Fans of Nova Launcher and WidgetLocker have long had support for bubble-style unread counts on some app icons thanks to TeslaUnread. The newest beta version of this app includes preliminary support for a ton of new apps, but you'll have to opt into the beta.

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Here's the changelog, which is mostly just a list of newly supported apps.

  • Hangouts (requires Hangouts v2.1)
  • Whatsapp
  • BBM
  • Outlook.com
  • Notification Bar Watcher (Android 4.3+)
  • Extract unread counts from Notification Bar notifications from virtually any app
  • Facebook (Experimental, unsupported on HTC Sense)
  • Press RSS (Experimental)
  • Many bug fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed FCs (4/29/14)

There are some caveats, of course, but this should make those little bubbles much more useful. Of particular interest is that ability for TeslaUnread to extract unread counts from the notification listener, which should allow it to work with almost any app. But remember, this is a beta and you need to be using WidgetLocker or Nova Launcher Prime (both paid apps). Get in on the beta here, or download the free beta APK.

[+Kevin Barry]

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  • Kcls

    He lives! None of his apps have been updated since like December of last year.

    • Daniel Traynor

      Yeah I know and it's rather annoying really.
      I am staying on Apex until Nova gets an update! Hate using apps that don't get updated frequently.


      • http://www.about.me/kendallseabury Kendall Seabury

        What's wrong with Nova? Yea it hasn't been updated since December but it's still rock solid.

        Hasn't been updated in a while != not working.

        • Badouken

          Right? Nova doesn't even need an update... Ya it could get some more features but thats not a necessity, it runa smooth and does what it says it does and that's good enough for me.

          • nycebo

            100% agreed. Nova is the smoothest launcher I've ever used on my N4. Haven't seen it crash, never reloads...it's great. Actually, I was thinking of what features I'd want added and the only thing missing was a proper unread counter. Voila. We have one now. @DanielTraynor:disqus, what feature(s) do you want, out of curiosity?

          • Bogger

            I know, right?!

      • Daire O Connor

        I do like updating apps, I'm on beta and alpha programs for all that are available but not like constantly updating my launcher. Nova does its job perfectly, it's 100% stable and has every feature I need. If my launcher was changing and breaking every week I'd have it uninstalled straight away.

        • T.K.

          I bought Nova Prime recently cuz I refused to deal with Touchwiz and I had a feeling there'd be an update soon; it's pretty good as it is now though :)

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Surprising to see TeslaCoil Software update their apps, not too long there was a discussion on Reddit about the uncertain future of Nova Launcher, and technically this doesn't change anything as this is just a add-on.

    • Arthur Dent

      WTF? Had no idea about Nova. Going to have to look this up.

      • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon
      • alamarco

        All it is is people speculating. Just because the app hasn't been updated, doesn't mean it's dead. He just released the major KitKat upgrade after working heavily on it. If it was dead, he would say so. Currently there isn't much to do so why break a good thing? Most work in Nova will be when Android receives updates that break API's.

        • http://www.about.me/kendallseabury Kendall Seabury

          He said on Google+ that family stuff has come up so don't expect anymore updates.

          • OzJason

            Where did he say this? I can't see this on Kevin Barry's G+ page... ?

    • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva


      Well, since I paid for the pro version I'll carry on using it until it either doesn't work well any longer or something better comes along.

      Thanks for the news, though!

      • Kcls

        What... he gave no news? There was only speculation...

        • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

          It turns out he had a baby. No time for "news", tsc =(

  • http://jamiehamilton.me/ Jamie Hamilton

    I'd love to see support for CloudMagic.

  • Firmino

    Waiting for a promotion...

  • Макаров Илья

    Really? It's a very good news. Maybe Nova Launcher will be alive soon...

  • Stanley Chan

    Still cant read incoming mails in android stock mail latest 6.1.

    All other notifications are fine. Damn!

    JB 4.3 TW here... I need this stock mail app work. In the conbined inbox...

    • Crispin Swickard

      Mine appears to be working now even without creating the widget. Might need to recreate it?

  • Crispin Swickard

    Finally. Hopefully this will fix the stock email app count not displaying, or if not that its in the works...

  • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

    this is one of the thing i miss since sticking with the stock GEL on my nexus 5 (with exposed to tweak a few things)

    • vgergo

      RIP XGELS. Google broke it with the next (current) verison :-( I am glad now Nova gives something to look forward to... Although I will miss swipe left and the hotword detection :-( :-(

      • Derek Rose

        Those two are really the only reasons why I used GNL over Nova: Swipe left and hotword. If Nova had it, my life would be complete.

        • vgergo

          I use tasker to toggle Open Mic+ for the hot word detection when I am in Nova and a few other apps. With Nova I can set up my Home button to take me to Voice Search if I press it from the home screen.

          Neither are as elegant as the "real" thing, but does it for now. It would be the coolest if Mic+ let me set more hot words, such as "What's up" to hear my notifications Moto-X style.

          Now instead I need to say "Okay Google, Open my notifications" to start Touchless Notifications Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hu.viczian.notifications.free

  • Denis

    link to beta program is broken.

  • alessiolarva

    I'm using MissedIt to do the same things!

    • Jorge Rhor

      LOL, Exactly, MissedIt does the same thing with no necessity of having "support" for every single app, and the app RAM consumption is lower than on Tesla Unread.

      • My name is….

        And also has widgets etc

        Missedit! was nice, im very happy i paid for it.

  • Badouken

    Glad the developer is still supporting his apps! I know he had a kid recently and hasn't had as much time as he'd like to update these apps. Everyone keeps saying how he has abandoned nova launcher just because he doesn't update it constantly, even though it's completely fine right now.

  • WallBreaker

    Its about dang time! only a few apps every benefitted from this.

  • Crispin Swickard

    For anyone having issue with the opt in on the article. go to this page: http://novalauncher.com/beta/ and use the links listed. it still has the same URL. You just have to use the first link to join the Nova Beta Community first, and then use the 2nd, and 3rd links to Opt in to Nova Launcher/Tesla Unread Betas. Just worked, and I was able to update to the newest Unread beta that came out since the article posted through Play. :)

    The current 3.0 Beta 4 seems to have fixed the unread counts on email that would show 1 unread when all was read that existed on Beta 2 that was up around when the article here was originally posted also.