The developer and unlocked versions of the HTC One M8 are now receiving an update that enables the device's Extreme Power Saving Mode. This feature extends the phone's battery life by disabling all but the essential services, shooting users out of the standard interface into one that provides access to phone calls, text messages, email, calendar events, a calculator, and nothing else. This feature did not ship on the HTC One M8 out of the box here in the US, but updates are turning that situation around. The Extreme Power Saving Mode is joined by a few enhancements to the camera and gallery apps.

M8-3 M8-1 M8-2

The build number is version 1.54.1540.9, and the download is roughly 118MB. Update away.

Sources: XDA Developers, +DarnellThompson, Imgur

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  • h4rr4r

    Or you could turn it off, it would have the same level of functionality for anything a person actually uses.

    • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

      I heard a rumor that some people actually still use their phones as phones.

      I know, I know, seems unlikely to me too, but apparently it's true.

  • xero1

    Iv'e been using it on my M7 and I like it. It has it uses from time to time.

    • Kiamat

      Where is your M7 from? My US Developer Edition doesn't have that feature.

      • xero1

        It's a port from the M8. Sense 6 was ported a few weeks ago. Running good with no problems for me.

        • http://teamfreewill.net Supernatural Online

          port by whom?

          • xero1

            A few, Team Venom, InsertCoin, Android Revolution, to name some. Try 'em out and see which you like best.

          • http://teamfreewill.net Supernatural Online

            which rom has this mode?

          • xero1

            All of them IIRC. I'm testing Venom now and really like it.

  • Kiamat

    I wish they would bring this to the M7, which could probably use it even more due to the less than stellar battery life.

  • epsiblivion

    screenshots make it look exactly like the car mode app.

  • http://www.stepic.nl/ Stefan
  • KvinlonWeldon

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