hope someone backports that to M6 because i'm not going to use Nightlies anymore.

  • Ryan M

    Watch out for this update - installed it on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus (toro) and it's been incredibly unstable. The SystemUI vanishes and crashes, it deleted my wallpaper, and third-party apps have been unstable. M5 was quite stable before this update.

    • Tom Kenyon

      I've had issues all day myself. Finally had to factory wipe. Restoring backed up data now with fingers crossed.

    • Dutchy

      man same here! :( im coming from Omni Rom, i had nooo issues. first install this update 5 mins into using it the system UI crashes, reboot its working fine, open camera it crashes (wtf!!) reboot open camera again and it crashes! -_- going back to OmniRom right Nooooaw!

    • http://www.oscarchung.com/ Oscar Chung

      Sadly factory wipe doesn't work for me. My phone is G Nexus (maguro) and I have been having the same issues after flashing M6. Worse thing is it will become more and more frequent to the point that the phone is barely usable (have to reboot it every few min or so...). That's when I decided to factory wipe and reinstall everything all over again. And after 2 hours the systemui crash just appeared again...

    • Brendan McCoy

      Same exact issue on my tablet, the current app I'm using will just randomly freeze and everything will force close and take me back to my lock screen and my live wallpaper won't go back until I manually re-launch the live wallpaper.

    • Blaok

      Exactly the same thing with my Galaxy Nexus (maguro). At first I was wondering if my device was broken because I dropped it too many times. Recently I realize that all I have to do is just to avoid this buggy version.

  • mrbubblehead

    The cLock app is using my GPS constantly even with the app disabled. Cm 11 M6

    • Viannot

      Same problem there.

      • mrbubblehead

        I was able to disable it. Under the apps menu. Other than that it is a very stable complete ROM.

        • Viannot

          How? What do you mean under the apps menu?

          • Viannot

            Actually it worked after a reboot. Now the app does not use the GPS anymore even it is enabled. But well I am not using it anymore.

  • arian

    Again there is a major problem. I own i9100 and after installing CM11 M6 I have tried installing Google apps for CM11 and it says installation successful but it hasn't installed Google play or the Google services.

  • Robert Miles

    Galaxy Note 2:

    Stock browser locks up entire phone for extended periods
    Xposed Framework doesn't work (ruining Google Now automation integration)
    Google Now not hearing bluetooth microphone (does detect bluetooth button press)

    Going back to 10.2 for now.

  • Wez2208

    I updated from snapshot m5 to m6 on my s3 and now my system ui crashes all the time :(

  • Johhny Sack

    So the M6 is less stable than the M5 on my GS3. I have no right to complain, so won't. I found there to be a number of freeze screens, especially when accessing drop down notifications. I have since wiped and re-loaded M5 as it is far more reliable.

  • Free Thinker

    My a GPS is having connectity issues as well becoming so dependent upon the nice Lady telling u where to go on a day to basis made a 14 mile trip today incredibly unamusing I too have a sparatic issue issue of screen not wanting to stay open long snuff to end a call and have often chose reboot cause truthfully it sometimes faster. Sprint Note3 cyanogen m6

    • William Liesenberg

      Update/Change yourt baseband file... try to find a stock rom for your region and extract the MODEM.BIN witch is the baseband file... download a CWM template ZIP and install the new modem...

  • Allen Penaojas

    Still didnt fix my network problems. Please help. Caller wont hear me. i19300.

    • William Liesenberg

      Allen your networks problem can be solved by updating/changing your baseband file.

  • eee

    CM is frankly releasing shitty releases. What no beta testers or something? I am regret rooting my phone to use it. Its a lot worse than default google builds.

  • John Williams

    Is it true you are dropping support from the Oppo N1?! If so, shame on you. That's the rumour, and if it's true it affects my purchase of both Oppo phones, and their offshoot OnePlus. Please tell me it's not true.

  • William Liesenberg

    Let me do some considerations here... i have been reading this thread and find out that many people are complaining about obvious issues...

    1st - If your having problems with Signal and GPS its because when you updated your android your baseband file have changed. The baseband file is responsible to select the correct signal frequency's of your carrier so all CM's will come with a standard baseband file witch in some cases are not ideal for some countries. The hint here is find another baseband file and flash it.

    2nd - Problems with the UI comes much because Trebuchet still a little bit buggy, but for the MOST users the solution is use Google Now Launcher. Other trick that may help is unlocking Developer and Performance menus, enable all memory tweaks and try to use SIO I/O Scheduler and PegasusQ Governor (Those got less bug reports) . DON'T enable 16 bit transparency. Don't forget to check the boxes beneath the selection of I/O and Governor so when you reboot your phone your modification still there. Some people like to use the GPU tweaks in developer options, it will increase overall graphics performance but for some phones it also increases a little bit the battery consumption.

    I got a galaxy S2 since 2011 (release date) and used stocks roms to early 2013 and have my phone upgraded do CM10 stable releases... it makes my phone flyes again... but when CM11 was released i was a little bit disappointed not with Cyanogen but with Android 4.4... many MANY phones have audio issues with KitKat like stutter or the Dead Hung ( dead hung is when player stops and only works again after a reboot) dead hung is only for audio player like apollo and play music the other sounds and stream audio players work well.

    PS: if anyone have intel about these audio problems it would be very nice for the community to have that information shared.

    For now this is it guys!

    • imenevichian

      Do you know of any step by step tutorial on how to do that? Thanks!

      • imenevichian

        Sorry, My message was ment for point #1...

  • AriyanHaghgoo

    I own an i9300 used to run M6 after updating to M7 the pay store could not download anything and after that force close everything's for opening!

  • Hussain Zahran

    The clock is not updating!!! any help

    Thanks alot for the subject , comments & reply.
    worked fine with me till the end & I have the rom installed but the
    clock is not updating either the automatic update with network is on or
    and facebook does not synchronize contacts as in the last version of android i have.
    please help

  • xCoreySheehan

    So I'm on my Nook Tablet, so its hard as it is. I'm curious to get the snapshot, M7 now, but if CM11 isn't good, I'll just keep CM10, or root another ARM supported OS, like Windows RT or the Ubuntu ARM release.