LG is sending out invites to an event on Tuesday, May 27th in London with simultaneous events scheduled in New York and San Francisco. The invitation doesn't offer much information, simply stressing the letter 'G.' However, we're told there's a new flagship smartphone ready to drop.


The LG G2 managed to win some fans with stellar battery life and a really nice screen. The successor is rumored to bump the resolution up past the 1080p mark that has been standard for a while now. Last year's LG flagship was plastic, but could the brushed metal pattern on the invite be telling something? The G3 is probably going to target the Galaxy S5, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear some subtle jabs at Samsung during the event.

The 'G' in the invite might lead some to expect a G Watch announcement too, but we're under the impression this is a smartphone event only. It would probably be a little early to announce the G Watch anyway. Google will likely have more to say about Android Wear at Google I/O at the end of June.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • GreatNews

    Hope it will be released on the announcement day as well just like HTC did!!!

    • Martin

      This would be great, but I don't think they will do it..

      • GreatNews

        We didn't think that HTC would do it and they actually did, so never underestimate! Hey you never know!!!

        • Martin

          Agree. But at least we heard rumors about it..

          • GreatNews

            And there is plenty of rumors about a release on the announcement day so again never underestimate and hey you never know what LG has in plan to do!

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    Quite possibly the most exciting device to be released this generation.

    • Dave

      I agree ;)
      But the next Moto X also has my attention!

  • Martin

    Hope it's something new (software). All flagship from this year are disappointment for me. Maybe this will be my next phone. G2 is a star, this one should be even better :-)

  • Captain Spaulding

    This is sure to be nothing short of AMAZING!!! http://myreactiongifs.com/gifs/thefountain.gif

  • Matthew

    What about new LG G pad?

    • Pootis Man

      The lg g pad is still quite new. Don't see a reason why there should be a new one this soon.

  • Segroukin

    Gonna be a beast till the Note 4 takes over

  • Wis

    New Pics: http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_g3_leaks_via_a_rugged_case_shows_front_and_back-news-8414.php

    If these are real it's gonna be a great update. I'm using the G2 with Paranoid Android >6 months now, it's a fantastic device.

    Can't wait for the G3.

  • Pootis Man

    2 days before my birthday. Cool! Really hope that they keep those bezels small on this new phone though. 5.5 inches sounds kind of big.

  • Jephri

    Premium brushed plastic in metallic colors.

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    Simple as stock Android? maybe?

  • Colin Kaminski

    If they want to be simple they'll need to get rid of their stupid skin

  • Eddy

    In the G3, LG has almost produced a power user's dream. That QHD display, responsive performance and decent battery life make for a fully loaded handset that should have broad appeal. Sadly, until we know the price, its overall value is yet to be determined.