A late entrant to Google's update Wednesday is Play Music. Version 5.5 has started rolling out, but don't expect huge changes. So far all we've seen is a tweak to playlist management. You can still download the APK below, if that's how you roll.

2014-05-01 06.58.59 2014-05-01 06.59.16 2014-05-01 07.17.48

What's New (Updated with official changelog 5/2/14)


  • Improved recommendations on Listen Now with the ability to dismiss items
  • You can now share playlists from the app and pin subscribed playlists
  • New thumbs ups are sorted by recency in the Thumbs Up playlist
  • Radio improvements and bug fixes

So you have a bit more control over playlists on your device. You can change the name and description now (you could already manage the songs). If you want to share your creation (with a link), the app lets you do so via whatever means you want. The playlist has to be made public first, but the app prompts you.


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

File name: com.google.android.music-5.5.1509O.1140258.apk.

Version: 5.5.1509O.1140258 (Android 2.2+).

MD5: c0f9b4b2e15cf0f4e0a1a7e2c4ce662a.

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Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/andrewpalozzo Andrew Palozzo

    Hopefully first step before allowing playlist collaboration...

    • Steve Williamson

      One thing i really miss from spotify

  • Taylor00

    Bout damn time. Now let me make public playlists of the tracks I've uploaded that are not available in the Play Store.

    • SimonPieman

      Wouldn't there be copyright issues around that?

      A middle ground would be someway of knowing what tracks on your playlist will be visible and what won't.

      • Alex Winton

        Spotify already does this. If the track isn't available to stream for another user, it simply is greyed out and skipped. Nothing to stop Google doing the same.

      • Taylor00

        Sorta kinda, but it wouldn't be any difference than YouTube. The person I'll share my playlist with will be able to listen to it, but won't be able to "download" it.

  • wollac11

    Hopefully we'll soon be able to do playlist collaboration using Chromecast like we were able to do with the Nexus Q

    • Cory S

      I really liked the Nexus Q. I really wish they'd bring over all the features.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        Nexus Q made no sense. I mean, who names Q something that is clearly a sphere?

        • Cory S

          I was going to go with who makes a 300 dollar google streamer...but we could start with nitpicking the name I guess :P

          • Ezzy

            It was a developer prototype - just like Google Glass, and that's $1500...

          • Cory S

            No not really, they had intended to sell it no differently than a Nexus device. There wasn't a "lottery" to get the privilege to buy it, and it was never marketed at all as a dev device. It was more a proof of concept than anything. The fact they gave away the pre-orders not even bothering to sell them shows how it wasn't anything like Glass at all.

          • Ezzy

            I still remember them wishing it to be hacked by the community in their keynote and it was released at Google I/O after all. And Nexus devices are developer devices, always have been. They've just become moderately successful as manufacturers tend to ruin Android GUI's and add bloat to their phones.

            And Q did evolve into Chromecast pretty much. Or dilute, which ever you prefer :P

          • Cory S

            I was referring to it not being a prototype not so much a dev device (which it really wasn't that either). Glass is very cheap components setup in a very unique way. The Q was American made with very high end stereo equipment (for the segment anyway) which really didn't make sense in that configuration. It wasn't over priced per say...simply didn't have a market. I do agree they re imagined the device as the Chromecast.Personally I prefer it that way. I would have no use for the expensive amplifier in a Q, I am just going to plug it into my much nicer home theater system.

        • jamesfuston

          You mean a circle with cables sticking out of one point towards the bottom? Kind of like...a Q?

          • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

            That guy has an argument.

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            Oh wow, never put that together til now lol

  • Sergio

    Can you add songs from playlist with this update? Also it would be nice if we could select multiple songs in songs tab to add them to a playlist. Doing it one by one is a waste of time...

    • Vorastra

      Exactly, how do they expect me to add 1000+ songs into playlists...

  • DarinSEngel

    Also it would be nice if we could select multiple songs in songs tab to add them to a playlist. http://sn.im/28v77x3

    • http://about.me/jovanphilip Van

      Holy shit! These spam bots are becoming very sophisticated...

      • SSDROiD

        Hahahahahaha! One upvote isn't enough for this comment!

  • David Chan

    The screenshots show a public playlist being created for The Beatles. The Beatles are not on Google Store - does this mean you can share your uploaded songs from your personal music collection?

    • rain

      no , i just tried that. The playlist with your own songs does not show anything if you share it with someone else :/

  • Leighton

    Still waiting for playlist sorting (by artist, title, etc) in the app like you can on the web.

  • Bendichi

    GPM really needs a facelift. Drooling so hard over spotify's new look, but I'm too much of a fanboy to switch. For now.

    • Blodoffer

      So you want Google to break their own guidelines? First Android design guidelines have to be updated before GPM changes. (Note that I'm not design expert). I still think GPM is one of the most prettiest Android apps I've seen. Besides, what's there to be changed? Going back to a darker theme? Ditching orange?

      • Alex James Simon

        I just want to be able to make the album art fit the player screen. It would also bring the quality of the album art up as well, because it isn't stretched as much.

    • senor_heisenberg

      Nah, it already had a facelift a while back. Play Music looks much better than spotify to me, but hey, that's the thing about opinions; Everyone has their own.

      I think some people have just gotten so used to dark themes in Android apps that they automatically think that's better.

  • LUL.

    how do I make ITTT send me a link to the post/download and not just a notification?

  • Connor Mason

    Smart playlists would be nice too

  • MrJigolo

    Needs a redesign. Has Google seen Spotify's new app?

    • Hothfox

      It's pretty in line with the rest of Google's apps.

  • Layman76

    Oh hey, they updated the Cast and Thumb Up/Down icons too!

  • johnforamerica

    Now if only changes to playlists made via the web would actually sync to android, and visa versa! Been awhile since I tested it, but previously if I added a song on the web interface, it wouldn't be synced on my device (ie - I still had to add it on the device). I KNOW I still have issues with "thumbs up/down" syncing in the same way.

    Anyone else have these issues?

    • miri

      Working just fine here. Have you tried going into settings and refreshing?

      • johnforamerica

        I have! (and thanks for taking the time to respond)

        I did check the thumbs up behavior and confirmed the following: If I "thumbs up" on the web, it's reflected on Android. If I thumbs up on the android app, it's NOT reflected on the web. :-(

        • miri

          Just checked again. If I make a change on mobile, it'll be there the next time I open GPM on the web but if I have them both open, there will be a delay in the update or I'll need to manually refresh.

        • PiLoT .

          dont spose the music on ur device was transfred to the device via pc not gpm, when i used to sync music from pc to phone then thumbs up on phone it wouldnt thumbs up the track in library however now i just sync from gpm to the phone using the pushpins and it workds fine

  • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

    I'll tell ya, I've been on Rocketplayer for a while now. Definitely loving it.

  • andy_o

    What about lifting the limit of 1000 songs per playlist? The playlist I transferred from my iTunes library that took like 13 hours on my shitty upload speed stops at the "S" songs.

    • Taylor00

      No one in the world needs a playlist with 1000 songs, don't be ridiculous. This is why we can't have nice things and have people complain about the lamest shit.

      • Kehnin Dyer

        well. i kinda agree with you taylor, however there isn't really a good reason to have a limit at all... really.. it is just a list of song pointers...

      • andy_o

        Well, clearly some people do, smartass. Try shuffling through a large group of songs that is not your whole library (which includes sounds and podcasts form other apps and even shitty songs that Google Play just gifts you). Hey, maybe you can shuffle through several playlists instead... nope, well then.

        And pray tell, how in the small self-centered world you live in, does people complaining about a dumb artificial limit precludes you from having nice things? This "we can't have nice things because you complain about something I don't use" meme is so damn stupid. If you don't use it, consider that people use their devices differently, mkay boy?

        • Taylor00

          Dude, I think you have a problem, that most people would call "hoarding." I think you need help arranging your shit more than anything.

          • PiLoT .

            i have a playlist featuring 4000 songs (my entire library)

      • Nicholas Ruiz

        I want Playlists bigger than 1000 because when I switch devices, which is often, I want to be able to hit just one button to save my whole library onto my SD card. It's not a big deal and if they never changed it I wouldn't be bothered but it would be nice.

        • Taylor00

          So you want your whole library downloaded on your device sorted alphabetically without any way to sort it out by artist, album, year, genre, whatever? Wouldn't it be more efficient to want a "Keep Library On Device" button instead? Cause AFAIK most artists don't have more than a 1000 tracks if you were hinting about making individual artist playlists.

          • Nicholas Ruiz

            No I don't need it to be organized in the Playlist. Once downloaded they already organize. And not a keep library option because I don't download every song I own onto the device. I just prefer to rarely stream

  • Ryan O’Neill

    How about Metadata editing? I'm so tired of having to do that on my computer.

    • Nicholas Ruiz

      I need this badly

  • http://androidhackbr.blogspot.com/ Jonas Henrique (joheraga)

    Hey AndroidPolice! Play Music with new logo? See this.

    • Arthur Dent

      See what?

    • http://www.twitter.com/b_boogey_xl b_boogey_xl

      I noticed this a while ago too.

  • Jason Lim

    Version: 5.5.1511O.1148372

  • Jesse

    So I'm like 90% sure that I read that GPM has gapless playback. However, there is a definite gap between songs when I use it. Brief, but definitely there. Anyone else have this problem?

  • taz89

    When are they going to add a sleep timer, it's the only thing keeping me from using this as my only music player.

  • Anupe

    Why dont these buggers fix the album art sizing instead of magnifying it to show probably 60% of the actual cover? -_-

  • Chandra

    Thanks! I don't have any idea why they say that my xperia isn't compatible with this app, but this is very helpful.