Get this. Before now, Snapchat wasn't good for actually chatting. I know, for an app with chat in the name, you would understandably expect it to foster some form of conversations (the snappy kind, at least). But until now, users have only been able to take photos or short video clips, doodle on them, add captions, set how long the recipient could view them, and share. The app was less about communicating and more about, well, other stuff. But now the company has added instant messaging to the app, along with live video chatting.

Snapchat's video chats feel more spontaneous than traditional calls. A blue circle appears in the text box whenever you and a friend are both online at the same time. Tapping on that icon makes you appear instantly. There's no ringing or waiting around, aside from the inevitable connectivity issues.


The app treats text messages similarly to how it treats images and video clips. Once both you and the person you're chatting with have viewed a message, it goes away. Of course, you can still take a screenshot of whatever it is you wish, so don't turn to this app thinking it will hide your sexting any more than those pictures you took in your bathroom. You might as well be open about it.

What's New

Introducing Chat!

Swipe right on a friend’s name in your Snapchat inbox to start chatting. When you leave the chat screen, messages viewed by both you and your friend will be cleared – but either of you can always tap or screenshot to save anything you’d like to keep (addresses, to-do lists, etc.)!

We let you know when a friend is Here in your Chat so that you can give each other your full attention. And if you’re both Here, simply press and hold to share live video – and Chat face-to-face!

Source: Snapchat

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Michael J Carroll

    I don't know how I feel about this... It seems to make it unnecessarily complex...

  • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

    Having a quick chat that disappears when it's over seems cool. At least they are doing new shit, eh?

  • vyktorsouza


    • Jonathan

      It's not done with an app update. It's enabled by Snapchat

  • ddpacino

    Used it for the first time... confused as hell. Back to Hangouts, lol.

    • Guest

      LOL xD
      too bad they don't have the same purpose...

  • Justin

    little confused by the ui but maybe it takes time to get used to

  • didibus

    I wished they'd focus on making their app better. It didn't get an update in years. They should focus on their strength, not try to imitate whatsapp and hangouts. The cool part of snap chat is the snapping of a quick image or video which will be short lived and only remain a memory. It is not chatting in the normal sense, but more like a glimpse of what your friend is up to. It was an easy way to have an image hold a thousand words. Say I am going to eat at a restaurant, instead of telling my friend, Hey man I am eating at X restaurant, you just snapped a pic of the restaurant and send it.

    • Jake

      If you're in the beta you should of gotten the filter/#BFs/Weather/time a few months ago. I would also suggest using Xposed if you want more features. I can send pictures I already have, and change the text colors along with some other things.

      • didibus

        Damn, that's neat, I didn't know Xposed was used to mod apps too. It's funny that Xposed is adding more feature to SnapChat then the company itself though.

    • John Smith

      I want a friend in NV who goes to whore houses...

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    What I'm more interested in; Is it just as secure as it already was?

    • Andrew

      you mean not secure at all?

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Yeah that was the point of my post :)

  • Brad

    seems like double tapping to reply is gone. dumb.

  • Godspoken

    Don't really see the appeal of these features in Snapchat, but whatever. I'll just stick to pictures.

  • liv

    my yellow button won't turn blue even though we are definitely on at the same time??

    • sabebien

      mine either

      • haiiles

        ive had this same problem

        • Cel


          • Paris

            me too omg

          • GDismySeoul

            Mine has the same problem! So frustrating!! Please fix this Snapchat...

    • Nnnnnnnn

      Can someone please advise us on why the yellow icon doesn't turn blue even though we r both in the chat

      • Marky Mark

        If one person has an android and the other an apple device...it wont work. Seems dumb, I know.

        • Michael

          Not true. I was able to successfully video chat with two friends who have the iPhone.

          • bestwpdesigner

            I would imagine that if you're still on a 3G network it's not going to work. You must be on LTE or 4G. That's my guess.

    • Khanh

      are you on snapchat beta? is the other person snapchat updated also? I can do it just fine between my friend who has an iphone and I used a nexus 5

  • Devon

    lol closed source.. why would anyone trust? Better Telegram.. open source, no commercial company behind it... and they even offern an api.

  • Help

    How the fuck do u do the video chat it's not working ....

  • Schuyler

    my button also won't turn blue

  • Southern_sweetheart_55

    My yellow button won't turn blue.. Wtf about to delete snapchat

    • Guest

      only turns blue when both are online in the app.. in the same chat, i think

  • Boonozor

    Yupp it doesnt turn blue...

  • mgos4

    i can not even download the new update.. can anyone tell me why that is?

  • hnb

    How do you clear the feed

  • Aroosa

    I always delete my feed but with this update I can't delete anyone who is in my inbox thingy. Help?

    • 😍

      Go to settings scroll down to clear conversation that should get u there

  • Confused

    I've somehow saved part of a conversation and now can't get rid of it - help

  • Joe

    How do you clear feed?

  • Petrushkamarii

    It doesn't work for me. We press the blue button and all that comes out is a circle with our face (the person holding the phone) we can't see or hear each other. I read that it should show up when where both on it but it doesn't work.

  • MadFerret9

    this update sucks.. every time I take a picture it says "SWIPE FOR FILTERS" right in the middle of the screen and it won't go away. I can't see the whole picture because it's in the way. Swiping does nothing. In fact, I turned the filters option OFF in the options... how come upgrades are never actually better?

    • Jane

      Allow location tracking for snapchat, and then turn the filters on. That should get rid of the "swipe for filters". The only reason the filters require location services is because certain filters will say the time or temperature, and thus require your location.

      • Yngin

        This worked, thank you!

        Now fix the random phone reboot when using Snap...

  • Mike

    The whole being able to send a pic from ur gallery made it bullshit cuz now it takes the live to the minute factor out. They should remove that feature. Also i cant get the swipe for filters to go away

  • Holly tc

    I recently updated snapchat in my iPhone and since I have it won't let me slide the blue messages. It just goes back to home screen what do I do so I can get it back to normal??

  • Anonymous

    When I talk on snapchat, my instant message hasn't deleted, it's just stayed... How do I delete it.