May 4th is apparently Star Wars Day, so it's time to cash in (hey, there's no better way to make George Lucas proud). To celebrate, Google's offering up a themed sale with a few free games and a slew of discounted books.



Some of these novels aren't even out yet, but you can pre-order one now and knock a buck off the price. Other releases are going for around 40% off, whereas a few are just cheap. Game-wise, there isn't much to see here, but there's a decent amount of reading material available for Star Wars fans who prefer to view light-saber duels in a textual form.



Amazon's sale is much smaller, and there's little here we would consider much of a deal unless you have an unquenchable thirst for in-app purchases. These discounts will last until May 10th.

Amazon's May The Fourth Be With You Sale:

Google Play May The Fourth Be With You Sale

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  • Joey Heck

    I can't believe they would touch the Star Wars books, since they are now officially equivalent to fan fic.

    • sean

      Everything is fan fiction if you are not the original creator.

    • http://iRiPhotography.wordpress.com/ iRoswell

      The books, games, comics, etc., have always been non canon according to George Lucas. Disney simply made it official.

  • SuperMario7

    What Android users really need is Knights Of The Old Republic to be ported over, it's been out on iOS for ages, and actually worked fine with touch controls when I had an iPhone. I want it on my Nexus 5!

    • Sergio Carmona

      WHAT?!?!?!? KOTOR is out for iOS?? I've never kept track of their app list but this is very very unfair, judging from the way things go we should see it available for Android in 1-2 years? This has to happen now

    • Real Geek Dad


  • sean

    Rebel scum....

  • Steve Freeman

    Good for them. Pass.

  • Alex

    "Star Wars-oriented Free App of the Day" -- does the Play store have a free app of the day? I know Amazon does, but as free apps can't go back to paid, I didn't think Play had one. I haven't seen any in the UK.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      Those bullet points are for Amazon. I'll update the post to make that clearer.

      • Alex

        Thanks, it may have just been me skim reading and missing your original note. Sorry if that's the case.

        As an aside, I wish that Google would allow apps to temporarily go free, like Amazon and Apple. I don't recall hearing why they decided not to allow it.

    • Brendan

      No, but it does have free songs, if you want something free every day just for the sake of it.

      • Alex

        Not every day in the UK, but there's one most weeks.

        There should be the option for companies that want to do promotions where their apps are temporarily free, etc. Currently they do it with a workaround that means the app can't be updated after the promotion period.