2014-04-30 01_23_22-Pokemon Master Rewards

Leave it to Google to make April Fools fun long after the day is done. Users who successfully completed the Maps quest and found all the Pokémon (plus the secret Mew) are being pinged by the search giant with a link to register for a surprise gift. What is it? Well, that's what surprise means.


The link (redacted above) goes to a Google Drive form where you add your information and verify your achievement by including the location the final secret Mew was found. It only showed up after all other 150 were captured, so you'd need to have finished to know the answer.

2014-04-30 01_22_11-Pokemon Master Rewards

Google will take 4-6 weeks to ship out the mysterious gifts, so it's definitely a physical thing headed to your door. Let us know what it is, if you managed to snag 'em all.

Update: You may have needed to comment on this thread on G+ or reply to this tweet to get the prize.

[Thanks, +Luan Cristian da Silva]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • edzuslv

    I see nexus 5 inside pokeball. :D

  • Eric Goh

    Lucky fellas. I got stuck at hunting for that Mew

    • someone755

      I found like 12. Went all over the world, scanned every larger city on the planet.
      Just my luck, I guess.

      • Mikeb3ll

        I think I hit 25 and then realized it took me almost 40 mins to get that far so I gave up.

        • Luan Cristian da Silva


  • Rob Mahon

    Doh, got up to 80ish and wandered off. Oh well, next time.

  • Cheated by AP

    God Dammit! I found around 100 Pokemon when I read in a post here that it was a April fools quest by google. AP, my surprise gift is on you!

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      What are you crying about? AP said it was an April Fools thing, it was, they decided to also reward people with patience.

      • leDerp

        Maybe we should contact the police of Android about this. Oh wait...

    • Pandawongs

      It was an April Fools thing, AP can't help that Google decided to send to those that played along with the prank, Google did the right thing, they rewarded those that didn't do it for a reward, but for the fun of it

  • supremekizzle

    Son of a fucking bitch. Why am I soooo impatient?

  • Maciej Klimas

    I thought it's really a fool I saw it but didn't pay attention to play as it was just a joke, but never thought Google will gift for it, damn... now they are fooling us I think, bit late

  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen

    I have all 151 and I didn't get pinged

    • Ferdau


      • Jason Bourne

        Ditto. Found 151/151 and I live in the US. No notification yet.

  • http://500px.com/willkennerley Will Kennerley

    I found all 151 and haven't been contacted. Perhaps this is US only?

    • Ferdau

      Same here...

    • liperus

      Same here... :(

    • Christian Villavicencio

      Same here :S

      • Daryel Villavicencio

        Nice Name :)

        • KingOfDope

          holy shit..

    • Nicholas Isacsson

      I'm from Sweden and I was contacted.

      • http://500px.com/willkennerley Will Kennerley

        Perhaps it's being sent out in waves as not to overwhelm the entry form

        • Ferdau

          Let's hope so, I love rewards...

          • Jess L

            Ditto. Took forever to find him.

          • Elmagio

            Thanks for the laugh !
            Belgian Pokemon Master and not contacted yet...

      • UndergroundWire

        So I am assuming they pinged you via G+? Not that I mind. I love and use G+ everyday. Just verifying what I should refresh more; my email or G+ LOL

      • Rosal Edith Lozada Salgado

        I am from Puerto Rico and I am waiting with a passion to see if I get contacted :) Did you post on the google+ comment they mention above?

        • Nicholas Isacsson

          Yes, I did.

          • Rosal Edith Lozada Salgado

            I hope they include other ppl that didn't reply :(
            Its kind of sad with all the hard work I did :/

          • doomspork

            i found Mew but never knew about the post... =/
            i hope they do include us ._.

          • Victor Gan

            Me too, i found mew too~pls contact me~~~

    • Ryan Steddy

      Do you still have access to you Pokedex? Or is that an old screenshot? Mine is missing from Maps.

      • http://500px.com/willkennerley Will Kennerley

        It's old

    • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

      France here, haven't received anything yet either

    • Legend Tang

      Same here..

    • beaten

      I haven't received mine yet =( I found it with 5 hours to spare before the expired time.. =(

    • L

      Apparently u must comment first

  • Jess L

    I found all and mew and didn't get pinged.

  • tk

    I too got all. Haven't been contacted yet. Non-US.

  • TY

    Might be a April fool's card

  • Alberto

    I am seriously considering moving to the US LOL

    • Steve Freeman

      Do it, we have pie.

      • Michael Gillenwalters

        We have fried pies as well.

        • skillfulshoe

          We also have pied fries.

    • Luan Cristian da Silva

      Why? Im from brasil

    • John Smith

      Don't do it - you'll spend your whole life working. I moved here 20 years ago and haven't had the $ to go on a proper holiday abroad.

  • NancyMJones

    The link (redacted above) goes to a Google Drive form where you add your information and verify your achievement by including the location the final secret Mew was found. It only showed up after all other 150 were captured, so you'd need to have finished to know the answer. http://sn.im/28v3ntg

  • asdsadas

    load of crap, spent days trying to find secret Mew (also from locations provided on reddit) and couldn't find it. it's so unfair :(

  • Hudson

    Gonna take every single April fools from Google seriously from now on. :(

    • Jason Bourne

      Um. This isn't the first year they have sent out physical rewards... remember the Chromercise finger-bands? Yep... still have those in the original packaging.

  • coolsilver

    Consider I never could participate thanks to staged rollouts. I say go stick yourself in a pokeball Google.

    • Pierre Gardin

      This wasn't in a new version of Google Maps.

  • Adam Dominiak

    Because people outside US...just don't exist. It's US and the peopleless continents. (y)

    • Luan Cristian da Silva

      Im from Brasil

  • Jess L

    How do they know who found them? I don't think Google maps logs into anything does it? Hopefully I get pinged but can't remember where he was when I found him.

    • liperus

      I think you had to reply to a Google+ post by Google Maps with the location you found Mew in. Maybe they pick their winners from there? In any case I did, but haven't received the notification yet...

      • Jess L

        I don't know if I posted in a thread from them. That would suck cause I found him and did a video showing.

        • liperus

          Well, best of luck to you!

  • Samuel

    Does this mean that Google X has managed to splice genes together, add a bit of Google's proprietary magic and create real life Pokémons? 0.0

  • Lexcyn

    Such BS. I spent hours and hours trying to find Mew but could not. :(

  • Chris

    damn, i found 150 didn't know there was Mew.

    • wheineman

      Me too. I had no idea that there was a secret 151st!

      • Badouken

        I heard there was a mew but I just assumed people were lying / April fooling me! I only got 150!

        • Luan Cristian da Silva


    • http://allaboutsamsung.de/ Lars

      Same here. Sucks.

    • refthemc

      Looked for days and never found it.... : (

    • Victoria Berg

      Yeah same here :/ I didn't know about the mew

  • Z A

    I found the Mew but I don't remember where, and I can't see my pokedex anymore. How would I fill the form with the answer? anyways, I didn't get pinged yet, Canada here :)

    • Jess L

      How are they pinging?

      • Z A

        from the pic, it shows on google+?

        • Luan Cristian da Silva

          Yep g+

  • Onel Benjamin

    I found all, haven't got anything, from Australia...

  • Chris

    Wow this is cool but too bad my map never had any pokemon on it....any way we can play this now?

  • ShahinTr

    And I thought the whole thing was just an April fools and cared little about it. Damn, I missed an opportunity.

  • Cheese

    So... This was a month ago. How would one remember where the hell they found the Mew?

  • Alex

    Did you need to be following Google Maps when this notification was sent out? I found Mew (can't remember where -- I looked all over the place repeatedly, and finally it appeared in a place I'd already looked) and haven't had a notification. I've started following Google Maps now, but maybe it's too late.

  • Scott

    Damn I only found 132.

  • Sniper435

    teach me for getting bored and not capturing them all :(

  • Joery

    I think they will give away some free Google Play credit

    • Sruly J

      So then why would they ask for addresses?

  • Benjamen Meiers

    Caught 150.... couldn't find Mew :(

  • Jungy Brungus

    I found all 151 in 1 day and have not been pinged yet. I am in US. Did I have to follow Gmaps or something? Also I'm not sure if I have an active G+ profile. I am never on G+ and neither are any of my friends.

  • http://allaboutsamsung.de/ Lars

    150 and didn't know that there was another one. Sucks.

  • Ryan Steddy

    Just found this G+ post - https://plus.google.com/111401917971052287374/posts/2qoGkvNw2fe
    If you haven't received notification it is probably because you didn't put your name on it. :-(

    • liperus

      I replied to that post, but still haven't been pinged... :/

      • Pokemon Trainer


    • GTA sa android+ Mods= Mola

      Maybe it´s true,no reward for me in that case

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Crap. Never saw that post. :(

  • Marcell Lévai

    Whaat o.O I didn't know about Mew being unlocked after finding all others ; _ ;

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    I stopped searching for 'em all after a while because I literally thought there would be no reward. Now I feel stupid n_n"

    Congrats to those who did take the time to find 'em!

  • savetheminions

    Got 151, Im from spain and I haven't been contacted yet.

  • Johnny Bravo

    Like they said in their video, I bet its going to be a card that verifies you are now a Pokemaster

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/metallinatus Metallinatus

    I will regret for life for having not catch 'em all ;-;

  • Luca

    Italy, nothing so far...

  • MattEden

    Well laziness and apathy strikes again. Meh.

  • GazaIan

    I found 150, Had no idea there was a Mew.


  • http://automodcentral.com/DorothysDreamCloud Dorothy Zeblin

    I caught the 151 and live in the US and have heard nothing yet...

  • gchahinian

    Wow i really wish i had known about this when they did it :(

  • h4rr4r

    Dammit! I got to 120 some odd and stopped doing it.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    I didn't bother doing it... as it wasn't really fun, or rewarding, except it turns out it was rewarding after all.

  • Badouken

    I found 150?! On my nexus 7 but not my phone, i assume they somehow know I got them all? I haven't received any notification confirming this yet though...

    • MyLeftNut

      You needed to find all 151.

      • Badouken

        Man that's some BS, it said 150/150 so I assumed I was done and all the people that said there was a Mew, I just assumed were trying to april fools me. (I even looked up his location and couldnt find him)

  • dc

    this is bs. i couldn't find mew after finding all 150 the first day. all i found were stupid little restaurants named mew. i went to every known location and mew never showed up. it was frustrating, but now that i would've gotten a gift, i am pissed.

  • GTA sa android+ Mods= Mola

    only those who responded to the post in G+?

  • Ruben Wentrup

    Dutch Guy here, i would love to get that form from google, love how they say true to their words! :D still haven't been contacted though T_T

  • Luan Cristian da Silva


  • rockprincess145s

    Wait i didnt set up my google + account will i still be able to get it? i found all 151 :(

  • Kenneth Lyngdoh

    I found all 151, but haven't been pinged. From India. If it's only the people who posted on the G+ post, it's a real pity. Ah, well. It was still a fun (though unproductive) day at work for me.

  • CERN

    Google will never give out gifts for April's fools again. But I'm gonna be expecting every year from now onwards, in the hope that I stop regretting about not catchin' em all. :(

    Well played Google

  • Riccardo Zarabla

    I found 151 pokemon

  • Ravjot Singh Bhatia

    I'm from India and I caught all 151 pokemon. However I didn't know about the post and now when I go there it says comments disabled... Same happening to anyone else?

    • Legend Tang

      I check all my RSS and found no news about this. Just missed the post, too.

    • allex

      me too

  • Guest

    Just the same here.

  • soo jeong

    Korea here, haven't received anything yet either

  • Chong Wei Zeng

    Sian my exam period no time find mew :(

  • Anurag Aribandi

    Even I haven't, India can we verify mew by specific coordinates, because I found him somewhere in south America, nowhere significant like a landmark

    • john

      He was at the Amazon river or Nintendo Japan. There was a Google drive document that had all locations if they ping you just go there for exact latitude and longitude.

  • Nogib

    It better not be dependent upon having replied in that thread because they never told anyone or advertised that! I successfully got all 151 and kept a screenshot even.

  • Ali A


  • Fernanda Silvestre

    I didn't receive a contact either.

  • DCocks

    you had to respond by the 21st so i think this is a little late! sadly

  • Kafman

    This sucks, I got all 151 and I wasn't aware you had to post on this thread for the surprise: https://plus.google.com/+GoogleMaps/posts/2qoGkvNw2fe

    • artexplosion

      Same, goddammit. :/ Who even uses G+?

  • Betsy Manning-Roy

    I didn't get contacted too and I'm from Canada (T ^ T)

  • jonard

    I'm from the Philippines.. No words from Google.. :(
    I also got Mew..

    • jonard

      Google Maps contacted me via Twitter.. I posted this picture on April 2. Google replied to me :D lucky!

  • artexplosion

    Well fuck, we could only get the prize if we wrote a comment in that G+ thread. :(

    • Badouken

      How are people still posting in that Google plus thread? It just shows comments disabled for me... Wish someone gave a heads up to the AP community that this was going on (not like they even knew) but still! I caught them all on the 1st!

      • artexplosion

        People can't post in that thread anymore. A G+ thread can just reach a maximum of 500 comments.

  • Bisylizzie

    I got the 151, posted on Twitter multiple times (even with Google Maps being tagged!) and... nothing. No DMs, no gMail... No idea how to use the G+ stuff.
    I'm a bit bummed out now I found out that ~some~ people are getting rewards for this, and just hoping that it is just a case of them sending the things out in waves.

    • Austin Campbell

      Same with me, I tweeted Google maps multiple times and still nothing:(

      • Bisylizzie

        Yeah, I've seen a few people also had no luck.
        Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that the people they ~have~ replied to about it mostly only caught 150, and not in any date order, a quick look down their timeline showed.
        ~Could~ be that they are doing it in a couple of goes (the 150s getting one prize, the 151s getting another), but it doesn't look good so far... :/

    • Bisylizzie

      Just seen the Twitter mentions were them sending them out in alphabetical username order.
      I'm an R on there... Completely passed over.


  • ppero196

    And i dropped out of the quest cause i was lazy. If i only knew :D

  • Blinken

    you'd think they could use their 'google' know-how to already know who found them all and send out something. I never knew about this 'must post/tweet' to them, well I did tweet the Mew picture i caught but never heard anything.

  • Rafter

    In Canada and I haven't been pinged

  • poetry_in_motion

    I still haven't received anything did I have to be logged in to google+ or something when i found them all on the maps app?

    • Bisylizzie

      Apparently there were a couple of posts you were supposed to reply to before the 21st - but not completely sure how it's working...
      The general thing I've seen for those who have been contacted is that they've posted about it on Twitter/whatever BEFORE the 21st April (however, I have also done the same and not heard anything from them)

  • Bk

    I found all of them, even mew, but it's not letting me go to the pokedex and I can't remember exactly where I found mew so how do I prove I did it? :(

  • Yusuf Z Rahman

    Anyone know if we had to reply to that link provided? In the US and haven't been contacted yet!

  • Squiddles

    Damn, some of us don't follow Google Maps on either service and still got all 151! I can even prove where I found it with a screenshot I took.

  • Veridiana Lucena

    I found all 151 pokemons, and I havent been contacted yet. Brazil =

  • http://www.twitter.com/b_boogey_xl b_boogey_xl

    Anybody know how to continue playing the game?

  • Julia Lee

    From Canada. I found mew (and the pokedex said "comolete" but only took a screenshot of the incompleted pokedex. I also don't have a google+ account. I wonder how they would contact me?

  • Milad

    found all 151, in Canada, pissed!!!! haven't gotten anything yet...

  • Catie

    That is really disappointing. It was hard to find all 151 pokemon, but we had to find a post on twitter or g+ to get a reward? I'm curious what they mean by *being pinged*. I haven't received anything, so I can assume it is only for the lucky few who hit up the right web pages.

  • Cherrytop

    Wasnt it an APRIL FOOLS JOKE?

  • ZacCoffman

    I'm gonna guess it'll be an Ash Ketchum Android toy

  • Gum Li

    Oh god...is it too late i haven't been contact...so sad that i don't know have to reply on google+...

  • Calvin Chan

    Hong Kong player found all 151 and google not have been contacted to me / _

  • Cece

    Is it too late?

  • liperus

    How long should we wait to be contacted? I'm still waiting to be pinged :(

  • L

    Singapore and not contacted yet

  • Kevin Farren

    I photoshopped them as they would appear if you were looking at them in street view. Kind of a spin on the challenege. It differs from the over head map view.


  • Seasoning

    :S I hope they include me :S

  • Su Xi

    I found mew in amazon junlge

  • Su Xi

    I found mew

  • TheHatYellow .

    Yeah, I found all pokemon including mew with no contact

  • Iris Kim

    This present is only US? or Another country also can get this? Please I want to know this, and Now I'm not receive that mail..

    • http://carrymetwo.pixelago.com/ Sarah J

      My friend received one she lives in the United Kingdom so it is other countries.

  • Steven Shen

    Amazon River!!

  • TaipanCandy

    How exactly can you get pinged o_o

  • sophiaanimallover

    I hope I can get pinged, I caught all 150 >.<

  • hemlocks

    it's a sad story when you found mew but didnt comment on Google+ post or tweet Google maps 。。。

  • No Prize For Me

    Canada, found Mew, posted on Google+ thread, still no contact :-(

  • Julian Velasquez

    I received a tweet from @googlemaps on 5/6, followed within two hours, but they never sent me a DM... now apparently we're past the deadline? what's the deal? :

  • jonard

    any news on the rewards?

  • coolspyguy

    got all 151 and havent been contacted? i'm from canada... do they contact you trough google plus or...

  • Ryan Griffin

    I found all and no one sent me anything

  • http://www.gmail.com faysalshukri