Blu has made its name offering inexpensive mid-range devices, but the new Life Pure XL is creeping up the food chain. This phone will still be fairly cheap, but has vastly improved specs.


Here's the full list of speeds and feeds.

  • Display: LTPS 5.5 inch Full HD 1080 x 1920, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core 2.2GHz Krait-400 with Adreno 330 GPU.
  • OS: Android v4.2 Jelly Bean, upgradable to Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • Camera: Rear – 16 megapixel with 1.34μ pixels, 1/2.3-inch sensor, Largan M8 lens, Video Record 1080p @ 30fp; Front – 8.0 megapixel, autofocus.
  • Connectivity: NFC, WiFi a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi Hotspot, micro-USB, FM Radio
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Compass
  • Memory: 32GB internal memory, 3GB RAM (L260) and 16GB + 2GB RAM (L259)
  • Dimensions: 150.6 x 75 x 9.5 mm, 128 grams
  • Network: 2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G (HSPA+ 42Mbps) 850/1900/2100, Micro-SIM
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 2500 mAh battery

So, note that despite being Snapdragon-based, there's still no LTE – very few Blu phones have it. It's probably going to be crazy fast, though, with a Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of RAM. There will also be a variant with just 2GB.

If you're into it, the Blu Life Pure XL will hit Amazon on May 2nd (tomorrow) for $399. That's for the 32GB+3GB version. The 16GB+2GB phone will be on Amazon starting May 9th for $349. That's also when the blue and pink colors become available.

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  • xxritcheyxx

    Pretty impressive!

  • Hotzigetty

    So, the Gionee Elife E7 then.

    • Nicholas Polydor

      Yeah, their last phone was based off a Gionee as well.

      • Kai

        Many of their phones were the based off Gieone models

        • henry

          All of their phones are rebranded Gionee models. AP doesn't seem to get this. Just like all the people who don't understand that an OnePlus One is just a rebranded Oppo Find 7 more or less

          • Besbes Souhaieb

            mate there's a whole lot of difference between rebranded and reengineered

  • Outrager

    The OnePlus One seems like the better deal but selling on Amazon might help sales.

    • Alvaro Chong

      Do we even know that the 1+1 won't end up in Amazon?

      • Outrager

        I have no idea. I was just saying that a phone that sells on Amazon might have a better chance then something that sells only on the company's own website and a few random brick and mortars. If the 1+1 sells on Amazon then it'll probably help their sales too.

      • Justin W

        What we know is that the 1+1 won't be sold directly to those who want it without an invite from the start, so therefore, the Life Pure should sell better.

  • sturmen

    For those that can't wait for the OnePlus One.

    • Godspoken

      Or just don't want to smash their flagship phone for it.

      • sturmen

        I can't tell if you know that only 100 people will do that, and you will be able to purchase one without smashing anything...

        • guest

          Not without an invite you won't.

          Translation: The average person won't be able to buy the OnePlus One anyway. Might as well buy something that won't need an invite to be able to purchase.

          • sturmen

            The invite process will last at least through June, but it is temporary in the long run. You will be able to buy one without an invite.

  • Jorge Rhor

    Now, this is nice. Only two potential issues, No Expanded storage, and hopefully devs at XDA will cook AOSP ROMs for it, if there's enough demand. Could not care less about LTE.

    • Sid Shetty

      Own this phone already, Amazing display probably one of the best camera's on an android phone.
      But developer support is non existent as of right now hopefully since its launching in usa it changes

      Its a great phone though build quality is great phone is light no complains

      • Jorge Rhor

        For me, personally, no custom ROM's, no phone.
        Indeed, hopefully that changes over time.

        • Doakie

          Not trying to be a dick. What reason is there for custom ROMs in this day? I used to ROM a lot before updates were so prevalent, I'd always installed CM to get the newer versions on handsets that were dropped by manufacturers. Last time I installed and stuck with a ROM was on my Sensation 4G, ever since then I've been fine just installing Nova Launcher on any handset I've got. Google breaking out their apps into the store for easy updating has really made a big difference in keeping up to date, and every ROM I've tried has always had some bug that never gets resolved that drives me up the wall. Last one was a Bluetooth bug in CM10 when I got adventurous with a Galaxy S 3... Couldn't stand it anymore.

          • Jorge Rhor

            Personal preference. I cannot used something that has not been hacked.

    • h4rr4r

      BLU never releases kernel source, so you can keep dreaming about ROMs.
      Now that they are not using Mediatek CPUs, it might happen but I doubt it.

      I wish Linus or some other kernel dev would set the lawyers on the bunch.

      • Jorge Rhor

        Then I will not getting it.

  • Blue Sun

    I hope it comes in e-Cig blue.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    No LTE = no sale. LTE or GTFO. Etc.

    • ProductFRED

      Especially since it doesn't even have T-Mobile 4G bands. And even if you're in a refarmed area, you'll have slower 4G. T-Mobile's AWS-based 4G/HSPA+ is as fast as their average LTE speeds. I have no idea why Blu phones don't include 1700 MHz... Most people aren't going to take an off-contract device to AT&T. T-Mobile is the only that really incentives that.

      • brkshr

        AT&T takes off $15 - 25 a month for not being on contract. Just sayin.

        • ProductFRED

          This must be a recent change. I didn't know about that. You're still paying a lot more for less on AT&T. No such thing as unlimited data with them anymore.

          • brkshr

            They changed it about 6 months ago I would say. You're right about paying more for less. But, where I live, AT&T has more coverage and better quality. I'm hoping I can switch back to T-Mo when they get their 700 MHz built out.

            Edit: fyi, I pay $120 for 10GB

          • ProductFRED

            Yeah I can understand that. I live in NYC.

            I pay $70 for unlimited everything.

          • Doakie

            We pay $160/month for a 10 GB shared plan for 4 lines on AT&T. That works out to $40 each. Pretty freaking cheap!!

          • ProductFRED

            That's good if you only use 2.5GB each (or 10 total). I use 5+GB alone.

          • Doakie

            I used to use 40 GB per month back on Sprint WiMAX. My usage habits have changed so I generally only use around 5 GB per month now. The three family members on my plan all stay near Wi-Fi all day at work, them combined don't even use 500 MB so I get free reign over the remaining 9.5 GB. Works out great for me, I'm glad we left Sprint. Their network speeds became so bad I couldn't even use 2 GB per month.

    • jonathan3579

      I can't believe their first LTE device is gimped on specs but this beefed up device has no LTE. Add to that, their LTE device fully supports T-Mobile US and this device is an AT&T device at best.

  • senor_heisenberg

    Do Blue phones have good ROM support, if any?

    • Tyler Humphreys

      As far as I know all the previous phones used Mediatek chips, which have shitty developer support. This phone might change that.

      • senor_heisenberg

        Didn't know that, thanks.

  • David Peterson

    Definitely not the phone for me, but I'm REALLY liking the plethora of near flagship spec'd phones at the sub $400 mark

  • brkshr

    It will be crazy fast... until it tries to access the internet and you're stuck waiting there.

    I sent my Nexus 5 (with LTE) in to repair the screen. So I'm on my Nexus 4 (without LTE) now. The animations and everything are just as smooth as the N5. However. Every time it tries to access the internet, there is a HUGE difference in speed. I also forgot about the N4 having unusually slow wifi speeds. Can't wait for my N5 to come back next week.

    (yes, I know the N4 can access LTE on T-Mo. I use AT&T)

  • Tyler Humphreys

    The Mediatek chips from the other Blu phones were one of the things keeping me away from them, so at least thats one less thing to complain about. Would be nice to see some Snapdragon 600 phones as well. But the lack of LTE, especially on a higher end phone like this is a killer.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    I'll get a G2 instead if I want a snap800 phone.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Very nice. I've been waiting for this to be announced. I could care less about LTE. No LTE just means better battery life :P $400 isn't bad at all. Just not sure many people will be willing to spend $400 on a BLU device. Especially when the Nexus 5 is the same price. But the BLU device has the upper hand in quite a few areas. I'll probably get one on eBay when it becomes available. No tax on eBay :P

    • Cesar B

      Changes in recent LTE technologies make it so LTE barely uses battery. A good LTE signal will drain slower. Than WiFi. This is especially true for Nexus 5 owners and I am one of them.

    • Dominick White

      But having no Lte is a huge deal considering can get the nexus 5 at the same price point with Lte and a huge dev support or the oneplus for $50 dollars less for the 64gb and Lte

  • Kyle Cordiano

    They need to update their phones to 4.4 asap.

  • Sid Shetty

    Is it going to use the Amigo ROM like the Gionee E7 ?
    or does this have a more stockish rom ?

    • psychoace

      It's usually the same rom across all these phones that Gionee and Blu share. The original manufacture of these devices (some generic Chinese manufacture) provides the OS but typically Blu and Gionee add some little touches to make it their own. Mostly different icons.

      • Ashok3jg

        Gionee is the OEM.

  • prashantmagar

    Is this available in Asia-Pacific?

    • Doakie

      Huzefa Shakir had said, "This is already available as the Gionee Elife E7 in India and China."

  • abhi098

    gionee e7 copy

  • Huzefa Shakir

    This is already available as the Gionee Elife E7 in India and China. I have one. It's an amazing phone. The cameras are terrific!

  • Sparkoot

    The KitKat update will be ready by 2017.

    • psychoace

      They were already supposed to have all there last gen phones up to Kit Kat by now.

    • Fernando Jose Cuevas Velazquez

      Nope. The KitKat will be available por some BLU products in june/july, including this phone

  • bpcooper14

    If the prices were maybe $100 lower than advertised, I think this would be a great option. Otherwise, you can find better specs in this same price range.

  • Mista_Mr

    I've seen they only announce one phone recently with lte.

  • Simon Belmont

    No LTE and I don't think it runs on T-Mobile's AWS band. What a shame.

    Also, I'm beginning to wonder when BLU is actually going to start pushing KitKat to its devices because it feels like they've been promising it for ages. I'd take a OnePlus One over this.

  • Doakie

    They're going to have to do better with price of they truly want to compete because you can buy a 32 GB Note 3 on Craigslist for $400...

  • wendeth

    I have the blu life mini and out of nowhere the top half of the screen has stopped working. Any suggestions? I've turned it on/off (and now I can't because the screen won't rotate) and I've googled, with no luck, trying to find a solution.

    • Doakie

      Contact BLU. I contacted them a few months back about what their warranty covers. They sent me a PDF that shows that they have a 1 year warranty. I've heard different things from some consumer reviews on Amazon, some have said it's been impossible to get phones warrantied from BLU while others have said it was easy.