Who doesn't like pretty pictures? That's right, no one. 500 Firepaper is a great way to get some lovely images from 500px on your home screen in the form of a constantly changing live wallpaper. Version 2.0 of the app is out with a number of excellent improvements, including unique functionality courtesy of 500px itself.


Chainfire opted to detail the changelog on Google+ rather than in the Play Store, so here are the high points.

  • Improved history browser
  • Experimental hardware acceleration
  • Up to seven days of image caching/pinning (with pro)
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Chainfire is working with 500px on the extended caching, which lets you save an image as your background for up to a week. The 500px API only supports 24 hour caching, which is a problem if you're away from a fast internet connection for longer. The deal with 500px extends that limit for pro users – a $3.49 upgrade.

Along with the caching, the history browser is easier to access and has been revamped with swipe navigation and a more responsive interface. The home screen should also be a little faster when rendering images thanks to the experimental hardware acceleration. It should work on most devices, but it'll eat up more RAM, thus you need to enable it manually.